[Phalla]ctica: Day Nine: A Measure of Salvation (Cylon Victory)



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    TehSpectre wrote: »
    I can't believe you bastards made me reveal as a vig on day 1.


    Karma for the SG nonsense.

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    I would still like to know what the Cylon ressurection ability was.

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    MacGuffin wrote: »
    I would still like to know what the Cylon ressurection ability was.

    Yeah, I'm curious about that as well.

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    Seriously, who got me?

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    Sorry for not having posted everything yet; all of my files are on another computer that is currently inaccessible. However, here's the basics.

    Insurgency Roles

    Insurgent - 'vanilla' role.

    Phallica Resistance Fighter - gave an additional bonus in battle. Originally would resist interrogation more easily; but most of that mechanic was scrapped and only applied to people with special roles (vig and so forth).

    Vigilante - Zellpher (odd day) and TehSpectre (even day). The vig role. (Dur.)

    Well-Connected - Goose! The seer role.

    Doctor - FreeAgent. The guardian role.

    Insurgent Leader

    The Insurgent Leader had the following abilities. (If the Insurgent Leader was killed or imprisoned, these would fall to the second in command.)

    Suicide Bomber - ask someone through Ares of Kobol to be a suicide bomber. If they accepted, the suicide bomber could choose one target. Another target would be RNG'd.

    Hide Weapons - stores weapons with two players, willingly or not. Each unfound weapon cache granted a bonus to the resistance in battle.

    Inspire - every other day, the insurgent leader could pick one person to grant a one use special ability of some sort. On the list were things such as a seer, a guard, a vigilante kill, a bus driver, a role blocker, and so forth. The last spot on the list was 'roll twice'.

    Determined - the insurgent leader would stand a greater chance of not revealing their role should they be imprisoned.

    Cylon Forces

    New Phallica Police - the 'vanilla' bad guy.

    Cylons - for each day they remained dead, a Cylon had a 5% chance to return to the game (5% first day, 10% second, etc). While they would almost definitely be voted out the next day, this would give their side more time to kill off villagers and so forth.

    The Cylon Forces had the following abilities:

    Kills - two per day.

    Imprison - choose three people each day to throw in a New Phallican Jail; roleblock. They would be able to arrange one prison accident and learn the primary role of the other imprisoned peopel (insurgent or Phallica Resistance Fighter) with a chance to learn the secondary role (doctor and so on).

    Search for Weapons - choose two people to search for weapons. If found, the target would be instantly killed and weapons confiscated.

    Enforce Curfew - every other night, the cylons could enforce a curfew up to two hours before normal close time. If the ability went unused it would be stored for another night.

    Executions - the cylons could pick four people to put on a death list. This, however, would prompt a fight the next day. (Had the game gone on long enough without executions being used, fighting would still have broken out when the Phallactica arrived.)

    The battles generally took place as follows: the cylons had a certain number of targets to protect, with particular drawbacks to losing each. Battles were a points game; the greater offense/defense would win/lose the target. For numbers:


    1 point for each insurgency member fighting to take a location.
    1 point for each unfound weapon cache, assignable wherever.
    1.5 points for each Phallica Resistance Fighter fighting to take a location.

    -1 point for each police force member 'fighting' to take a location. Double for Cylons.


    1 point for each New Phallica Police member defending a location.
    2 points for each Cylon defending a location.

    When Cylon numbers dropped enough, they gained a number of Centurions to assist in defending a location, each worth half a point.

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