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PAX Aus 2018 Proxy

luckycharmluckycharm Perth, AURegistered User regular
edited October 20 in Pinny Arcade
Hello my pinny friends!!

It is October, the time of Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING and PAX AUS! I will once again be the Proxy. Comment below and I will communicate by PM for your order and personal info closer to time.


I have changed the cost of the pins to reflect the exchange rate/shipping. If a vender is selling their pin for $15 instead of the $20, refunds will be given of $5 per correction. Some venders did not respond to my price inquiry.
If a pin costs $20 AUD, the price is adjusted $17 USD. The core sets remain at a guess of $35, same price as last year.

Aus Core Set - $35 (Guessing)
Margarita (Giant Margarita)
Popper Pin (Giant Margarita)
Pixel (Checkpoint) - $15
Nimbus (Queerly Represent Me)
SC Pinata (Samurai Punk) -$20=17
Golden Acorn (Kris Straub)
Kaiju Stomp (Dime Studios)
Adventure Pals Cupcake (Armor Games)
Arbitrix (Tin Man Games)
Dragon Friends (Dragon Friends)
'Lil' Ronin (Green Ronin)
Dark Room (Stirfire Studios)
Subtle Boom (Subtle Boom)
Fellow Traveller (Surprise Attack)
Drop Dice Bear (Level Up Dice)
Boogan Spoopider (LLR)

Special Order: VR Chippy (Cookie Brigade) - $10 (Could be bought at other Pax's)

Time Sinks: You can REQUEST- NO promises!!
AUS LE and Elder Scrolls Sweet Pin (Bethesda)

Here is the link to last year's thread with all the specific questions:

If you are lazy:
If you want pins, send me a message. Tell me what pins you want me to buy for you. In terms of payment, do NOT panic. It's really easy. Set up a Google Wallet (Google Pay) account now if you do not have one. I don't get much of the money or orders until the Wed or Thurs before PAX. Some people tell me the order before prices, and some wait until last minute. The most important thing is that you have told me you are interested. I will now keep you in the loop with PM's. Before Oct 25, tell me what your order is. I will confirm your order and send a PM with the amount according to what prices have been listed by twitter and FB. These numbers are ferreted out by other amazing pinny people on social media. The only time I have guessed cost of pins was the Core Set (which traditionally been very last minute) and pins that venders were selling on the side from previous years. Once you have the 'invoice', pay google wallet to me. Please put your forum handle in the comments to save my brain. I will confirm by PM that I have received the money and confirm your shipping address you have given me at some point. Confirm the address, and sit back & relax. You will receive your pins around Thanksgiving time, shipping takes about a month.
It is Australia, the other side of the world!

NEW! Everyone who proxy's with me will get a special pin, just from me!opopm2j1nfpt.jpg

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to post or PM me with your questions. Take care and as always-


luckycharm on
fishfishmonkeyhatSachiiSezNioviumCapt Wasabiajetog@gmail.comKameloncookiekrushMilkman Leeroy


  • thx42thx42 SeattleRegistered User regular
    Yay! Count me in.

  • RILMSRILMS Darwell, ABRegistered User regular
    I might be interested, but I'll want to see what the pins are first :)


    Ask me about PAX South 2019 Challenge Coins here
  • JanelStarrJanelStarr Vancouver, WARegistered User regular
    I’m in this year! Thank you!

  • NioviumNiovium Registered User new member
    I’m very interested. Sent you a message.

  • ScoobyJScoobyJ Registered User new member
    Thanks so much! I'm interested, sending you a PM.

  • hackyhacky Registered User regular
    Aus proxy! <3 Sending PM

  • BekerBeker Child's Play Program Director SeattleRegistered User, Penny Arcade Staff regular
    Since I won't be there this year, I'd love to proxy some. Thanks bunches.

  • fishfishmonkeyhatfishfishmonkeyhat Freelance Pin Man Newcastle, AustraliaRegistered User regular
  • JessikaJessika Registered User new member
    Sent a PM. :)

  • pbtampbtam Registered User regular
    Thanks for proxying.

  • unfununfun Registered User regular
    I'm interested!

  • NioviumNiovium Registered User new member
    Your custom pins look great!

  • eloelo That guy over there... Smoke stack central, NJRegistered User regular
    Definitely interested in the proxy, luckycharm. Thanks!!


    My pin collection, trade requests welcome -
  • SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Beker dude - why aren't you coming?

  • phicar2phicar2 Registered User regular
    I'm in, thanks for the proxy!!!

  • thmanwithnonamethmanwithnoname Registered User new member
    I'm interested, please keep me in the loop.

  • BekerBeker Child's Play Program Director SeattleRegistered User, Penny Arcade Staff regular
    Senno wrote: »
    Beker dude - why aren't you coming?

    TwitchCon is the same weekend so we had to split the team. Travis needs to be there for Omegathon, so I got TwitchCon. am sad.

  • pvp_pandapvp_panda Registered User regular
    Count me in!

  • cookiekrushcookiekrush Registered User regular
    Count me in as well. Thank you!

    Pinny Pals - open to trading!
    Looking for Edith Finch Pin!
  • Milkman LeeroyMilkman Leeroy Iron Rooster Vancouver BC CanadaRegistered User regular
    Hey there. I’m interested as well. Specifically two sets of the 2018 Aus sets and one of the 20 sided die to complete my set of die.

    Do you also communicate via discord by any chance? Maybe it’s because I’m on my phone but I can’t DM you here directly :-/

  • RisingAngilRisingAngil Brooklyn, New YorkRegistered User new member
    Count me in again! Thanks for doing this another time :)

    I'm just starting to get serious about collecting! Forgive my noobocity
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