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Everything Board Game/Tabletop/RPG at and around PAX West 2019 - a Consolidated List

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Hey everyone! Here's my yearly compilation of All Things Tabletop at and around PAX West - 2019 Edition. I've scoured the Internet and put the info all in one place, so you don't have to! This year, everything Tabletop is much easier to find, since the official Tabletop Area is now entirely at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. But since it's not EVERYTHING everything, I also list other analog gaming content at and around PAX, and fan-run/non-official PAX events before and during the show.

Know of anything I've missed? Please add a comment below, or send me a message! I’ll try to keep this list as updated as I can up until showtime.

Community Events (no PAX badge required)

Raygun Lounge THURSDAY starting at 7:00PM
PAX Trivia Night
Come and celebrate the return of the one true Quizsack Hatterack at this very special, only once a year, PAX themed trivia event.

Sheraton 2nd Floor THURSDAY starting at 4:00PM
Pre-PAX Boardgame Night
Upper Lobby Level - FREE - All Ages Event

Columbia Tower FRIDAY starting at 6:00PM
Night of Gaming for Good on Top of the World, PAX Edition! Tabletop gaming fundraiser for Seattle Children's Hospital - Columbia Tower Club
Advance purchase of tickets required

Official PAX Events
(PAX Badge is required for everything from here on out)



Hyatt Regency, LEVELS 3, 4, and 5 - Freeplay

Tabletop HQ / Lending Library - Level 5, Elwha Room - (Board Game Lending Library) VIEW THE LIBRARY'S TITLES
Tabletop Freeplay Rooms - Rooms and foyers throughout Levels 3, 4, and 5 (SO MANY TABLES!)

Hyatt Regency, LEVEL 3

First Look - Level 3, Columbia Ballroom
View included games list

RPG Zone
Alexandria RPG Library - a lending library of 1000s of RPG books - Rm. 301
- DM: Design Masters Game Design Challenge - Sunday 3:00PM - Rm. 301
Looking For Group RPG Drop-In/Pickup Games (sign-up sheets inside the room) - Rm. 301
- Gamemasters can reserve tables here
D&D Acquisitions Incorporated Intern Program - Rm. 302 for Registration
D&D Adventurer's League - Rm. 301 - (List of available Tiers and sessions coming soon)

Hyatt Regency, LEVEL 5

Tabletop Tournaments - View Tournament Schedule - Quinault, Elwha and Willapa Ballrooms
Playtest Northwest Board game prototype area (list of games coming soon) - Room TBD
- Mystery Box Game Design Challenge - Saturday 3:00PM

- Two Rooms and a Boom & Other Social Games 8 PM each evening, Rm. 508-509

Hyatt Regency, LEVEL 7

Magic: the Gathering View events/registration page

Westin Hotel, LEVEL 4 Grand Ballroom
True Dungeon (Tickets on sale now via this link)

Tabletop Exhibitors
Hyatt Regency Level 3, Columbia Ballroom

Archon Games - TT03
Blood on the Clocktower - TT04 (Social bluffing game)
Blue Heron - TT19
Catalyst Games - TT26
Deep Water - TT08
Dice Throne - TT15
Drinks With Frenemies - TT20
Inked Gaming - TT29
Lucky Duck Games - TT16
Metallic Dice Games - TT02
Monocle Society - TT05
Overpowered - TT23
Panda Cult Games - TT24
Pendelhaven - TT22
Q-Workshop - TT28
Red Djinn - TT21
Slugfest Games - TT07
Tabletop Co-op - TT11, including:
- Bravely Told Games : Cult Following
- CounterClockwork Games : The Last Bastion
- Gather Round Games : Someone Has Died , "Scheduling Simulator"
- Imbalanced Games : Dwarves: Dig, Delve, Die!
- Junk Spirit Games : Crows, Battle of the Bards, JunKing, By Order of the Queen
- Mind the Gap Studios : Flapjack Flipout!
- Offcut Games : Complicated Board Game the Card Game Time 2 Play
Tilt Five - TT10
Tinker House Games - TT25
Steve Jackson Games - TT14
Wyrmwood - TT06
Zulu's Games - TT27

WSCC Level 4 (Expo Hall)

Breaking Games - SKY9
Chessex - SKY7
Flying Frog Games - 130
GamerMats - SKY5
Handelabra Games Inc. - Aeon's End - Indie Minibooth (Sunday and Monday)
Level Up Dice - SKY1
Pastimes - SKY3
Wishes - SKY2

WSCC Level 6 (Expo Hall)

CritSuccess - 7408
Czech Games Edition - 7402
Dire Wolf Digital - 6103
Foam Brain - 7116
LoneShark Games - 5009
Norse Foundry - 6011
North Star Games - 6119
R&D Hobby Games - 7501
Secret Cow Level - 6312
Skybound - 6215
Table Titans - 7609
Tactical Adventures - Solasta: Crown of the Magister - 5003
White Wizard Games - 6602

Tabletop/RPG related Panels
View a handy list!

Questions? Did I miss anything? Please comment below!

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