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“Hello class. I’m afraid Professor Aruntev is unavailable today.”

The substitute gave a little wave. He was a short man, and had an outsized bunch of folders protruding out from under his arm.

“I’m Professor Cerrekk.”

A few hands shot up into the air.

“Yes, the student at the front. With the optic implant. I’m sorry, I wasn’t told your names.”

“Ezaela Griggs,” said the student at the front with the optic implant. “And aren’t you an applied psionics teacher?”

“I am indeed, but I minored in Psionic History.” Cerrekk patted the folders. “And, more pertinently, your Professor provided me with his lesson plan. So he’s teaching in spirit.”

A few laughs. Cerrekk privately gave himself a checkmark.

Cerrekk glanced at the board on the wall. The display showed a selection of major dates and events, but they were all far more contemporary than he’d been expecting. “You’ve been covering the Arcadian Revelation period, am I right?”

Murmurs of assent.

“I see you touched on the post-Conglomerate purges, but Professor Aruntev didn’t explain just how far you’d gone into the End Cult war.”

More hands. A forest of them, this time. Cerrekk selected the closest.

“Was Arcadia part of the End Cult war?” the student asked.

“Was Arcadia…?” Cerrekk frowned.. “Has Aruntev not covered the Vursoun-Arcadian front?”

Shaking heads. Shrugging shoulders.

“The Zealot? The Duel of the Waystation? The First Disciples?”

Blank faces.

Cerrekk very carefully flipped through the folders. Then he placed them all to one side. With a little beep, they went into sleep mode.

“Alright,” he said. “Indulge me. We’re going to skip the Revelation today and have a crash course in the prior era.”

Cerrekk waved a hand. The board behind him went blank.

“We’re going to learn about the people of Arcadia, and the people of Vursuon, because fifty years ago they saved the galaxy.”



Phallakinetic was supposed to be a standalone sci-fi psionic-themed battle phalla. That lasted about half a game, and then it got rolled into the Exigency universe. Don't know what that is? Then just picture psions and stompy robots and you're halfway there.

Prelude to Phallakinetic
Phallakinetic: The New Renegade
Phallakinetic Armageddon
Phallakinetic IV
Phallakinetic Finale

Nightly actions

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This is a faction game. There is a mafia, but there are also factions.

The core factions are the people of the planet Vursoun and the people of the planet Arcadia.

And yes, although this is technically a prequel, I'm not going to be so obsessive about "canon" that the End Cult aren't allowed to win.


Earlier Phallakinetics had %-success rate seers: seers in this prequel have a power value, similar to how attacks have a damage listed. If a seer ability's power meets or beats the current Life count of a target, they're fully seered: the role's name and all their faction tags are revealed to the seer. On failure, only "minor" tags are revealed.

Note: if multiple seers target the same role, their seer strengths stack! This applies even if the seers in question aren't necessarily allies: they'll still get to co-operate, insofar as all of them will benefit from the combined seer value. Seering values don't interact with Resistance or Armour: only current Life matters.

Action Order

Vote kill > Bolster power (bonus temporary Life) > Abilities > Attacks > Special attacks > Healing (including special interactions with Cure and Repair)

It might help to think of attacks and abilities as being performed in a "casting stage" and then actually happening in a separate "resolution stage". For example, even though healing happens last, a healer who uses their healing ability and is attacked and killed will still perform that ability. Likewise guards will guard even if they end up dead at the end of the night.

The exception to this is the vote kill: if you're voted out, you're dead at the start of the night and you don't get to do anything. The vote is sacrosanct, cannot be redirected or resisted, and RNG serves in the case of a tie. If you attack or use your ability on a player who dies to the vote, they're just extra dead: the vote does not trickle down.

The vote kill can always be trusted. If someone dies to the vote, they are exactly what the narration makes them out to be.

There are some tough roles in this game. The vote doesn't care. If you vote Cthulhu out, he's getting kicked out the pub like the asshole lush that he is. Pay your tab you deadbeat


Every night you must !vote for someone to be killed off. Vote close is 12am BST/7pm EDT/4pm PDT: and no matter how long it takes me to post a narration and nightly results, orders made after this time will not be counted.

As it seems to be the current trend, the game is paused on the weekend.

Attacks and Abilities

Unless otherwise stated, you may make one attack on a night OR use one ability. If you have multiple abilities, you can pick between them, but you can still only use one.

Minimum damage

If you make an attack, or if you're using a targeted ability with some kind of damage component, the target will lose at least 1 Life, even if their Armour or Resistance values would say otherwise. This functions as a kind of chip damage, representing grazes and glancing blows. The exception to this is any role with the Resilience passive, which negates this minimum damage.

Damage types

Normal: Regular physical damage. If a damage type isn’t specified, it’s Normal damage.

Psi: Psi damage attacks the mind. Armour is bypassed unless the role is a Cyborg, and a Mech would prove entirely immune.

Ion: An energy attack that’s particularly effective versus machine enemies, dealing double damage to Mechs and +50% damage to Cyborgs (rounding down).

Special: A damage type that bypasses Resistance and Armour, although redirects/obstructions work as normal. Special damage hits last in the action order.


Life is a role's survivability: call it health, hitpoints, whatever you're used to. If a role hits 0 Life, they're dead.

Armour is a per-attack damage reduction, applied before challenging Resistance. Armour does not apply against Psi damage unless the target is a Cyborg.

Attack is the damage a role deals when they make an attack with their nightly action.

Sample Abilities

Active abilities are targeted on a role, whereas passive abilities are automatic and function as described. Sometimes a powerful passive ability might apply a status effect to an attack target or an attacker.

A few roles might have traits: these are absolutes, and are statements of fact that cannot be suppressed, bypassed, or otherwise ignored.

Bolster [Active]: Increases the target's maximum and current Life by the given value, but only for the night. Bolster's bonus is applied at the very start of the action order... unless the user is Roleblocked.

Daze [Active]: Disables the target's passive abilities.

Roleblock [Active]: Disables the target's active abilities.

Weaken [Active]: The target's attack power is cut in half (round down) and becomes non-lethal: it cannot bring a role below 1 Life, unless that role was already at 1 Life at the time of the attack.

Nullify [Active]: A very powerful effect that functions as a Daze, Roleblock, and Weaken rolled into one.

Guard [Active]: A guard ability comes in many varieties, usually increasing the Armour or Resistance of a target.

Obstruct [Active]: You take the target's place for the purpose of all hostile abilities, which is considered to include seering attempts. Note that some versions of Obstruct might function differently.

Intercept [Active]: You force the target to target you with their nightly action, whether it's an attack or ability. Intercept will fail against the user of an Obstruct power, but will apply on the target of an Obstruct power as normal. Note that some versions of Intercept might function differently.

Alertness [Passive]: Stealth abilities are less effective against a role with Alertness, and sometimes they're negated entirely. Incoming attacks with the Stealth trait are considered Weakened: this includes abilities with a damaging component.

Resistance [Passive]: If the total attack power directed at a role is less than their Resistance value, the incoming attacks are considered Weakened: they deal half damage, and cannot deal lethal damage (the role cannot be brought below 1 Life). But if the total attack power is equal to or greater than the role's Resistance, the damage is resolved as normal.

Resilience [Passive]: You ignore minimum damage. If an attack is Weakened, either because a status effect was applied to your attacker or because your Resistance threshold was not met, it deals no damage to you at all. Some Resilience aspects might effect one damage type but not others.

It's The Prequel, So Less Happens

I'm old and feeble now, my head hurts when I look at numbers, and I don't have any patience. You can send two order PMs in the night: i.e., you are entitled to change your mind once. The exception to this is @HeavyVillain, who is only allowed to send me one order PM, and if he sends a second I will laugh at him

Let's Be Upfront

Some roles in this game have multiple lives. Some roles in this game have evolving win conditions.

If a role would have multiple lives but gets vote-killed, whoops, they're out of the game regardless.


The default objective is to eradicate the End Cult. Some factions have alternative or additional win conditions. Some roles can win in death, others must survive until the end.

When the End Cult is defeated, or when the End Cult outnumbers the Village, the game ends for EVERYONE.

This game will run with around 30 players, but can be adjusted for a little more or less. Once full it will start with at least 48hrs notice, possibly more.

!Sign-up in this thread if you so wish. Chat in this thread if you so wish. And above all, ping anyone you think might be interested


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