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The First Rule of [Cook Club] (Cook-along Week 46: Okonomyaki)



  • milskimilski Poyo! Registered User regular


    I ate an engineer
  • SilverWindSilverWind Registered User regular
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    Three braid, six braid, roll (which was a three braid kinda tucked into itself)

    Specific comments about the Tori Avey recipe: definitely going to use my stand mixer to knead next time, at least for a bit, whuff

    Will probably look up a different recipe that actually gives the weight of the the flour (or at least a more specific cup amount)




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  • SilverWindSilverWind Registered User regular
    Omurice recipes are up

    I expect great designs on those omelettes!!!

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  • JedocJedoc In the scuppers with the staggers and jagsRegistered User regular
    Request to add shepherd's pie to the list of someday dishes. @webguy20 made a rad-looking shelf-stable lentil shepherd's pie over in the cooking thread, and it made me think that there are a bunch of rad variations we could try.

  • webguy20webguy20 I spend too much time on the Internet Registered User regular
    Here's the recipe, and PDF linked to this post. Designed for prepping purposes. Everything is dry or canned and nothing has a best by of less than a year. It's a meal that you put in a box and set aside for a rainy day. Roughly 400 calories per serving, and serves 8, and by default is Vegan.

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  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    The next round is butter chicken!

    Gonna try that gooey, runny, cut it open where it’s weirdly sexual omuraisu.

  • lonelyahavalonelyahava Call me Ahava ~~She/Her~~ Move to New ZealandRegistered User regular
    I wanna add pasta to the list. But I realize that it might not be that accessible of a thing.

    Kugel would be another one to add. And tzimmes, as it's getting closer to Rosh Hashannah.

  • SilverWindSilverWind Registered User regular
    Gonna add all of those suggestions! Including the pasta.

    ...not just because I got a pasta maker, there's got to be some that are rather doable by hand/without the rollers, and I'll find em

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  • DoodmannDoodmann Registered User regular
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    I have no idea how to make a french omelet...or even the weirdly more straightforward tornado version.

    So last night I had eggs on rice:


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    nope nope nope nope abort abort talk about anime
    Sometimes I sell my stuff on Ebay
  • milskimilski Poyo! Registered User regular
    The rice blob...


    The egg...


    The finished product!


    Very tasty, and a huge amount of food! My only regret is not having tofu to give it a little more weight, and marring the crosshatching with the cap of the mayo I was squirting :redface:

    I ate an engineer
  • milskimilski Poyo! Registered User regular
    Also I just figured out that I am a moron, because I made two cups of dry rice for this (rice cooker cups, granted), and never thought about the fact cooked rice is about triple the volume. So this is probably 2x as much rice as is necessary for the dish...

    I ate an engineer
  • BucketmanBucketman Call me SkraggRegistered User regular
    I have tried and failed several times to make this but tomorrow I try again!

  • milskimilski Poyo! Registered User regular
    Bucketman wrote: »
    I have tried and failed several times to make this but tomorrow I try again!

    The Serious Eats recipe is super easy, it basically is just fried rice and then the simplest scrambled eggs thing. If you're going for the full omlette, godspeed, that sounds super tough

    I ate an engineer
  • JedocJedoc In the scuppers with the staggers and jagsRegistered User regular
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    I went with Maangchi's recipe. Lots more vegetables than I expected, once I got them all chopped up.
    I ended up cramming half of it into a two-cup bowl, which is still about twice the size as one of my usual packed lunches.
    I also made griddle toast, completely ignoring the fact that this dish is half carbs to begin with. Oh, well. I needed the tips to complete my masterpiece, Surprised Omelette Pig On Plate
    (Jedoc, 2020, Mixed Media)

    Tasty! The green chiles at the bottom give it a nice little kick, and the leftover andouille sausage along with the bell peppers, onion, and garlic give it all a neat Cajun fusion sort of vibe. Big portion, though. I think I'll use my one-cup bowl to mold the leftovers and probably just dump some scrambled eggs on top.

    Also, I've never seen "chunks" of cheddar cheese used as an ingredient before. Tearing hunks out of a neat block with my thumbs was a pleasingly primal activity, strongly recommend.

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  • SilverWindSilverWind Registered User regular
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    Jedoc that is hands down my favourite design <3



    I made fancypants omurice but not the demi-glace as my idea of fun is not a billion hours of reducing beef stock. Omelette was hard to fold but actually didn't brown (as I was worrying it would). It cut OK. Brown sauce is a mixture of stock, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and bbq sauce. The spicy tomato ketchup is a mixture of Sriracha sauce and ketchup.

    I have enough leftover fried rice to attempt an actual design tomorrow, I think. :D

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  • BucketmanBucketman Call me SkraggRegistered User regular
    I made cheater version. I didn't want to make my own fried rice, so we got some Chinese over the weekend and I got extra chicken fried rice. I "woke it up" by sauteing some garlic and ginger and then adding the rice and a little soy sauce in the pan, double fried rice. Tastes great!

    The demi glace I cheated as well. I found a packet of it in the store that you just need to heat and add a few table spoons of water to.

    The eggs...didn't fold well at all. But they are still that level of creamy and taste great.

    Overall it looks bad but tastes great.

  • milskimilski Poyo! Registered User regular
    Can't wait to do butter chicken. Or, well, butter tofu, since I'm mostly pescatarian/vegetarian

    I ate an engineer
  • PinfeldorfPinfeldorf Yeah ZestRegistered User regular
    milski wrote: »
    Can't wait to do butter chicken. Or, well, butter tofu, since I'm mostly pescatarian/vegetarian

    How are pescatarians on terrestrial insects as a food source?

  • milskimilski Poyo! Registered User regular
    Pinfeldorf wrote: »
    milski wrote: »
    Can't wait to do butter chicken. Or, well, butter tofu, since I'm mostly pescatarian/vegetarian

    How are pescatarians on terrestrial insects as a food source?

    I'd eat an insect just to see how it was tbh, I'm pragmatic about my diet (e.g. I will wind up having meat once or twice a year for special occasions or due to an inability to get any other food)

    I ate an engineer
  • SilverWindSilverWind Registered User regular
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    I think I hit the character limit on the week summaries, so the new update message will go here. :lol: Unfortunately, I think I lost the brunt of what I wrote on Omurice, but that's OK!

    Week 29 (August 1, 2020) - Challah
    Doodmann lonelyahava milski SilverWind
    Challah is a bread in Jewish cuisine usually eaten on special occasions such as Shabbat (the Sabbath) and major holidays. The word means loaf or cake in Biblical Hebrew, and classically was the portion of dough that had to be set aside as an offering.

    The most well known variation of challah is braided, though there is also a variation that is not. And while raisins, honey, poppy, and sesame seeds are sometimes added and sometiems not, there is usually an egg wash that ensures the loaf bakes nice and brown in the oven.

    Here are some suggested challah recipes:

    I want challah of the Ashkenazi tradition
    Tori Avey's Challah Bread

    I want challah of the Sephardic tradition
    Julia Moskin's Sephardic Challah with Whole Spices

    I want an apple and honey challah (round, typically eaten for Rosh Hashanah)
    Smitten Kitchen's Apple and Honey Challah

    I want a vegan/eggless challah, which is a thing
    The Spruce Eats' Maple-Glazed Vegan Water Challah

    I want... a sourdough challah?
    The Gingered Whisk's Sourdough Challah, which is a variation of Maggie Glezer's, found here

    Week 30 (August 8, 2020) - Omurice
    Bucketman Doodmann Jedoc milski SilverWind

    Omurice is officially where I ran into the character/text limits on the PA forum, so I've lost my original writeup. In summary, I recall mentioning that omurice is yoshoku (Western-influenced Japanese cuisine) that has gainsed popularity across a lot of Asia. It is a childhood classic, popular perhaps in part due to the ketchup used in the recipe, which is often used to write or draw a neat design on top of the omelette.

    Recipes featured included:

    A classic omurice recipe
    Just One Cookbook's Omurice

    Just lay the egg on top, none of that fancy rolling
    Serious Eats' Omurice

    A Kichi-Kichi (think super trendy video of Kyoto chef slicing the omelette open) omurice
    Omurice by Shintaro Okuda

    A omurice recipe featuring cheese
    Maangchi's Omeu-raiseu

    Latest viral omurice trend
    Cookat's Tornado Omurice

    Week 31 (August 15, 2020) - Butter Chicken / Murg Makhani
    Doodmann Jedoc lonelyahava milski SilverWind

    Butter chicken, murg makhani, was created in 1947 in Delhi, India. It is a dish of chicken, usually marinated in dahi (yoghurt), lemon juice, spices, and chilis, then usually cooked in a tandoor, and served in a mild curry sauce with butter in it. Apparently, in Australia and New Zealand, it is used as a pie filling! Here are some suggested recipes:

    Give me a stovetop butter chicken recipe
    Cafe Delites' Butter Chicken

    Yes, but one with video?
    Varun Inamdar's 'Restaurant Style' Butter Chicken

    I want a super quick pressure cooker/Instant Pot recipe
    Two Sleevers' 30 Minute Butter Chicken Recipe

    I want to take my time with this recipe and toast my spices
    Serious Eats' Stovetop Butter Chicken

    I know the name has chicken in it, but I'd like a vegetarian butter chicken recipe.
    Shahir Massoud's Vegetarian Butter Chicken

    Oh, for Matty Matheson fans, here's his video. He seems to make a spicier variation :lol:

    Week 32 (August 22, 2020) - Phở
    Doodmann SilverWind

    Phở (pronounced closer to 'fuh' rather than 'foe') is a Vietnamese noodle soup, usually made with beef, but also occasionally chicken. Considered the national dish of the country, it is sold by street vendors, restaurants, and is also prepared at home. The exact origins of phở are disputed, with some claiming it originated during the French colonial period (with pho etymologically linked to the French word feu, for fire), while others asserting that it was eaten long before French occupation. Regardless, here are some suggested recipes, with varying amounts of effort/time involved:

    I'm busy, I need a quick pho recipe
    Jet Tila's Quick Beef Pho

    I can spend some more effort and time and say, char my onions and ginger for the broth
    Gimme Some Oven's Pho

    I want the no joke full effort/time classic pho
    Helen's Recipes' Best Ever Pho Recipe (video only)

    I need that full effort/time recipe in writing and Serious Eats has never led me wrong
    Kenji Lopez-Alt's Traditional Beef Pho Recipe

    Chicken instead of beef please
    Viet World Kitchen's Pho Ga

    Meatless please!
    Cookie and Kate's Vegetarian Pho

    Week 33 (August 29, 2020) - Ratatouille / Confit Byaldi
    Doodmann SilverWind

    Ratatouille is a French dish consisting of stewed (or roasted) vegetables in a tomato-y sauce. It appeared relatively recently in print (c. 1930) and featured rough-cut vegetables that were fried before baking. In the 1970s, chefs began preparing the vegetables in thin slices. Some cooks also insisted that the vegetables should be cooked separately first before being mixed together for the best results.

    What most of the world knows as ratatouille (due to the Pixar movie) is actually a modern variant called confit byaldi, devised by Michel Guérard and popularized by Thomas Keller. Whether you make the "traditional" kind or the confit byaldi kind, ratatouille supposedly tastes better the next day. Here are some suggested recipes:

    I want a nice quick stovetop stew
    Chef de Home's Easy Ratatouille Stew

    I want coarse cut veggies but oven-roasted
    Cookie and Kate's Best Ratatouille Recipe

    I want one of those recipes where the vegetables are cooked separately
    Serious Eats' Provençal Ratatouille Recipe

    I'm here for Remy's version, give me the movie version!!
    Binging with Babish's Ratatouille (Confit Byaldi) (Chef de Home also has a variant, with béchamel sauce)

    Week 34 (September 5, 2020) - Caesar Salad
    Doodmann Fearghaill lonelyahava SilverWind

    Caesar salad is a salad consisting of romaine lettuce, croutons, and a creamy parmesan sauce. It may contain anchovies, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, and raw/coddled eggs, though there are many variations without one or more of them.

    This famous salad was invented in the 1920s. An Italian-American restaurateur named Caesar Cardini is usually attributed with its creation, though various staff members who worked at his restaurant claimed to have come up it as well. It supposedly was developed due to a particularly busy day at the restaurant causing a dearth of available ingredients. Traditionally, the chef would prepare the salad at tableside, with dramatic tossing of ingredients (if I recall correctly from a childhood memory, with lighting the inside of a Parmesan wheel briefly on fire too). Feel free to substitute the romaine lettuce with kale or some other green!

    Here are a few suggested recipes:

    The classic—raw egg, Worcestershire sauce, and anchovies!
    Serious Eats' Best Caesar Salad Recipe

    No egg, no anchovies, yes dijon mustard
    Natasha's Kitchen's Caesar Salad Recipe

    No egg, no anchovies, no mustard, yes mayo
    The Bombay Chef's Caesar Salad (video, recipe in description)

    None of any of that... and with an avocado for the sauce instead?
    Pinch of Yum's Avocado Kale Caesar Salad

    Week 35 (September 12, 2020) - Three Sisters Soup
    Doodmann Fearghaill Jedoc lonelyahava SilverWind

    The Three Sisters refer to maize/corn, squash, and beans, the three staple crops of many Indigenous Peoples in North America. They are planted together in the same mound, and the corn acts as a climbing structure for the beans, while the beans provide nitrogen to the soil that benefits the other two plants, and the squash provides ground cover and deters weeds and pests. Combined, the three form a complete protein. Most of the featured recipes this week are vegetarian, or meat optional.

    *If I mess up in references here, I sincerely apologize; let me know and I'll fix.

    I want just the basics (corn, green beans, butternut squash, potatoes), the soup that was part of the winning submission in the '92 World Culinary Olympics
    Bertha Skye's Three Sisters Soup and Bannock (Six Nations / Haudenosaunee (Iroquois))

    Some cannellini beans instead, plus some onions
    Mazopiya's Three Sisters Soup (Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community)

    I'd like to use some kidney beans and black eyed peas, plus some tomatoes and garlic, with my squash and corn
    The Chikasaw Nation's Three Sisters Stew (Chikasaw)

    Some crushed red pepper and other seasonings
    First Nations Development Institute's Three Sisters Soup

    I want to be ambitious and nixtamalize my corn with wood ash
    Native Women's Association of Canada's Three Sisters / Dried Hulled Corn Soup on page 18 (I think this recipe is also Haudenosaunee)

    I want to use the Three Sisters, but am not in the mood for soup
    Chef Nephi Craig's Three Sisters (White Mountain Apache Tribe and Navajo) (Video only)

    Week 36 (September 19, 2020) - Tzimmes
    Doodmann milski SilverWind

    Tzimmes (pronounced tsi-miss) is a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish dish comprised of honeyed carrots, dried fruits such as prunes or raisins, and other root vegetables such as yam or beets. It is typically eaten during Rosh Hashanah, where the sweetness of the dish helps symbolize the wish for a sweet new year. It is sometimes a vegetarian side dish, and occasionally a main one with beef. In Yiddish, tzimmes means to make a big fuss over something (as one has to do with chopping, mixing, etc. to prepare the dish).

    Here are some suggested recipes:

    I would like a stovetop vegetarian dish
    Tori Avey's Stovetop Tzimmes

    I would like a vegetarian oven option
    The Spruce Eats' Roasted Simanim Tzimmes

    How about some of that meat! Beef chuck
    Once Upon a Chef's Beef Tzimmes

    Meat again - flanken / beef short ribs, a two day process (includes video)
    The Nosher's The Best Tzimmes We've Ever Tasted

    Want to try one with beets, parsnips and leeks?
    A Family Feast's Tzimmes

    Week 37 (September 26, 2020) - Shepherd's Pie
    Doodmann Elaro Jedoc Sarukun

    Shepherd's pie, aka cottage pie or hachis Parmentier (after a guy responsible for promoting potato consumption in France), is a ground meat pie with a crust (hopefully nicely browned!) of mashed potato and sometimes grated cheese. The dish is British in origin but has variations across the world; I encourage you to try one of them out if it interests you. The meat is usualy cooked in a gravy or sauce with onions, often accompanied with vegetables. Originally, this dish was a way to use leftover roasted meat, and involved padding with a lot more mashed potatoes on all sides.

    Cottage pie is actually the earlier term, in use in the late 18th century; cottage pie began to be used in the mid 19th century, and funnily enough, that name was used initially regardless of whether the meat in the pie was lamb or not.

    Here are some recommended recipes:

    I want a classic shepherd's pie
    Alton Brown's Shepherd's Pie

    I want a classic shepherd's pie recipe with a couple not as conventional ingredients
    Philly Boy Jay's Best Homemade Shepherd's Pie (Video, recipe text in description)

    I'd like sweet potatoes on top instead of potato potatoes
    The Real Food Dietitians' Shepherd's Pie with Sweet Potato Topping

    I want a vegetarian/vegan pie
    Vegan Richa's Mushroom Lentil Shepherdless Pie

    You know what, I want a different sort of meat-potato pie
    [url="]What to Cook Today's Indonesian Pastel Tutup[/url]

    Week 38 (October 3, 2020) - Barbecue Shrimp
    Doodmann SilverWind BigPointyTeeth

    Barbecue shrimp (or BBQ shrimp) is a classic New Orleans dish. Contrary to initial expectations, it is not grilled, nor is it covered in barbecue sauce; it is pan-fried shrimp in a buttery/creamy peppery/spiced sauce, supposedly named such because of the brick-red colour of the shrimp after it is prepared.

    This dish was supposedly devised in the 1950s when Pascale of Pascale's Manale Restaurant attempted to replicate something a patron had enjoyed in Chicago, but made something different and better instead (barbeque sauce only came into mass production in the 1970s, which explains the naming issue). The restaurant, founded in 1913, is still in operation and is still serving barbecue shrimp.

    Cook your shrimp with shells and heads on if you can, and with some French bread for dipping. Here are some suggested recipes:

    Heads on, butter lots! (Recipe from one of the restaurants famous for BBQ shrimp)
    Mr. B's Bistro's New Orleans Barbequed Shrimp

    I want the recipe from one of the longtime chefs of Pascale's Manale / I do not want to cook shrimp with their heads on
    Mark DeFelice's barbecue shrimp

    I want... BAM
    Emeril Lagasse's BBQ Shrimp"

    I still have access to a grill and I really was picturing grilled shrimp when you said barbecque
    Damn Delicious' Grilled Garlic Butter Shrimp (And [url="
    "]a stovetop version[/url])

    Week 39 (October 10, 2020) - Apple Pie/Cobbler/Crumble/Baked Thing
    BigPointyTeeth Doodmann lonelyahava milski SilverWind

    Ah, what heralds autumn days more than an apple pie fresh from the oven? (Really though, let it cool and set first before consuming. :P) Apple pies date back to 14th century England, with the first known written recipe readable here.

    Apple pies can have lattice, whole crust, or crumble tops; they can be served with cheese or ice cream. Moreover, there's more than one way to bake an apple treat! I've included several suggestions down below:

    I want a classic apple pie recipe
    Serious Eats/BraveTart's Easy, Old-Fashioned Apple Pie

    Pie, but I'm not into that crust top nonsense.
    Sally's Baking Addiction's Apple Crumble Pie

    A pie is too complex, give me a cobbler
    A Cozy Kitchen's Easy Apple Cobbler

    SilverWind, I cannot eat a whole-ass pie even if pies taste delicious refrigerated
    Food Wishes/Chef John's Apple Hand Pies (includes video)

    Simpler, simpler please
    The Chunky Chef's Old Fashioned Easy Apple Crisp or if you aren't fond of oats, Well and Tasty's Best Ever Apple Crumble

    Like, just stick an apple with a few ingredients in the oven
    Simply Recipes' Baked Apples

    Week 40 (October 24, 2020) - Ackee and Saltfish
    Doodmann Jedoc SilverWind

    Ackee and saltfish is the national dish of Jamaica. Saltfish refers to salted cod, which was an inexpensive protein source. Ackee is a fruit, likely brought to the Carribean by enslaved people. Fresh ackee is actually banned in the US, as unripened fruit contains the toxins hypoglycin A and hypoglycin B. The ackee opens when ripe, and becomes safe to harvest. In most countries, you'll have to obtain your ackee canned/brined, or frozen.

    Ackee and saltfish is traditionally served for breakfast, alongside breadfruit, dumplings, or fried plantain. Here are some suggested recipes:

    I want a classic ackee and saltfish recipe
    Amazing Ackee's Ackee and Saltfish

    Classic, but with bacon! (Also, some suggestions on how to sub saltfish with regular cod)
    Immaculate Bites' jamaican Ackee and Saltfish

    I want to make some bammy (cassava flatbread) along with my ackee and saltfish
    Tasty's Ackee and Saltfish with Bammy

    I want a vegan alternative to saltfish
    Jessica in the Kitchen's Vegan Ackee and Saltfish

    Week 41 (October 31, 2020) - Pumpkin Soup
    Bucketman Doodmann SilverWind Xaquin

    There isn't a lot written about pumpkin soup, though it is eaten in several countries across the world. Squash and pumpkin soups are a staple in African cuisine, sometimes spiced, and often resembling a thicker stew, served with rice. It, in the form of Soup Joumou, is traditionally eaten on New Year's to celebrate Haitian independence. Also, early American colonists had a pumpkin "pie" which more resembled a savory soup served in a pumpkin shell rather than a custard in a pastry crust.

    Oh, and if you have played the Legend of Zelda games, you'll know that someone on their team just loves the heck out of pumpkin soup, which makes an appearance in Skyward Sword, Breath of the Wild (stew), Wind Waker (or at least, Grandma's Soup is orange with some thyme-like herbs on top), and perhaps most importantly, Twilight Princess, where you end up fetching ingredients in stages for Yeto and his ailing wife Yeta.

    Here are some suggested recipes:

    I want a basic pumpkin soup
    Recipe Tin Eats' Classic Pumpkin Soup

    I am a Zelda nerd and would like to make Yeto's soup
    You're in luck, this has been done a ton online!
    Simple Soup: (actually, there's no pumpkins involved; the first phase is just a basic fish soup, which you could make from fish stock such as from Epicurious' recipe, or follow The Mediterranean Dish's Easy Salmon Soup
    Nintendo's official pumpkin and cheese soup, made to celebrate the release of Twilight Princess HD
    Superb Soup: I made this last year, and it was so good that I made it again for this year. My recipe is as follows (omit the goat cheese for the "Good Soup" version, but if you're going so far to do this... might as well go the whole nine yards, the goat cheese really is a great addition!)
    3 small / 1 medium sugar/pie pumpkins, about 5-6 pounds total
    4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
    kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
    18 whole stems thyme, plus 1 tablespoon picked thyme leaves
    6 tablespoons (3/4 stick) butter
    4 yellow onions, finely sliced
    6 carrots, finely sliced
    4 stalks celery, finely sliced
    8 garlic cloves, minced
    2 large russet potatoes, finely diced
    3 quarts salmon fish stock (such as from the Epicurious recipe above)
    6 bay leaves
    450g goat cheese, crumbled
    3 tablespoons maple syrup
    1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
    1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
    1 dash cayenne powder
    kosher salt and white pepper, to taste
    1/2 cup full fat milk or heavy cream (optional)
    pan-fried crispy salmon and/or crusty bread (to serve beside)

    1. Adjust oven rack to lower-middle position and preheat oven to 375°F.

    2. Split pumpkins in half with a heavy chef's knife or cleaver. Scoop out the seeds and discard or save for another use.

    3. Rub pumpkins on all surfaces with oil and season with salt and pepper. Place 2 sprigs thyme inside each, then place pumpkins cut-side-down on a foil-lined rimmed baking sheet.

    4. Place in oven and roast until completely tender, flipping halfway through cooking, 1 to 1 1/2 hours total. Remove from oven and let rest until cool enough to handle.

    5. Melt butter in a large pot over medium-high heat. Add onion, carrots, celery, and garlic and cook, stirring frequently, until softened but not browned, about 4 minutes.

    6. Add stock, bay leaves, and remaining thyme stems and bring to a simmer.

    7. Using a large spoon, scoop flesh out of pumpkin and add it to the pot. Discard stem and skins.

    8. Let simmer for 15 minutes longer, then remove bay leaves and thyme stems and discard.

    9. Remove from heat and add in goat cheese, stirring until melted in.

    10. Season soup with maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cayenne powder, kosher salt, and white pepper.

    11. Puree soup in a blender in batches until completely smooth, straining through a fine mesh strainer to catch any particles or fibers.

    12. Add milk, cream, or water to thin soup if desired.

    13. Serve beside pan-fried salmon and/or crusty bread.

    I would like to try Haitain Soup Joumou
    Savory Thoughts' Soup Joumou

    And an African pumpkin soup?
    Kadirecipes' Liberian Pumpkin Soup

    Week 42 (November 7, 2020) - Moussaka
    Doodmann Jedoc lonelyahava SilverWind

    The most commonly known version of moussaka is a 1920s Greek recipe by a French-trained chef named Nikolaos Tselementes. Layers of eggplant and ground meat are topped with béchamel sauce or custard. Zucchini, potatoes, and mushrooms are sometimes added in as well.

    The name moussaka derives from Greek mousakás, which originates from Arabic musaqqa‘a, literally "that which is fed liquid". In Turkey, Egypt, and the Levant, the eggplant is usually immersed in tomatoes or tomato sauce.

    Here are some recommended recipes:

    I want an eggplant-prominent moussaka dish
    RecipeTinEats' Moussaka

    I want some zucchini with my eggplant!
    Akis Petretzikis' Authentic Greek Moussaka includes video

    I would like a vegetarian moussaka
    The Mediterranean Dish's Vegetarian Moussaka

    How's about some of that Middle Eastern moussaka?
    Cookin With Mima's Maghmour (Lebanese Moussaka)

    Week 43 (November 14, 2020) - Cassoulet

    Originating in southern France, cassoulets are a slow-cooked casserole involving meat (usually pork sausages with goose, duck, or mutton) and white beans. The name derives from the earthenware pot that it is traditionally cooked in, which is extra wide on the top to create a large amount of crust.

    In US restaurants, the term cassoulet is often used for any bean-based casserole. In France, the process of preparing a cassoulet can traditionally take days (!!!) as it is cooked, cooled, then cooked, and cooled again, around three times.

    I want to go all-in and prepare a cassoulet over a series of four days
    WOW you're bold. Ann Mah from the Kitchn's Traditional French Cassoulet

    I'd still like to use duck but not have it take days of cooking please
    Chef John's Cassoulet

    I want a shortcut version with chicken thighs
    Boulder Locavore's Shortcut French Cassoulet

    Vegetarian version, please!
    Smitten Kitchen's Vegetarian Cassoulet

    Screw traditional methods, gimme a pressure cooker/instant pot recipe!
    Tasting Table's Instant Pot Cassoulet

    Week 44 (November 21, 2020) - Avgolemono Soup
    Bucketman Doodmann Jedoc lolo SilverWind

    Avgolemono (egg lemon) is a soup and sauce of egg and lemon juice mixed with broth, heated until thickened. The name is Greek and it is considered a Greek dish, but may have derived from the Iberian Jewish agristada, which was made with acidic fruit juices and eggs.

    Starch such as rice, orzo, pasta or tapioca are cooked in broth before the egg/lemon mixture is added. How thick the mixture ends up, and whether you include egg whites at all, is up to personal taste and apparently varies greatly amongst households.

    I want to make my own chicken soup, and make the avgolemono with whole eggs
    Chef John's Totally Epic Avgolemono Soup - Includes Video

    I want to make my own chicken soup, and make the avgolemono with just egg yolks
    Dimitra's Dishes' Greek Chicken Avgolemono Soup - Includes Video

    I want a quick avgolemono soup with premade stock/broth
    The Mediterranean Dish's Avgolemono Soup - Includes Video

    I want to make fish soup with avgolemono (this is called psarosoupa!)
    The Hungry Bites' Psarosoupa

    Week 45 (December 5, 2020) - Javaher Polow (Jewelled Rice)

    Once a specialty dish mainly eaten at court and by wealthy individuals, rice became a major branch of Iranian cuisine by the end of the 16th century. One of the primary methods of preparing rice is parboiling, draining, and then returning it to the pot to be steamed. This results in fluffy, unsticky rice with distinct grains. If served plain, the rice is called chelow; if mixed with other ingredients, it is called polow. Either way, it can be served with a layer of golden crust created at the bottom of the pot and then flipped over, called tadig. Javaher polow, or jewelled rice, is one of the more complex dishes, involving the mixing in of candied orange peels, slivered almonds, pistachios, barberries, and more; it is often served at weddings and holidays.

    I want to make some javaher polow with barberries, pistachios, and chicken on the side
    My Dastarkhwan's Iranian Barberry Rice with Chicken (video, recipe in description)

    I want to make some javaher polow with candied citrus zest, carrots, pistachios, and raisins
    Persian Mama's shirin (sweet) polo

    I want javaher polow with a ton of mix-ins and also some of that tahdig
    Najmieh Batmanglij's Persian Jeweled Rice with Golden Crust (1/3 of the way down the page, includes video)

    Gimme something simpler and also some of that crispy golden rice crust
    The Mediterranean Dish's Tahdig Recipe

    Just the tahdig!
    Henry's HowTo's Persian Rice Tahdig (Video)

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  • SilverWindSilverWind Registered User regular
    Butter chicken recipes are up! Again, I feel like Indian food is like one major cuisine I have virtually no experience with, so if you have alternative recommended recipes, please suggest them here. Also milski I found a good veg recipe that included the use of jackfruit; if that's hard to find, you're right, tofu (and I think cauliflower?) are two other common substitutions. The main recipes I could find reccing those two ingredients were vegan though

    Regarding eating insects... Wyborn is very pro eating bugs so I have sampled some, and it was pretty cool. He has also gone to a very pricey tasting menu (which I was all for, but not at the price point provided. But... I'm not ready to have that be a week's theme yet. :lol:

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  • DoodmannDoodmann Registered User regular
    edited August 2020
    I am NOT going to make the Matty Matherson version, because I'm pretty sure I used that recipe for our curry week.

    It's a very good recipe.

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  • lonelyahavalonelyahava Call me Ahava ~~She/Her~~ Move to New ZealandRegistered User regular
    I finally got around to making Challah!

  • SilverWindSilverWind Registered User regular
    Delicious! I should totally add raisins (and cinnamon) next time

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  • DoodmannDoodmann Registered User regular
    edited August 2020
    Butter Chicken!


    So rich!
    I used coconut oil instead of ghee and it seemed to work pretty similarly.
    Next time I would add some veggies to fill out the sauce.
    Also home made naan is worth the time bc it's very quick.

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  • PinfeldorfPinfeldorf Yeah ZestRegistered User regular
    Usually when I make a curry or butter chicken, I do peas and carrots in the rice, and then the curry gravy with the chicken on top of the rice. You could also do corn if that's your thing, it adds a really nice texture.

  • JedocJedoc In the scuppers with the staggers and jagsRegistered User regular
    Doodmann wrote: »
    Butter Chicken!


    So rich!
    I used coconut oil instead of ghee and it seemed to work pretty similarly.
    Next time I would add some veggies to fill out the sauce.
    Also home made naan is worth the time bc it's very quick.

    What naan recipe do you use? I still haven't settled on one.

  • DoodmannDoodmann Registered User regular
    I just googled home made naan, I don't even remember which one I used :razz:

    Whippy wrote: »
    nope nope nope nope abort abort talk about anime
    Sometimes I sell my stuff on Ebay
  • lonelyahavalonelyahava Call me Ahava ~~She/Her~~ Move to New ZealandRegistered User regular
    i have sent hubby out for the necessary ingredients.

    I am probably not going to get fenugreek, as that would be a different store and we want to avoid too much extra exposure at the moment.

  • lonelyahavalonelyahava Call me Ahava ~~She/Her~~ Move to New ZealandRegistered User regular
    The Cafe Delites recipe is currently marinating in the fridge. With help from miss four.

    I'm excited. We only added in an eighth tsp chili powder cause we are week and I want her to try it.

  • lonelyahavalonelyahava Call me Ahava ~~She/Her~~ Move to New ZealandRegistered User regular

    Turns out, I don't actually have ground coriander. I thought I did, but I do not. I added tarragon leaves in as a change. I didn't notice them.

    My sauce split though. It was still good! Hubby even went for seconds. Which usually only happens with soup!

    Will definitely be trying this again. Will probably use less evaporated milk next time.

  • JedocJedoc In the scuppers with the staggers and jagsRegistered User regular
    I went with the Serious Eats recipe, but using the substitutions for pre-ground spices for everything but the fenugreek leaves.


    It turned out really tasty! Milder than the chicken tikka I made for curry week, but with a more complex blend of flavors. And the broiled chicken turned out just perfect, and is my new go-to method for making chicken for curry.

    I got started a little late and ended up too tired to mess with rice, but I think it would really help distribute the sauce, so I'll make some tonight. For some reason it didn't turn out as colorful as most recipes I've seen. I'd probably add some paprika to the sauce if I was making it for company.

    Oh, and the naan was also the Serious Eats recipe, cooked in a hot cast iron instead of a grill.

  • JedocJedoc In the scuppers with the staggers and jagsRegistered User regular
    Had the leftovers with rice, and I realized why this brand new curry tasted so comforting. The spice blend is spookily similar to the German sausages we made for the annual pancake supper fundraiser for the volunteer fire department when I was growing up.

    Can it be true? Can it be that my Texas German clan by way of Mennonite-inflected rural New Mexico has been currying sausages this whole time? That's crazy. You're crazy, why would you say that?

  • SilverWindSilverWind Registered User regular

    I feel like I could've added more milk to water it down. I also could have used a mesh to filter out the chunks? Tastes great, though! I added maybe a smidge too much ginger :lol:

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  • PinfeldorfPinfeldorf Yeah ZestRegistered User regular
    What is "too much ginger"?

  • JedocJedoc In the scuppers with the staggers and jagsRegistered User regular
    Three or more of the Weasleys in one room.

  • lonelyahavalonelyahava Call me Ahava ~~She/Her~~ Move to New ZealandRegistered User regular
    That looks very close to what down here is called "Indian style butter chicken"

  • SilverWindSilverWind Registered User regular
    Pinfeldorf wrote: »
    What is "too much ginger"?

    About 4x the amount called for! :P

    Though I agree 4x the amount of garlic listed in the recipe is just What You Do

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    sarukunDoodmannBucketmanMr Fuzzbutt
  • SilverWindSilverWind Registered User regular
    Pho recipes are up. I may attempt a time-heavy recipe since much of that is just overnight simmering

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  • lonelyahavalonelyahava Call me Ahava ~~She/Her~~ Move to New ZealandRegistered User regular

    This one sounds like a good one for this week

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