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Side events around PAX South

KrathoonKrathoon Registered User regular
Are there any side events around PAX South?

If so, lets group them together in this thread.


  • shimwoodshimwood Registered User regular
    Unfortunately it looks like Restaurant Week begins right after PAX ends this year, but is anyone still interested in getting together at TdB for dinner?

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  • spool32spool32 Contrary Library Registered User regular
    There is an official dinner happening! 5th Annual Fancy Dinner is Friday starting at 7:30. Please hop over and sign up for it!

  • KrathoonKrathoon Registered User regular
    I wonder if there is a place on the Riverwalk were you can get a non alcoholic slushie drink.

  • KrathoonKrathoon Registered User regular
    edited January 5
    I found a Belgian sweet shop, it is around the corner from Ripley's Haunted Adventure.

    There is a Francesco's Gelato next to the Mirror Maze.

    Krathoon on
  • KrathoonKrathoon Registered User regular
    Ah. I found the Walgreens. It is next to the Buckhorn Museum. Gotta stock up on those snacks.

  • KrathoonKrathoon Registered User regular
    Looking at Google Maps, there is also there is also a Great American Cookie shop across from the convention center in the mall.

  • KrathoonKrathoon Registered User regular
    Looking at Google Maps, there is also there is also a Great American Cookie shop across from the convention center in the mall.

  • japesterjapester Registered User regular
    PAX South is unlike a lot of other cons (including some PAX) where you are stranded inside an industrial dead zone, at the mercy of whatever contracted food vendor the facility houses. The Rivercenter Mall is next door. It has everything a typical large mall has. The Riverwalk runs all over that area and has tons of restaurants, ranging from mid to very-high priced. And there is a strip of gaudy, junky shops typical of any tourist trap across from the Alamo (which is a few minute's walk away). Basically, the convention center is smack dab in the middle of a huge pedestrian tourist area. You won't have trouble finding anything.

    Back to your thread topic: In the past I have strongly suggested that folks take a short walk and see the free light show/movie called "San Antonio: The Saga" at the Main Plaza. It is dead simple to find. Walk out the convention center doors onto Market Street (the main entrance), turn left, and walk for 10 minutes (0.6 miles). That's it. You'll see the San Fernando Cathedral on your right. Fri/Sat/Sun at 9/9:30/10PM they project an amazing short film onto the cathedral. Grab a chair or sit on the ground. When I bring visitors, they always stay and watch it twice. They have vendors selling snacks/drinks/souvenirs, but they aren't pushy. I haven't personally seen the show in about a year, but I have no reason to suspect that they've discontinued it.

  • KrathoonKrathoon Registered User regular
    edited January 6
    There are also Ghost Tours. I am thinking about going to one on Sunday night since PAX ends early. It is Bad Wolf Ghost Tours.

    There is also the tower right next to the convention center. That seems cool, but the restaurant is too expensive.

    Krathoon on
  • PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    Our Friday night event is a staple! Great experience that you don't want to miss if you havn't already made plans!

  • spool32spool32 Contrary Library Registered User regular
    Last call everyone for Fancy Dinner! We've moved venues to Las Caranias is our venue now.

    If you've ever been uncomfortable in a more formal dinner setting, this is pretty much the perfect scenario for learning to enjoy fine(ish) dining! Don't let the dress code scare you - cosplay takes all forms, this is just the stuffiest. :) Come and hang out!

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