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[NAFTA] Renegotiation



  • shrykeshryke Member of the Beast Registered User regular
    The whole thing was resources well spent in that we were protecting ourselves from a belligerent madman down south and we got away with minimal if any real damage.

  • SorceSorce Registered User regular
    hippofant wrote: »
    Generally though, a big fat nothingburger for all the drama.
    All in a day's work for 45.

    Backloggery. It's totally updated again, I swear!
  • TubularLuggageTubularLuggage Registered User regular
    edited October 2018
    shryke wrote: »
    The whole thing was resources well spent in that we were protecting ourselves from a belligerent madman down south and we got away with minimal if any real damage.

    Meanwhile, politically this will probably hurt Trudeau here at home, with anyone who lost anything going on about it endlessly, and with the Conservatives more than happy to capitalize on that. The Cons will of course claim that they would have gotten a 'Much Better Deal (TM)', even thought they actually would have given into most of the US's demands, and even thrown in a few concessions the US didn't even think to ask for for good measure. Naturally, a chunk of the electorate will uncritically eat this up.

    Really not looking forward to 2019. Even if it works out okay it's going to be a gigantic headache.

    TubularLuggage on
  • hippofanthippofant ティンク Registered User regular
    edited December 2018
    So when Trump says that the Democrats can either ratify CUSMA or go back to pre-NAFTA, which worked very well, very very well... do we think he's talking about CUSFTA? Or, more likely, he's completely unaware of CUSFTA and has no actual clue what "pre-NAFTA" means and is just totally bullshitting?

    Yes, I know what the answer is. I'm just looking to spark some discussion here. CUSFTA is dead and gone, right? It can't actually be returned to?

    hippofant on
  • AegisAegis Not Quite TorontoRegistered User regular
    CUSFTA was superseded by NAFTA, not replaced, due to how international treaties work. Quick scholarly searching suggests that treaty supersession is a rather active field of inquiry in international law given how popular it is a form of treaty-making as well as the tendency for it to create conflicts between treaties/laws and therefore how to manage or interpret those.

    My guess would be that if CUSFTA was never formally repealed, but rather simply superseded by NAFTA, then the termination of NAFTA should result in CUSFTA being the fall-back default position since it's no longer being superseded by another trade agreement?

    We'll see how long this blog lasts
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