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    DrovekDrovek Registered User regular
    3clipse wrote: »
    Realktalk though, this actually does give AMD a window to say "hey, check out our schmancy new cards - we have super strong bot protections!" and try and scoop up some people who are all horned up for a new GPU. This is something I think they genuinely could capitalize on even though Big Navi almost certainly can't compete in terms of raw hardware.

    That also needs them to allocate enough resources to have enough cards to make a dent on demand. I would understand it if they're more focused on satisfying demand for the consoles first.

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    GnomeTankGnomeTank What the what? Portland, OregonRegistered User regular
    Sagroth wrote: »
    Oh c'mon FyreWulff, no one's gonna pay to visit Uranus.
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    jungleroomxjungleroomx It's never too many graves, it's always not enough shovels Registered User regular
    jdarksun wrote: »
    jdarksun wrote: »
    I notice on various sites (Best Buy, for one) 3080s are starting to pile up 1 star reviews now from people angry they couldn't nab one...
    I think the GN video where he talks about people having an almost unhealthily angry reaction to not being able to get a piece of consumer hardware is on point.

    It's a video card. The bot scalpers didn't just jack supplies of insulin.
    Didn't GN also hype up the 3080?
    If by "its a pretty good product and mostly lives up to the claims" you mean hype up, sure.
    I'm saying that participating in the hype machine then turning around with "y u mad bro?" is a shitty look.

    Specifically where did they participate in the hype machine?

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    SpoitSpoit *twitch twitch* Registered User regular
    Nvidia's using freaking digital river for their store. I don't think they're sending their best

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