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    I haven't owned a nintendo system since the SNES.

    What's up with friend codes?
    It's literally the most annoying way to friend someone. Try adding a person using a game function outside of friend codes and you might as well light your dick on fire.

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    I wasn't allowed ot have a Ninendo whenI as a kid so i gamed on a c64 for YEARS

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    so apparently rachel dolezal has changed her name to nkechi amare diallo and is just doubling down on this whole thing

    I haven't read anything she's said to make me think she's faking it. She really wants to be black.

    yeah no i believe she is truly into this with all her heart

    this is such a bizarre circumstance

    There are people who have frozen their limbs in dry ice to force a doctor to amputate because they felt as if the limb was foreign

    What she's doing is small potatoes

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    I'm at your command
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    You're whirling in rags
    You're vast and you're sad
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    My personal first computer I bought, we had an old mono Mac before and a Radioshack puter, was a top of the line Pentium 200 Mhz with brand new Windows 95 installed.

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    i think jaden smith is rapidly rising up my favorite people ladder

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    I wasn't allowed ot have a Ninendo whenI as a kid so i gamed on a c64 for YEARS
    I was the first kid on my block to own a Nintendo.

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    I've owned everything aside from a Sega Saturn, Game Gear, and a WiiU. I don't have an Xbone yet but I'll prolly get one later this summer.

    A lot of them I didn't get though until years after they came out.

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    I never expected this burn from captain bushmeat
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    Element Brian was talking about his earliest gaming memories being watching his older brothers play SF2 on SNES and i was like


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