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PAX South 2019 Quick Questions

darkdonutdarkdonut San AntonioRegistered User regular
Sorry for making a new thread, but I had two multi-part questions that I wanted to ask. I looked through the FAQs and didn't find my answer there. Also, I searched the forums, but didn't no mention of water bottles.

1) I attended last year, but I don't recall seeing a list of what was not authorized to bring in besides weapons and alcohol. Is outside food authorized? Like if I wanted to be cheap and bring some pb&j sandwiches and chips. I'm aware there is food sold on site and some people might walk to a restaurant close by for lunch. Also, are insulated bottles allowed?

2) Are you able to buy 2018 pins from the PAX gear booth?



  • whypick1whypick1 PAX [E] Info Booth Manager ~2' from an LCDRegistered User regular
    1. Outside food and drink is fine, as long as it's a reasonable amount and you're not reselling it.
    2. AFAIK, no.

    Is it PAX <insert nearest future PAX here> yet?
  • darkdonutdarkdonut San AntonioRegistered User regular
    Thank you.


  • CaltropskCaltropsk Registered User new member
    Can underage kids like 14 and up enter without an adult?

  • spool32spool32 Contrary Library Registered User regular
    You'll definitely have a chance to trade for last year's pins at the official trading sessions.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Caltropsk wrote: »
    Can underage kids like 14 and up enter without an adult?
    As long as they have a badge, yes

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