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Is it General? Is it Generational? Who knows Its GenCon!

BucketmanBucketman Call meSkraggRegistered User regular
GenCon 2019 is a short few weeks away!

Beautiful(?) Indianapolis Indiana, for 4 full days, becomes awash with wizards, space marines, super heroes, and smells nerds.

When: Thursday August 1st through Sunday August 4th 2019

Where: Indianapolis Indiana. The crossroads of America. Also it smells funny!

What: Card games, board games, LARPing, cosplay, figuring painting, Quiddish, Pilot a Mech. be part of a space ship crew, be in a True Dungeon, Settle various places but maybe Cattan?

So yeah GenCon is cool, I'm going to be there this year, maybe you will be to. Lets talk about what were looking forward to, what were planning on doing, and maybe we could set up a meetup.

Oh yeah a Pathfinder 2.0 is on sale there.



  • PMAversPMAvers Registered User regular
    My current itinerary is:

    Thursday: KeyForge Sealed vault tour
    Friday: NISEI Netrunner event
    Saturday: L5R Proving Grounds.
    Any of the above: trying to figure out when I'm going to have time to get into the dealer's hall and get SR6.

    COME FORTH, AMATERASU! - Switch Friend Code SW-5465-2458-5696 - Twitch
  • BucketmanBucketman Call me SkraggRegistered User regular
    The wife and I got into a True Dungeon so that's our excitement for Friday that's planned. All the games she wanted to do sold out so we're gonna just stand around and see if someone doesn't show up for some

  • KetarKetar Ready to feel better about your own miserable lives?Registered User regular
    edited June 10
    I have a couple of board game demos signed up most days, and a couple of sessions of games I enjoy but don't get to play much with my usual group. Other than that nothing major - just time spent touring the dealer's hall and checking out new games and then signing up for other play sessions here and there if I end up with time to kill. And also plenty of time at the Battletech pods when the exhibit hall is closed. I usually try to do some King of Tokyo just because it's quick and you can win convention-exclusive monsters that my kids love, but they don't have much going on this year that I can see. Certainly not the usual schedule of games every 60-90 minutes.

    I did get lucky the other night and upgraded from an airport hotel to a downtown hotel that's not exactly close (2.3 miles from the center) but includes free parking and free breakfast. At times where it's not a zillion degrees out I can make that walk and get some extra exercise, otherwise it should be a pretty cheap Lyft/Uber. I also spotted rooms at 2 hotels that were actually right there and connected by the skybridge, but they were at least $40 more per night, plus $35 or more for parking each night so I would have to end up paying $10-15 per night to leave my car in one of the cheap lots to the south for 4 days straight. I feel like the further out downtown hotel makes a nice compromise, and it definitely beats previous years being way out at airport hotels and having to drive back and forth each day.

    Ketar on
  • BucketmanBucketman Call me SkraggRegistered User regular
    We got an Airbnb and theres a lot someone on Reddit recommended that is $65 flat for 4 full days of parking with unlimited in/out privileges and a shuttle to the convention center.

  • KetarKetar Ready to feel better about your own miserable lives?Registered User regular
    Bucketman wrote: »
    We got an Airbnb and theres a lot someone on Reddit recommended that is $65 flat for 4 full days of parking with unlimited in/out privileges and a shuttle to the convention center.

    Yeah, that's the lot I normally use - they're good. It's a reasonable walk if you feel like it to the con, but the shuttles run often enough that I only usually walked at the end of the day - the line for the shuttle can get extremely long when everyone is done for the day, and I usually didn't feel like waiting that long. I wouldn't want to leave my car sitting in one spot unmoved for 4 days though (which I probably would be doing if I booked one of the skybridge hotels). I also didn't want to spend $225+ extra just for the convenience of a close hotel, even it that convenience is mighty appealing. I could be smart and save that money! Or, more likely, buy an extra game or two with the perceived savings and still feel like I came out ahead :P

    I waited a while to book this year while trying to decide between Gen Con by myself, or Lollapalooza with my wife. By the time I made up my mind I couldn't find anything I was happy with on Airbnb.

  • BucketmanBucketman Call me SkraggRegistered User regular
    I bought tickets for True Dungeon Live off of a guy on their forums. They bought the full lot and him and his buddy were trying to make sure they got good people. Sent him the money, he requested me as a friend on the GenCon I am very impatiently waiting for him to send the tickets. I think I'll give it until July 1st and ask whats up because I have until the 6th to file a complaint with PayPal.

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