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[pbp]Hunger of the Beast[ToA]

XagarXagar Registered User regular
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Let's play my game! It could be described as a mashup of FF Tactics, D&D 4e, and Guild Wars 1.
See the attached to a couple posts down for rules & all skills/items in the game, lore, and skill cards. Please be aware this game is in active development and will see changes (balance, likely not mechanical).

You and your companions have traveled weeks southeast from the metropolis of Lincolnia, to the backwater, mountainous valley of Falk. You were drawn here by a request for aid against bandits stealing food. Normally you might not even consider something so generic, but the pay was good. Very good. You and a few other adventurers decided to go for it - you know how to handle bandits.

What could go wrong?

Setting tl;dr
-What if RPG magic were real? What would it do to a society?
-The planet, Strand, is the remains of a colony of Earth many thousands of years old, past multiple disastrous wars.
-All characters are humans (with about double the normal lifespan).
-Magic is ubiquitous and powerful, but it only functions when a living being is present to make it real. Much technology is replaced with human or trained animal effort.
-Tech level is pretty high - not information age, but there is rapid transit and communication between cities, and news spreads via newspaper and mystic jumbotron.
-The planet is mostly depopulated due to dangerous wildlife, most notably dragons that are periodically awakened, causing a world disaster situation (the last of which was 80 years ago).

Mechanics tl;dr
-You may only bring 8 skills into each battle, but may know any number.
-Skill loadout: 4 actives, 1 reaction, 1 support, 1 movement
-Turn: Act (play a card or use an item), and move (move up to your Speed or use a movement skill)
-Act and move in any order.
-Attack: Roll a d10 to beat enemy Reflex. If you don't, they can use their Reaction skill to block damage or counterattack.
-Roll a second die if the skill lists a number to beat. If you do, that effect works.
-Lose 1 Spirit when dropped to 0 Health (defeated), and 1 Spirit at the end of the round afterwards. 0 Spirit is death.
-Some special effects are standardized (banes/boons/cleanse/dispel), some are not.
-Out of combat, stat checks as in D&D (with a d10) and background checks as in 13th Age (with a d10).

Bane/Boon quick reference
-Power / Weakness: Damage +2. / Damage -2.
-Stability / Stagger: Reflex +5. / Reflex -5.
-Clarity / Blind: Rolls +5. / Rolls -5.
-Vigor / Burn: Heal for 2 at end of round. / Take 2 damage at end of round.
-Haste / Slow: Speed +2, ignore hazards, climb quickly. / Speed -2, cannot use movement skills.
-Cleanse: Remove all negative cards.
-Dispel: Remove all positive cards, or destroy a construct.

Character Submission Guidelines
-I'm looking for 3-5 players.
-Start with 15 levels, 90xp, 1 ritual, Anglo language, and $50.
-Fill your inventory slots with unenchanted tier 1 items from the Armory.
-One item may have a tier 1 enchantment.
-Create two backgrounds for your character (or something more elaborate).
-Character sheets are on my Google Docs. Feel free to mess around in there.
-This game can be quite lethal.
-All characters will know each other already; the details of that are up to you.

Character Building Suggestions
-The base levels of stats are very low, and a balanced approach is wise, with the possible exception of Initiative.
-The shield and sword weapon types give powerful reaction skills.
-The initial boon armor enchantment is a good choice.
-The soldier, radiant, ranger, and pyromancer disciplines are simple and reliable.
-The templar, herald, performer, and geomancer disciplines may not be effective without a certain team composition.

Xagar on


  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    I cannot see the attached rules.
    The Google doc with disciplines/amoury/char sheets seems to be there though

  • joshgotrojoshgotro Deviled Egg The Land of REAL CHILIRegistered User regular
    Soldier reporting in.

    does it?
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Dropping a note of interest, need to not be on my phone to play with character sheet.

    Thinking I’ll end up playing a Radiant

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Is there something else XP is used for other than skill buy?

    Just wondering if there’s value in holding any or if buying as many skills as possible is the best usage

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    edited July 2018
    Presumably attributes.
    It also looks like the idea is to create hybrid classes, as I don't see how you'd spend enough XP without opening more than one.
    We sorta need the rules though.

    discrider on
  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    edited July 2018
    Yikes, something went wrong with the rules and such. Let me try this again.

    XP and levels are separated. Usually I give ~10xp for completing battles and levels are whenever I feel like it (but fairly often).

    Xagar on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    edited July 2018
    Am I understanding armor correctly that it’s just shield and bracers as the options?

    And if so, that takes up one hand correct?

    Also, does the reaction skill granted mean you have to choose that or your class reaction skill? Or does it get added on for free?

    AustinP0027 on
  • joshgotrojoshgotro Deviled Egg The Land of REAL CHILIRegistered User regular
    Quick confirmation.
    I'm looking to invest heavily into Soldier, Knight, Duelist.
    Does that mean I'm investing in the Spirit Axis first, each separate discipline, then the skills within each discipline.

    So if we have 90xp

    30 = Spirit Axis
    10 = Soldier Discilpine
    20 = Full Skill List
    10 = Knight Discipline
    20 = Full Skill List
    90 XP even.

    Is this the correct way to pay for skills?

    does it?
  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    Armor is just a vehicle for armor enchantments.
    Shield and bracers are weapons (since they're used with the hands).
    Skills from items are in addition to your normal set of skills, and when you react, you can choose one.

    You are correct, @joshgotro . The little tracker on the top of the disciplines section of the character sheet does the math for you though!

  • joshgotrojoshgotro Deviled Egg The Land of REAL CHILIRegistered User regular
    Xagar wrote: »
    You are correct, @joshgotro . The little tracker on the top of the disciplines section of the character sheet does the math for you though!

    I think the spreadsheet listed is only view only mode.

    does it?
  • joshgotrojoshgotro Deviled Egg The Land of REAL CHILIRegistered User regular
    joshgotro wrote: »
    Xagar wrote: »
    You are correct, @joshgotro . The little tracker on the top of the disciplines section of the character sheet does the math for you though!

    I think the spreadsheet listed is only view only mode.

    Nevermind. I'm an idiot.

    does it?
  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Are reactions are considered normal attacks for Sweeping purposes?

  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    Yes, they have the "attack" keyword. In case anyone's wondering, all damage modifiers and such apply to reactions as well.

    Also, I didn't have a good place to put in examples of weapons types - sweeping weapons are fancy things like dual swords or daggers, chain, scythes, etc.

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    So, I've got a Twisting Duelist/Assassin/Templar thing.
    No rituals though? Might have to look at that.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    I have a Radiant/Herald spun up.

    Haven't picked items or ritual yet.

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Put my character into the first unlocked sheet here:
    Otherwise was unsure how to add it to the host sheet.

    I need a name, but he's a lucky, unerringly so, sailor from off the Dusk coast.
    And apparently Templar Wake Reading is a ritual, so I guess he gets that.
    Main weapon is a two handed hammer, which not so much 'sweeps' as smashes through multiple people in a swing.
    And a bow. Because he ain't fast, and needs something to fight people before they board.

    Not sure if the 4 non-weapon/armor slots are filled, or if we fill them with loot when we get going.

  • joshgotrojoshgotro Deviled Egg The Land of REAL CHILIRegistered User regular
    edited July 2018
    Credit to for the artwork.

    D'aubigny. Sworn to a liege lord in Britannia. Searching for a missing child.

    Sword and board. I would like a tower shield eventually @Xagar.

    I want to learn Duelist so @discrider having that path open works perfectly.

    joshgotro on
    does it?
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    edited July 2018
    @Xagar Where do you want us to add our characters? Disc's copy of your original doc is locked for editing, so I'd have to make another copy to add mine in.

    Do you just want to open his up for editing and we'll add them in there?

    I'll be bringing in Victor, Radiant/Herald from The Crown. Traversing out into the world to try and balance the seemingly overwhelming negative energy/emotions brought by conflict with his own positive outtake (and magic). He'll be bringing bracers and a pistol, but the emphasis is on healing/benefitting others with his skills.

    Still need to pick a ritual, but I'll probably end up with cooking.

    AustinP0027 on
  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    edited July 2018
    Hold on, let me mess with the privacy settings on that sheet...My apologies, it was set to view only. Here's the link again in case.

    Re:tower shield - If it's just cosmetic, you can do whatever you want. Mechanical, pitch me a concept and I'll put it in in some fashion.
    Re: 4 whatever slots - You can fill them with consumables or weapons (since you only get 1 enchanted item, carrying extra armor is pointless as of now). You'll be picking up plenty of equipment and consumables as long as you don't disintegrate people, so don't worry about it too much, maybe some health potions?

    Xagar on
  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    Well, do you want to get started? @AustinP0027 @joshgotro @discrider

    Once you fill out the rest of your character sheets, we should be good to go around Friday evening (my actual physical session is tonight so not much time today).

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Whoops! I didn't see you updated the permissions.

    I'll go in right now and fill out all my character stuff.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Just so it doesn't get lost in the edit. My sheet is all updated, added second background (DRAGONS!) along with items.

    Just for @discrider and @joshgotro, I'm basically going full healbot at least to start here, so take that into account when you're planning your items. I wouldn't expect a whole lot of dmg help from me, though I'm going to mix in at least one hearld skill so that I can do something other than wait for you to take dmg/get a negative effect to cleanse.

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    That should be fine.
    Har doesn't care much for being careful, so much as stopping trouble before it starts.

  • joshgotrojoshgotro Deviled Egg The Land of REAL CHILIRegistered User regular
    D'Aubigny is kitted for standing in front of things and mitigating damage. Also swinging swords.

    does it?
  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    I may need more health at some stage looking at your sheets...

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    I grabbed more because my support skill let’s me eat some damage from someone I targeted it with so figured having some extra health would help with that

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    I'm a little concerned about my max health but not overly so, so I'm not actually changing anything if people are waiting on me..

  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    A stiff, cold wind rises as you step off the small ship that brought you here. A weathered castle of pale stone sits atop a sheer hill, its back to you. A road is clear through the bare trees to the left of the hill, drawing a line like a child none too sure of a pencil. As you leave the dock, you can hear the ship’s captain calling to his geomancer, and hear the rush of water and a low hum as the engine starts.

    Just as your map says, before you is Castle Falk, guarding the valley. The afternoon sun does little to warm you, and you’re glad that it looks that you’ll be able to reach civilization before the chill of night falls. As you start onto the rough stone of the road, you go over in your mind the adventurer’s guild posting that drew you here:

    Bandit Raids!
    The Duchy of Falk requests aid from able-bodied adventurers! Over the last month, numerous caravans carrying grain and meat have been robbed, and several farms have been similarly raided, leaving our farmers destitute for the coming winter! Our own knights are stretched thin protecting our towns, and we need your help to resolve this situation. Your objectives are to find these bandits’ hideouts, identify and put an end to any leaders, and determine the fate of the stolen food, returning it if possible. Successful completion of all three will pay 3000g, given sufficient evidence of such. Direct further inquiries to Steward Edgar of Castle Liane.

    You had corresponded with the Steward by mail, and he had sent you the map and a list of leads:
    -Many farms to the east of Davittsburg have had sheep and stored grain stolen.
    -The small town of Baron’s Hill had been held hostage for a day while its granary had been emptied.
    -A manor in Sopris Estates had been robbed.

    You just hope in the time it took you to arrive, things haven’t gotten worse.


    Take this chance to introduce/describe yourself, and decide on your first destination. Each point of interest is about two days by road, and about a day by river. The darker segments on the map are higher elevation or rougher terrain. Much of the valley is wooded and mountainous, and travel farther from the roads that parallel the rivers is difficult.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    "Ah, Castle Fark. We're arrived." Victor's cheerful voice lifted above the engines of the ship behind them. The Blonde man's white robe hung just above the ground, and yet managed to somehow stay clean even through the journey. The others had asked about it before, but the Radiant had laughed the question off with a wink, an expression that had often told them he wasn't going to share anything additional. His green eyes scanned the castle proper, but found themselves looking out more towards the valley they were going to venture into. He pulled the hood up to cover his short hair as a barrier against the wind. It was chilly, but The Crown often felt the same depending on where you were, so it was almost like being at home again.

    "So, gentlemen, where should we get started?" He addressed the other two, the trio having been in correspondence with Steward Edgard and having a fairly good grasp of the situation they hand landed into. There was always something to adjust to, the world didn't hold still just because you were traveling, but they had specific orders on what the job was. The prospect of just moving forward into the valley lifted Victor's spirits. The ship they had arrived on had started to bore him, he wanted to experience something different, no matter what it might be. Plus, if he was being honest, he enjoyed having the ground under his feet again.

    I'm fine letting one of the two of you decide how the three of us met. Just wanted to get the conversation kicked off.

  • joshgotrojoshgotro Deviled Egg The Land of REAL CHILIRegistered User regular
    “Solid ground!”

    D’Aubigny moved slowly. The brown leather sack she carried clanked as she left the dock.

    "So, gentlemen, where should we get started?" – Victor

    A smirk crossed D’Aubigny pale face, clearly Victor was joking.

    “Yes, gentlemen, isn’t that right Pearl?”

    D’Aubigny moved with swift precision. The leather belt circled her waist snugly. Scabbard into the belt. Her pack rested low across her back. “We’re to make the castle tonight? I have had my fill of the water. They must stable horses?”

    D’Aubigny moved forward a few steps and took in the view. “Britannia was home, no matter which part she stood in.”

    Bold is spoken. Italicized is thought.

    does it?
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Thanks for playing that off. I knew I was going to do that because I didn’t read your two characters until the other day....

    Of course, now I’m going to have to play this forward and just have Victor picking at them both going forward....

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Har's smirk freezes.
    "I ain't heard anybody called a gentleman before,", she states flatly, "but the only one who calls me Pearl is my Pa."

    Har shakes her head, picking her pack and effects back off the bank and shouldering them into place.
    Nodding at the boat she'd just cast off:
    "They're off and so should we. Perhaps we can make the castle before it gets much colder."
    Har's smile returns, "Can't say I never long for a good hot bath."
    Har may have ditched her name as soon as she got on a boat

  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    You make your way around the hill with castle atop it, the road alternating between cracked stone and smooth, straight paths which you can only imagine pave over its roughest parts. The sun hangs low in the sky as you reach the gate of the small village below the hill, a wide break in the rough wooden palisade surrounding the village. As you show your correspondence from Edgar to the armored man standing by the open gate, you can see another guard moving on top of the walls, lighting a series of lanterns.

    As you walk through the gates, almost immediately you come to an empty courtyard, surrounded by a rough semicircle of buildings, dark timber structures with high, sloping roofs leaving long shadows coming towards you. There doesn't seem to be anyone outside besides a sleepy-looking guard, but many windows glow with warmth, and faint sounds of life echo from a larger building to the left. Past the square, the road continues on straight, splitting the hill in two as it raises towards the castle above. You should be able to make it to the castle this evening if you wished, or you could stop here.

    Falken Village:
    -Shepherd's Crook Inn
    -Blacksmith (Sells most tier 1 weapons/armor for 20-40g)
    -Apothecary (Sells tier 1 potions and vials for 5-10g)
    -Stables (Sells Barely A Horse for 20g and a regular horse for 50g.)
    -Landing (Sells canoes for 20g and larger craft for 100g)

    As a note, I won't be tracking things like basic lodging costs and general survival supplies, as I will assume you would budget and prepare for that.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Victor shrugged nonchalantly. If either of his companions took offense to his joking, they hadn't shown it outwardly, or he hadn't really noticed. Given he had spent the entire trip here verbally poking them, he had assumed they were comfortable tolerating his lightheartedness at least. Hopefully within time, he could bring some of that positivity to both of them, perhaps as their bond grew through whatever trials and tribulations they had decided to embark on. "Ah yes, there's the Castle. A good night's sleep is needed, I'd say. Then, we'll probably want to end up back here tomorrow morning and see about our next destination and mode of travel. I, for one, would enjoy avoiding the water if we can, but I'm up for discussing it further."

    "Speaking of which, has anyone thought through which task we're headed towards first? The map shows the three are generally in the same direction, but we should probably figure out where we want to start and work our way out further or inward from there."

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    "My vote's for heading past the Manor last.
    I reckon anyone who's got a Manor can look out for themselves.

    Should leave going past the farms first then, on the way upstream to the town.
    And then we circle back past the Manor once we got the regular folk sorted."

  • joshgotrojoshgotro Deviled Egg The Land of REAL CHILIRegistered User regular
    "Davittsburg it is. Shepherd's Crook may prove useful for information. Perhaps hot water and tub as well?"

    D'Aubigny makes her way to the front of the inn, turns to gesture toward her companions, and enters.

    does it?
  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Har, smiling, shrugs at Victor.

    "A tub of 'hot water' might be a slight much.
    I could down a tankard myself.
    Maybe we can stagger to the castle after?"

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    "Can't say I disagree. The village seems like the best place to start, and it's also the closest to here." Victor nodded. After all, it would be a bit awkward to ride through Davittsburg and then stop back after to offer to help.

    The blonde man tilted his head slightly as D'Aubigny entered the inn. They were originally going to the Castle, but if they were spending time in the inn, they would likely stay there, something he voiced to Har. "If we're spending enough time here for a tankard, I'm not sure if it makes much sense to wander to the castle tonight. Might just bed down here. We can decide as the night goes on, I guess." Victor wouldn't be joining them in their tankard, there was still a portion of the the Crown upbringing that frowned upon alcohol that was inside of him. He was able to cast away most of that past, and enjoy the most of life, but that had been the one trait that he couldn't shake, not that he cared all that much to try. Staying sober was generally more enjoyable to him, especially the next day.

    Not that he did it out of any sort of sense of needing to protect the other two. He had seen enough to know that of the three of them, he was the weakest link in the chain, so there was no doubt in his mind they were more than capable of putting down anything that came their way. Instead, he just generally enjoyed the company of the crowd, and in an inn like this, he was more likely to be surrounded by happier emotions, which lifted his spirits all by themselves.

  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    As you push open the double doors to the inn, you feel a rush of warm air, and can clearly hear a woman singing inside, her voice a deep alto doing justice to a classic heroic ballad. The interior is sparsely decorated, with the major adornment a few mounted wolf heads along the mostly clean walls, and a large, ornate stove in the corner that you can feel heat radiating from. Somewhat oddly, there is what looks like a perfectly ordinary shepherd's crook mounted above the bar. There are quite a few people here - three men around a table near the singer, a more formally dressed man and woman with a third man in the corner near the stove, and around ten more men and women clustered around a larger table in the center of the space. Your arrival momentarily distracts a few of the larger group from whatever they were doing, but they quickly return.

    A large, swarthy man with a thick beard comes out from behind the bar and quickly shakes all three hands, bobbing his head as he does. "Welcome to the Shepherd's Crook! You'll be wanting rooms then, I'd say? And a hot meal. Annie!" He turns his head backwards and calls to a girl wearing a powder blue dress, who had just appeared from behind the bar. "Come in, come in," he says as he attempts to efficiently usher the party to an empty table, then immediately disappears into a door behind the bar. The girl makes her way over, shaking her head slightly and rolling her eyes as she glances back towards the still swinging kitchen door. "Um, sorry about that. Can I help you with anything?"

    Geth, roll 1d10+4 for mysterrriouss reaasooooons

    mysterrriouss reaasooooons:
    1d10+4 13 [1d10=9]

  • joshgotrojoshgotro Deviled Egg The Land of REAL CHILIRegistered User regular
    D'Aubigny angles her chair towards the crowd. Scanning the room, she sees no familiar face.
    "Information. Heard tell of a noble boy gallivanting far from home?
    House Cadogan's oldest. Also it would seem there's plenty of banditry around these parts."

    does it?
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