@ing "dad" should @ "spool32", the forum's dad...

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wandering was warned for this.
...and @ing "mom" should @ "Belasco32", the forum's mom.

@Spool32 and @Belasco32 are two of the only people to have children who are registered members on the forums, and their kids will accidentally type @dad or @mom instead of using their usernames. For example, @Blameless Cleric just made that mistake a couple minutes ago:
I'm going to NC in December @dad pls make chilli thank u

Ugh @spool32

My suggestion would help the children of the 32 family. But in addition, Spool and Belasco are seen as welcoming, parental figures by many on the forums, and other people may also enjoy typing @dad or @mom when they want to talk to to them.

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    I respectfully disagree.

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    how dare you

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    This is also not the first time it's happened.

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    nope nope nope nope abort abort talk about anime
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    I could not possibly disagree more about literally every single part of this.

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    This forum has taken everything from me
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