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In this World, It's Gift and Be Gifted. Stay Classy! [SECRET SANTA] & [CRYPTIC CARDS]

RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
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No unified theme this year. Diversity is important!

Hello and welcome to Secret Santa, also known as Clue-Free Christmas, Hidden Holidays or X-Filed Xmas! It's coming up to that time of year where society paradoxically compells us to flex our "think of others" brain meats and our "buy stuff" brain meats. These brain meats can come into conflict if we don't exercise them properly. So what better way to get some practice in!

Want to be classy but are struggling to make ends meet? That's what Cryptic Cards are for! You can arrange to get someone to send a cheerful card to instead! Not that you can't send a card to your Santee as well.

How do I demonstrate classiness while participating?

First of all, I'm confident that we're all mature enough to deal with adult concepts like existential anxieties about world problems nudity. You can send people NC-17 movies and Lolita and stuff if you want, but in general don't send things with the sole intent of titillation. If you'd rather not receive risque things, make a note of it in your wishlist. Also of course, nothing illegal or dangerous. And no Bitcoins. Impressive Artistic Renditions of Bitcoins are acceptable though.

Second of all, you must post some kind of wishlist here. Some enjoy the thrill of forum stalking, but others don't have the time. Also, if possible, assemble a wishlist for a website in your homeland or for digital wares, so if necessary your Santa can avail of that.

In the past, I've allowed people to ask to be assigned a Santee in the same country as them, because International Postage is a troublesome expense. This has been super stressful to work around, so nowadays remember that by signing up, you agree to send internationally if necessary. To all Santees, this is why or or Steam or what have you should be availed of, to allow your Santa to send you things without spending a fortune on postage. So please put thought into that. Cryptic Card will continue to be exclusively international as well.

Finally, you must have a record of your gifts being posted. Amazon/Steam emails, recorded delivery receipt, what have you. It's a busy period and the postal system has failed before. You don't have to send them to your Santee unless there's a problem though.

[/Classiness Requirements]

So how do you sign up for replacing leg day with classy day? PM me. In the past I've allowed signups just in the thread, and had to chase down folk for their details separately. If I haven't received a PM by the closing date, that's tough cookies. Your PM should include:

-Your real name and address
-Whether you're being a Secret Santa and/or Cryptic Carder.
-Whether you wish to be on the reserve list for ungifted Santees (see below)

How much should you spend on your Santee? There are no hard limits. D&D has a huge spread of incomes, putting hard limits wouldn't be fair. If you feel artsy, homemade arts and crafts are a totally classy gift. All that matters is that you've put thought into what you're sending. Another option may be a charity donation in your Santee's name.

You'll have until November 12th to sign up, where concerns like All Hallow's Eve have concluded, but the opportunity to net some classy presents without busting your wallet at the likes of Black Friday has not passed you by. It will take me a few days to get everyone assigned, so I may be open to some last minute additions, but keep this date in mind. If enough people need it to make sure they can commit, I can punt this date out a week.

There are some restrictions to qualify for joining the Secret Santa, but hopefully aren't too onerous. In general, you should have been posting since January 2017. This isn't iron clad though, and I'll consider younger posters on a case by case basis, especially if someone vouches for them. That being said, I reserve the right to refuse the admission of anyone for any other reason. In addition the Mods have the final say over who can take part, and can veto any admission. Any such refusal should be taken up with them.

Ideally I'd like to have all the assignments sent to their Santas before Thanksgiving, which should give everyone around a month to figure out how best to be classy to your fellow man before the agreed upon date of Christmas. Problems can happen however, and I'll understand if by Christmas Eve your gift has not reached its recipient, especially if you've explained this to your Santee and myself. I advise you all to use tracking numbers when you send them in case something goes wrong. If you have failed to send me notification of any actions you have taken by January 20th, I shall be in contact with the Mods. They understand the importance of being classy, and frown upon those who ask for the responsibility and then shun it. You WILL be banned if you fail to live up to your obligation without good reason. Also, never display disappointment in what you receive. People are being classy and sending you gifts, and it is bad form to complain about what you receive and forget the reason behind the gift. In the event a Santee goes without gift, I will be asking someone on the reserve list to make it up to them, preferably by the end of February.

Remember, it's now what you give or get, but how classy you are in doing it. <3

Those Being Secretive:

Anarchy Rules!
Blameless Cleric
Dark Raven X
Element Brian
Mikey CTS
MNC Dover
RMS Oceanic

Those Being Cryptic:

Blameless Cleric
Dark Raven X
RMS Oceanic
Satanic Jesus

The stalking begins.

For ease of stalking historical reference:

ceres on


  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    edited November 2017
    The Material Interests of the Northern Irish Forum-goer

    NB: As I am a filthy Socialist European, if you are interested in purchasing things of an electronic bent, please keep regional compatability in mind. My computer can play Region 1 DVDs however.

    The :D
    Electronic Gaming - I roll with a PS3/4, PS Vita and a PC. Highlights of my collection are the Assassins Creed, Uncharteds, inFamouses (inFamii?), GTAs, Gods of War and Final Fantasy. Those recent HD Classic collections are pretty spiffy too. If my Santa wants to send me gifts by Steam or, let me know and I'll relay my details. If you're stuck, PSN funding is nice.
    Other Books - Comedy mostly, especially satire and/or parody. If you have any interesting history books I won't say no. Don't be afraid to send something that is neither of these. I'm also trying to bolster my literature cred too!
    Comics - I'm interested in reading some of the more interesting one off stories. I'm also interested in graphic novel series. EXCEPTIONS: I'm not interested in reading Y: The Last Man or Walking Dead. I greatly enjoyed Matt Fraction's Hawkguy so other successful trades are appreciated.
    Classic Cartoons - I currently have Disney Treasures, Looney Tunes Golden Collections and the Complete Droopy and Tom & Jerry, but there are others I'd like to assemble.

    The :)
    Nerdy Merch - Yeah why not. I've been on a massive Undertale kick this year as you might notice from the Santa in the OP, and it ain't going away yet.
    "Art Of" Books - Know those books which are full of concept sketches and art for major movies and games? I like those, especially for recent animated films.
    Webcomic Stuff - I read stuff like Nedroid, Hark! A Vagrant!, Bad Machinery and such. Books or non-clothing merchandise from such places are welcome.
    Soundtracks - Think a popular movie/game/TV show sounds awesome? You're free to send some of that my way.
    Arts & Crafts - Skilled with a brush or pencil or tablet or knitting needle and want to give something original? I'm down with that.
    Clothes - I've lost a ton of weight this year and finally feel ready to accept stuff like this. I won't say no to nerdy 2XL tshirts.

    The :(
    Model Kits - I don't have neither the time or skill to assemble them.
    MMORPG subscriptions - I don't know how likely receiving this is, but I don't play any MMORPGs.

    The :D:D
    These are the wild if-my-Santa-is-a-generous-millionaire type wishes, which I shall spoil for fear of appearing greedy.
    - An SD Card-ready Digital Camcorder, and appropriate SD Card.

    The :D:D:D actual-millionaire-or-outright-has-divine-powers wishes
    -Pay off my mortgage
    -Fund the installation of Photovoltaic Solar Panels on my roof
    -Peace on Earth
    -Perpetual Energy becomes viable, widespread and cheap
    -Alzheimers and other conditions that degenerate a person's mental condition are cured
    -A cure for Diabetes
    -Heavy investment in Atmospheric Carbon Scrubbing
    -No Brexit

    If these are hopelessly vague, I have a cheat sheet you can reference.

    RMS Oceanic on
  • ElkiElki get busy Moderator, ClubPA mod

  • Mojo_JojoMojo_Jojo We are only now beginning to understand the full power and ramifications of sexual intercourse Registered User regular
    edited November 2017
    S E C R E T S A N A T O S S I G N U P

    It's been a while since I've done this, but the stars have aligned.

    Things what Mojo likes:
    Interesting booze: I'm partial to single malts aged in interesting casks, gins towards the floral end (I did a taste profile thingy and had a bottle blended accordingly), interesting bitters for cocktail use, hipstery beers (less so with stouts but even then I'm willing to be swayed)
    Food & Cooking: I really enjoy cooking, so cookbooks are usually a hit (somebody in the past got me a book about making french Patisseries, it's a book that does not fuck around and expects you to know your shit. It is excellent). Recently I'm probably more of savory person than a sweet one. I've cured bacon, butchered a pig, pickled vegetables and brewed ginger beer (never actual beer though). I'm crap at bread though - so maybe a fancy new oven would be the answer. Probably less so on gadgets though. Unless it's a pasta maker. Or that oven.
    Boardgames: Here's my BGG collection and wishlist. I've got a reasonable collection of stuff. Note that if you aren't into this stuff yourself it can be an absolute mindfield with lots of prominent stuff that is absolute shit (cards against humanity, munchkin, etc.). Way back when I used to do a bit of roleplaying, but it's been a long time and I can't imagine ever having a regular time slot that works now.
    Computer games: In the long long ago I used to mostly play on my PC, but these day I don't really have a home computer so I more or less only play on my PS4 (somewhere I have a dusty 3DS). I'm a fan of Dark Souls and related titles and I used to play a lot of JRPGs. I like the idea of multiplayer stuff (Overwatch, Destiny and what not) but I can't justify buying such things given how I only get the odd hour to play
    Writing/Reading: I read quite a lot and I'm pretty diverse and unpredictable in my tastes. I'm not great at keeping my goodreads account up to date because of how bad the interface is, but I'll add a link here later. I more or less only read using my eReader as I'm not a fan of having physical objects if there's an alternative, but I won't say no to super nice editions of novels though. I'm not really one for non-fiction either. Another exception is that I'm always happy to get more interesting kids' books as I have an eighteen month old, but to sound like a crotchety old D&D stereotype please noting that reinforces gender stereotypes. I write occasionally too, but it's for myself more than anything and just fills a gap created when I stopped rolepaying; so it's shite.
    Running: Well I hate it, but I do it. I have funny shaped ears that don't support most headphones. This is a constant struggle. I used to be quite fast and it makes me sad that now I'm sort of flabby and slow.
    Cinema: I used to go to the cinema a lot and I miss it dearly. You can see the change in my viewing frequency here. To complicate matters, I don't own a single DVD or Bluray and don't really want to change that.
    Local stuff from you: Do you live near a birch orchard that makes delicious birch syrup? If so, I want in. Also any other local thingies. My mind just jumps to food here again. I presume there are other types of local specialities.
    Fancy bath stuff: I love a good fancy bath. Especially with wine and my new IP67 ereader Let me know if it's glittery though so I can manage not turning up to work all sparkly.

    Things what Mojo doesn't like:
    Physical objects: I don't like clutter, which is probably quite a limitation for this. So I prefer consumable or digital things. I particularly don't understand knick-knacks that serve no purpose like little statuettes or whatever. This is more a rule of thumb than anything else. I don't sit on a yoga mat in an empty room or anything. It might help too because I live in the UK and most of the forum don't.
    Nerd humour: So no pun printed in white on a black t-shirt or memes on mugs or whatever.
    Sex toys and etc: I don't need a novelty butt plug that plays the knightrider theme

    Mojo_Jojo on
    Homogeneous distribution of your varieties of amuse-gueule
  • firewaterwordfirewaterword Satchitananda Pais Vasco to San FranciscoRegistered User regular
    Oh dang is it really that time of the year again already?

    Huge thanks to RMS, yet again, for running this thing. Definitely makes the holidays that much more fun.

    Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
  • DynagripDynagrip Break me a million hearts HoustonRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    Awww, yeah. This will be my first Christmas in Massachusetts, assuming my job offer isn't rescinding suddenly or something. Little paranoid about that.

    Anyhoo, I'm in, will provide preference details soon and will PM my address, as soon as I get one for the applicable state.

  • ArchArch Neat-o, mosquito! Registered User regular
  • Nova_CNova_C I have the need The need for speedRegistered User regular
    edited November 2017
    Oh man, it's that time!

    Wishlist posted on Page 2

    Nova_C on
  • Hahnsoo1Hahnsoo1 Make Ready. We Hunt.Registered User regular
    edited October 2017
    Yay! It's that time again!

    Wishlist stuff:
    Things that I like for gifts:
    1) Cat-related things - I love kitties! Cat related things or cat-toys are appreciated.
    2) Broadway Musicals - I have an extensive collection of Broadway musical cast albums. I love pretty much any musical-related merch. I already own Stephen Sondheim's "Finishing the Hat" and "Look, I Made a Hat" and the Hamiltome (Hamilton: The Revolution), among some other books. But other non-book/non-CD merch related to the theater is welcome. One of my favorite gifts is a T-shirt that says "May Break Out Into Showtunes". :D
    3) Monster Hunter-related things - Monster Hunter is my favorite franchise. Any merch related to Monster Hunter is appreciated.
    4) A cappella music - I sing in an a cappella chorus, so stuff for singers like me are appropriate. I sing bass. I have most of Straight No Chaser's and Pentatonix's stuff, so I don't need those.
    5) Violin stuff - I also play the violin. I'm more into jazz violin lately than classical music, but I appreciate any violin-related merch.
    6) Hats - I've started wearing hats again, so more hats would be appreciated.
    7) Generic Christmas stuff - I fucking LOVE Christmas. Generic Christmas decorations or ornaments are my jam!
    8) Board Games - I love modern board games! Please do NOT send me anything Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, or Munchkin related, though. For the love of god.
    9) Misc - I like Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Star Search, Star vs. the Forces of Evil. I also like Shadowrun (over 20 years of playing this!) and generic Cyberpunk stuff, too.

    Things that I don't like for gifts:
    1) Video Games - I have a backlog of hundreds of games, so I don't need any more.
    2) Normal food - I am on a low-carb diet. I do appreciate good low-carb snacks (cheese, sugar-free stuff), but that's about it.
    3) Hoodies - I like most other clothes, but I WAY more hoodies than I know what to do with.
    4) Ties - I never wear ties unless I have to, and I have a large collection of novelty ties.
    5) Figurines - I really don't like figurines, although I will tolerate Monster Hunter or Shadowrun figurines.

    I wear an XL T-shirt size (I can fit into most L, though... yay for losing weight!).

    Hahnsoo1 on
  • Blameless ClericBlameless Cleric An angel made of sapphires each more flawlessly cut than the last Registered User regular
    edited October 2017


    • Flowers
    • Cool art (forest/plant/herb-y themes is kind of what I have going in my house currently)
    • Soft colors, especially buttercup-yellow and really sage-y green
    • Scents: rosemary, vanilla, apple, cinnamon, floral (but light, not too sweet), woodsy scents, orange, chocolate

    • A decent usb mouse and keyboard. Currently my desktop computer is relatively unusable for non-art purposes because my mouse died and my keyboard is janky and I don't NEED to be able to play League so I have not replaced them. Doesn't need to be anything high end, just not gonna break in a few days of aggressive clicking.
    • AN EXTERNAL TO PUT MY ART ON. I have so much digital art it's all on this computer and it would be nice if it was elsewhere as well
    • Fancy bath stuff. Goddamn do I love Lush. I love bath bombs, I love body scrubs and body conditioner and yes just fuck me up man all that fancy bath shit a+++++++
    • Art or food stuff YOU MADE!! I love homemade stuff!! One time @Shivahn made me homemade jerky and body oil and it was amazing
    • I could use like, a largeish glass jar for storing dry goods stuff?
    • A CUTE LUNCHBOX. I take sandwiches to work and to school and I am trying to move away from plastic ziplocs as a transport method (and also I have nothing to take them around in so I wind up stuffing the ziplock sandwich in my purse and it's squished and sad) By cute I mean tasteful and functional and not kiddy but also not just like, a gross looking tiny cooler with a shitty strap. No. AESTHETIC.
    • A reasonably sized thermos (I asked for one last year and my uncle got me one that is like an XTREME OUTDOORSMAN FOOD TRANSPORT SYSTEM and it's like 5lbs and completely impractical to carry anywhere so not that pls)
    • A hand mixer
    • Some nice earbuds with changeable bud-sizes (my ears are tiny)
    • An eye pillow
    • A power drill
    • Foam hair curlers
    • Fleece lined tights, I'm an L, all colors that are not neon are acceptable (also just like, tights in general, I love)
    • Fleece lined leggings, same as above, it's cold here
    • A home depot giftcard, I need shelves!
    • Artbooks from games and 2d cartoons! I have all the Dragon Age ones and the A:TLA one, currently
    • Some nice super soft fancy red bed sheets for a queen size bed (ours have a hole in them but we are unwilling to replace except with similar quality and color)
    • THIS <-- comic
    • A giftcard to Thinx period undies because I am on a years-long quest to eliminate pads/tampons from my life I hate themmmm

    • KITSCH - I live a mobile life and I have very limited space for objects and I don't want them, so no figurines, no statuettes, no stuff for stuff's sake essentially
    • BOARDGAMES - I live with a giant boardgame nerd, I have plenty, also I don't have much time for them
    • PHYSICAL ART SUPPLIES - You may notice that I am an artist! I work p much entirely digitally though. So, I do not need art supplies!
    • Graphic tees/t-shirts at all p much. I don't wear them. I don't wear anything really that has words or pictures on it.

    Yeah sure I guess? Just ask somebody I know first. Like, get me some smutty comics or whatever (2015, 2016 Smut Peddlers... Chester 5000 XYV), just make sure it's gonna be something I like. I only buy sex toys/paraphernalia locally so if you really want to get me some of those then call Oh My in Northmapton, Mass and have them send me a gift card or something.

    Um weed is legal in Mass and our uh.. I think it was a double-chambered .. bong? broke (I don't know much about this stuff). Contact pinecone (@ wuwei) for deets if you want to replace that or something ?

    BONUS POINTS if whatever you get me is ethically sourced/fair trade/made of recycled materials etc. Obvs there is no ethical consumption under capitalism but we can and should try~~~~ <3

    oh and if you're a millionaire you could
    • Pay my tuition this year it is 4k
    • I am about to be unemployed so uh employ me remotely ??
    • Pay for Pinecone to come to Christmas with me this year (prob about $350)
    • peace on earth etc.
    • Buy me East tix as I probably won't be able to afford them this year

    Blameless Cleric on
    Orphane wrote: »

    one flower ring to rule them all and in the sunlightness bind them

    I'd love it if you took a look at my art and my PATREON!
  • 21stCentury21stCentury Call me Pixel, or Pix for short! [They/Them]Registered User regular
    This thread is missing a festive Flowey. in the OP. :razz:

  • LudiousLudious I just wanted a sandwich A temporally dislocated QuiznosRegistered User regular
    edited October 2017
    I'll post a wishlist type thing in this space as I think of things but I love marvel, rocket raccoon, and exotic candy (NO BUGS)

    Ludious on
  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    This thread is missing a festive Flowey. in the OP. :razz:

    Nah, something more directly related. Not my first choice, but spoilers.

  • 3lwap03lwap0 Registered User regular
    Oh dang is it really that time of the year again already?

    Huge thanks to RMS, yet again, for running this thing. Definitely makes the holidays that much more fun.

    @RMS Oceanic is the classiest for putting this together. Totally.

    A chance to enjoy classiness of my fellow forum mates is always a plus. This is my 5th or 6th time doing this, and it's always a delight.

  • DoodmannDoodmann Registered User regular
    I have an amazon wishlist, but I'll also put up more general thoughts.

    Whippy wrote: »
    nope nope nope nope abort abort talk about anime
    I like to ART
  • HerrCronHerrCron It that wickedly supports taxation Registered User regular
    edited October 2017
    Goddamn it RMS, it's not even Halloween yet!

    I am still in Canada, home to the world's sexiest prime minister, now with a sexy rival. Also, home to a the worlds slowest immigration office, did you know i've been applying for my PR for as long as I've been secretly satan-ing?

    Anyway, ordering via or something will probably work out better for you than shipping to here from where ever you are, especially with the exchange rates favouring just about every other major currency in the world.
    Just a heads up, I'll be leaving my new home and native land for my old home and native land (Ireland) on the 19th of December, and won't be back until the 3rd, so you may need to take that into account when sending things. If you're of a mind to have my stuff appear where I'm spending Christmas, I'm sure RMS will be glad to play messenger with that info.


    We've just moved house, so now we have a much bigger flat to make liveable - I do most of the cooking and as such i do like kitchen gadgets and such, they always get put to good use. There's some things on my Amazon wishlist but it's mostly..

    Video Games - There's a few on said wishlist. There's a lot of Pokemon games because I harbour a perverse desire to try and catch them all. It's a long process. Outside of that I have an Xbone and a switch, so games for either are welcome. I don't own a PC anymore so games for that aren't as useful. My backloggery contains all the games i own, should you need to do some cross referencing.

    Board and Card Games - This is something we're looking to get into, so if you have any games that you reckon are good fun then go for it! I'm partial to things like Diplomacy (but do not buy me this, it murders friendships), but also I've enjoyed the BSG game, The Resistance, Love Letter: Batman, Settlers of Catan, Descent and Guillotine, but anything at all will be most welcome

    Books - I am not a great reader, but that doesn't mean you can't get me books, I will make the time for them! Also, i'm looking to change jobs in the future, moving into more business orintated programming, so if you're a fellow frog rammer and have some books you'd recommend for someone learning c#, WPF et al, that'd be great

    Booze - I am fond of whiskey, especially Peated Whiskies and single malts, but blended is good too. I also like Gin, especially ones that are a bit different to the standard Bombay, Hendricks style ones. However, I cannot drink beer, Unless it's a gluten-free beer.

    Comics - I currently have a marvel unlimited subscription I don't make nearly enough use of, so anything in this category should probably be limited to non-marvel stuff. But not the walking dead, please. I've had my fill of that.

    Coffee - This is what keeps me alive. But I don't really drink anything too fancy and maybe it's time to change that up? I've already got a French press, and I've just inherited something called a Verismo espresso machine, but I think that's not much use.
    Anyway, if you're a coffee person, maybe there's something in this area you reckon would be a good thing, go for it.

    Or... just go hogwild! Pick whatever you fancy! Maybe something that's local to you and where you are? Anything I get will be welcome. Even NSFW stuff is fine, if mojo doesn't want that knightrider themed buttplug that's his loss, I reckon.


    I'm a goddamn dirty Coeliac, so I can't consume things with gluten in them. So as much as I love tasty treats you're gonna have to check and see if they're gluten free. It's a pain in the ass, trust me, I know. Anything else is fine!

    HerrCron on
  • DelmainDelmain Registered User regular
    edited November 2017
    I'll pull my wishlist from last year and update it here before sign-ups end.

    But wooooooooo secret santa tiiiiiiime

    Edit: Wishlist get:

    • Power Rangers (Yes, seriously)
    • Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit
    • Avatar (The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra)
    • Starcraft/Overwatch (Mostly watching eSports. TLO-chan...)
    • Lovecraft (the mythos, not the dude, come on)
    • Spaaaaaaaaaaace
    • Urban Fantasy (Dresden Files, The Iron Druid Chronicles, Alex Verus, etc [though I've read all of those series, but stuff in that vein is fun])

    Things I like:
    • Board Games (mostly co-op instead of competitive, but it's not a hard rule. examples that I already own and love: Marvel Legendary, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Shadow Hunters)
    • Vidja Games
    • Wall art
    • Collectibles (bookshelf type stuff)
    • Books

    Not so much:
    • Figurines
    • NSFW things just for the sake of NSFW
    • Coffee / Tea
    • Chocolate (I'm allergic)

    For video games, I have a PC, a Ninendo DS and a Wii, but nothing from the current gen. (You're welcome to fix that though, wink wink).

    I have both Steam and Amazon wishlists that are both not in any order at all.

    My Amazon one is a bit weak at the moment as it was just my birthday and I haven't reloaded it.

    Delmain on
  • ThomamelasThomamelas Only one man can kill this many Russians. Bring his guitar to me! Registered User regular
    I am in to be secretive.

  • spool32spool32 Contrary Library Registered User regular
    oh yes so in this shiz

  • amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    edited October 2017
    I'm in,

    I will post a well though out entry to this madness soon. PM has been sent.

    If I can mail you a knife, I'm probably going to mail you a knife.

    ----UPDATE---- Here's my list of stuff

    So first off, if you want easy mode, here's my amazon list. I'd be happy with anything on it

    Now, stuff that makes me go :D:D:D:D:D:D

    - anything handmade or vintage, especially if it's like old camping or homestead stuff (small coffee grinders, old tools, old rasp files, anything hand powered)
    - spices (I like to cook and make jerky so any spices you think I should toss into the mix, send em my way)
    - tea (I like tea, pls no coffee tho, I have coffee babymouth and just like foldgers classic roast)
    - books (kindle or hard copy, I like sci-fi and history books)

    Now, stuff that makes me go :(:(:(:(:(:(

    - adult items (that's not really my jam, sorry. I do like Jam though so if you want to send me some good jam I'd appreciate it)
    - movies, video games, etc (if you know me, you know I'm usually in the woods so I don't do a lot of vidya or tv watching)
    - clothes (I'm pretty spartan with clothing and don't own much, I like to keep it that way)


    amateurhour on
    are YOU on the beer list?
  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    And first update of the names! Check that you're on there, I only add you once I receive a PM with your deets, so I know there's a couple in this thread who won't be there yet.

  • MazzyxMazzyx Comedy Gold Registered User regular
    Okay list will go up later but you can probably dig through past years list. As always I be excited.

  • firewaterwordfirewaterword Satchitananda Pais Vasco to San FranciscoRegistered User regular
    edited October 2017
    Signup PM sent! Here's a quick list if it's helpful.
    • Dark chocolate! I'm a big fan of stupid dark, crazy high cocoa chocolate, with, like chili or sea salt etc.
    • Coffee cups! I have far too many already but don't intend to slow down just yet. Any style is cool - art, souvenir ones from your city, whatever looks neat.
    • Yoga anatomy books! Can't have too many. In particular, Ray Long's Anatomy for Backbends and Twists and/or Anatomy for Hip Openers and Forward bends. I also need to eventually pick up the Anusara yoga teacher training manual before I jump back into training next year.
    • T-Shirts! Like coffee cups, I've already got too many, but I've lost a bunch of weight over the last year, so many of them are looking a bit big. I dig art prints (style wise, stuff like Jeremy Fish or similar) and music/concert shirts (you can probably figure out what I'm into with a little sleuthing, but if you can find me a Handsome Furs shirt I'll be your friend forever). I am a size medium.
    • Rye whiskey! I'm not much of a drinker these days, but if you feel compelled to hook some hootch up, I'm a fan of rye. Please note that I already have like a dozen tiny bottles of esoteric bitters, so I'm good there.
    • These kind of weird hippy yoga pants! Sometimes called thai fisherman or harem pants. I wear these to class (and if I'm honest, around the house) because they're super comfortable to practice in. I've already got a few pairs, but I average 8 hours of class a week and they wear out pretty quickly. The ones I have are all solid or two-tone, so cool prints or patterns would be appreciated. They're one size fits all.

    Honestly, I'm pretty easy to please, so anything thoughtful will be graciously appreciated.

    firewaterword on
    Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
  • MNC DoverMNC Dover Full-time Voice Actor Kirkland, WARegistered User regular
    edited October 2017
    Signed up! Wish list coming later now!

    Thing Dover likes!
    • Gaming - Switch or PC games. Nothing MMO or huge open world. I like short, focused games these days. Oh yeah, I'm all digital on the Switch, so maybe eShop cards with instructions on what to buy. Steam games or Blizzard bucks are cool too.
    • Board Games - Co-op or 2-player stuff is awesome! Missing out on a lot of classic games so older games aren't a bad start. Card games are solid also as the wife and I love Star Realms and Hero Realms. No more Netrunner please. :)
    • Books - Haven't read many books lately, but not opposed. Fantasy or Sci-Fi novels are great, but I'm open to anything. Art books or "Making of" are amazing!
    • Kid Stuff - I've got a two-year old and a baby on the way. Any fun kiddo stuff would be cool.
    • Adult Stuff - Sometimes the wife and I just want to get away from the yelling and screaming. If you're feeling adventurous, find us something to do and we'll get a sitter. I live in Kirkland (it's near Seattle) if you're going to try this option.
    • Misc - I love Star Wars stuff and recently bought the X and Y- Wing Bandai models. The A-Wing would be sweet.
    • Surprise Me!

    Thing Dover doesn't likes
    • Booze - Yuck! No thank you please!
    • NSFW - I took Guile's advice and became a Family Man.

    MNC Dover on
    Need a voice actor? Hire me at
    Legends of Runeterra: MNCdover #moc
    Switch ID: MNC Dover SW-1154-3107-1051
    Steam ID
    Twitch Page
  • ReznikReznik Registered User regular
    Count me in.

    Books or ebooks on technical topics would be appreciated. Linux, networking, network security, scripting, python, sql, study guides for IT certs

    Anything cyberpunk

    The Starfinder core rulebook

    Anything muay thai

    Tea. I've been really into Irish breakfast tea lately.

    A travel mug for said tea.

    Treats or toys for my dumb cats

    Please no nsfw things

    Do... Re.... Mi... Ti... La...
    Do... Re... Mi... So... Fa.... Do... Re.... Do...
    Forget it...
  • IlpalaIlpala Just this guy, y'know TexasRegistered User regular
    I'm in. List will come later.

    FF XIV - Qih'to Furishu (on Siren), Battle.Net - Ilpala#1975
    Switch - SW-7373-3669-3011
    Fuck Joe Manchin
  • IlpalaIlpala Just this guy, y'know TexasRegistered User regular
    edited October 2017
    Womp double.

    Ilpala on
    FF XIV - Qih'to Furishu (on Siren), Battle.Net - Ilpala#1975
    Switch - SW-7373-3669-3011
    Fuck Joe Manchin
  • Dark Raven XDark Raven X Laugh hard, run fast, be kindRegistered User regular
    I am in! Wishlist!

    Things what I like: homemade stuff, LEGO, Doctor Who, Persona, Legend of Korra, Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, Metal Gear Solid, Zelda, Sonic, Adventure Time, Kill la Kill, Gundam (and Gunpla!) Marvel comics

    Things what I don't like: shirts (I'm a chubby boy) nuts (if you send edibles)

    We have a PS4, Xbone a US/NTSC region 3DS and a UK/PAL region Wii U!

    Amazon Wishlist

    Steam Wishlist - but note we don't have access to a gaming PC at the moment. Lower spec stuff we could play on laptop are still welcome! <3

    Oh brilliant
  • davidsdurionsdavidsdurions Your Trusty Meatshield Panhandle NebraskaRegistered User regular
    edited October 2017
    !signup achieved

    I'll do a better list later with Amazon and such there.

    I like exotic woods for carving/whittling.
    I like games and art stuffs I can do with my nearly 4 year old daughter.
    I like your crafty/creative things.
    I like your local brews/coffees/teas.

    I probably don't like nudie things.

    I'm not allergic to anything.

    If you are going to go the video game route, I'm pretty stuck on Overwatch still, so Blizzard bucks are good. I'll post a Steam list too later.

    Edit: Amazon List of Ideas.

    Steam Wishlist.

    davidsdurions on
  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    Woo, 25 Santas!

  • 21stCentury21stCentury Call me Pixel, or Pix for short! [They/Them]Registered User regular
    What the collective known for Santas?

    A Blessing?

  • davidsdurionsdavidsdurions Your Trusty Meatshield Panhandle NebraskaRegistered User regular
    Murder of Santas. Please.

  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    A Ho of Santas

  • syndalissyndalis Getting Classy On the WallRegistered User, Loves Apple Products regular
    A Yuletide of santas.

    A Garland of santas.

    Let's play Mario Kart or something...
  • ArchArch Neat-o, mosquito! Registered User regular
    Ludious wrote: »
    I'll post a wishlist type thing in this space as I think of things but I love marvel, rocket raccoon, and exotic candy (NO BUGS)

    : (

  • LoserForHireXLoserForHireX Philosopher King The AcademyRegistered User regular
    I want this to be a thing that I do!

    Hopefully I can once again shower @Blameless Cleric with gifts, as fate seems to decree that such is my lot in life.

    Which is pretty okay, she's fun to get things for.

    "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to give into it." - Oscar Wilde
    "We believe in the people and their 'wisdom' as if there was some special secret entrance to knowledge that barred to anyone who had ever learned anything." - Friedrich Nietzsche
  • DynagripDynagrip Break me a million hearts HoustonRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    Because I am super original, here is my wishlist & general preferences, copy and pasted from 2015 and updated as needed. Without further ado.

    I'm a basic bitch, so feel free to do your own thing with getting me presents. I love being surprised! In like a good way though, not by results from an STD or cancer screening.

    I really enjoy reading, big fan of science fiction; however, there is a very strong chance that i have already read whatever you might pick. Not guaranteed, but still. Favorite genre authors include gene wolfe, michael swanwick, William Gibson, China Mieville, Jack Vance (RIP), Alistair Reynolds, Iain M. Banks (RIP) etc. I hate hate hate Richard K. Morgan..If you're wondering whether I will like something, @Jacobkosh is probably the best forumer to check with, and also the person to blame if I don't like it.

    Non-genre: I like Dave Eggers, Cormac McCarthy (I own a bunch of his books already though), Murakami, Kazuo Ishiguro, David Foster Wallace, Adam Johnson, James Ellroy, David Mitchell (though I think maybe he's on thin ice with me).

    I also like comics, though vanilla superhero stuff doesn't exactly do it for me. Astro City is brilliant and I am loving Saga.

    I like to drink. Single char cask bourbon is now what I'm restricted to per doctor's orders.

    Umm, I like DIY stuff, especially microcontroller or raspberry Pi based. I've gotten huge into programming, particularly mobile development as a hobby and am quite fond of the Apple development ecosystem though I may dip my toes back into Android and see what Kotlin is all about. That's just like, a fwye. I'm not sure that I want programming books or anything.

    I play games, vidya and otherwise. but not super frequently. Like, I really hurt my wrist playing sick amounts of destiny so I've eased up. But I do still enjoy the games. I have a PS4, a PS3, a SNES, a PS2, and a laptop that has steam on it. I am played The Wolf Among Us and it is freaking brilliant. I love Destiny but I'm having a hard time getting into Destiny 2, because of real life obligations that have been heaped upon my broad shoulders.

    For fitness type stuff, I like to run. Maybe not fast or particularly far, but I really enjoy it. Accessories such as hats, shirts, shorts, socks, etc. would be weolcomed

    I will be newly single and living in a completely different part of the country (Houston, TX => Salem, MA), so like, if there are tips and advice for acclimating to such a change that would be nice. This uh, may also not be actionable intelligence. Warm socks might be nice.

    Please nothing risque. I am a prude and might die of the shame. Also, I know I am a nerd/geek/whatever the fuck on the inside, I do not need merch that advertises that to the outside world. I am now doing that by wearing a legend of zelda wristband all of the time, for some unknown reason. Load me up with wristbands, video game related or otherwise. Still rocking the zelda one but that is the only game one I have. Other game and maybe some comics would be cool, or if they had like crests from stuff like Game of Thrones or Attack on Titan. Aside from Zelda, the other wrist bands are unmarked or sport branded. They are great for wrist pain by the way.

    There should be a link to my amazon wishlist in my signature.

    That is about it, maybe?

  • SpawnbrokerSpawnbroker Registered User regular
    I am tentatively down to be classy. Wishlist to come when I am not trading my labor for currency!

    Steam: Spawnbroker
  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    29 Santas and 9 Carders! Keep it up!

  • Blameless ClericBlameless Cleric An angel made of sapphires each more flawlessly cut than the last Registered User regular
    I want this to be a thing that I do!

    Hopefully I can once again shower Blameless Cleric" with gifts, as fate seems to decree that such is my lot in life.

    Which is pretty okay, she's fun to get things for.

    I MEAN, nothing is stopping u from doing that regardless of the outcome of the santa lottery >>

    (Ty for being such a fantastic santa 2yrs in a row !!!)

    Orphane wrote: »

    one flower ring to rule them all and in the sunlightness bind them

    I'd love it if you took a look at my art and my PATREON!
  • DoodmannDoodmann Registered User regular
    edited October 2017
    Doodmann wrote: »
    I have an amazon wishlist, but I'll also put up more general thoughts.

    Here is my amazon wishlist in no particular order:
    Amazon wishlist

    Other than that-

    Things Doodmann is stoked on:
    Art Stuff
    Homemade Stuff
    Cool / Interesting Tools
    Local / Interesting Booze

    Things Doodmann is less stoked on:
    Lootbox type stuff
    Digital Stuff

    Doodmann on
    Whippy wrote: »
    nope nope nope nope abort abort talk about anime
    I like to ART
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