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Cosplayers -- what do you want to know about photography?

iltailta Registered User regular
edited November 14 in PAX East
As some forumers know, I'm a photographer, and I often do cosplay photos. I'm putting together a panel this year with photography tips, advice, and examples and will be bringing in a few other photographers and perhaps some cosplayers as well to talk shop about this side of the hobby.

As we plan this panel, I'd love to know what would be most helpful to YOU. What are the questions you always wanted to ask a photographer?

Also, if you're particularly opinionated and/or experienced on the topic of cosplay photography and want to participate as a member of this panel, please feel free to get in touch with me.

ETA: if the panel doesn't get approved (which I would find out in January-ish, if past experience is any guide) I will answer any questions here as best I can. :)

ilta on
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