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Son of BeyonderSon of Beyonder From BeyondBeyondRegistered User regular
edited November 2006 in Graphic Violence
This is the comprehensive voting thread for Matches A and B

You are to vote for the order you predict the competitors will finish in. Points will be given to each competitor based upon your placement. Alongside each selection you make, give a reason. All votes that are posted without an explanation of why you chose that person will not be counted. The explanation does not have to be long, or detailed. For example, you could write 1 – Dr. Strange: he is pretty much powerful as fuck.

Each first place vote is worth four points. Each second place vote is worth two points. A third place vote is worth one point. And a last place vote costs that competitor one point. I will be watching the votes against very carefully.

Please use only the name given in the official tournament thread. I don’t care if you want to call Green Arrow by his first name elsewhere, I need you to refer to him by the name given here, to make voting go faster. I won’t disqualify your votes for this, but please show me the courtesy. I will, however, disqualify your votes for the following reasons:

*Putting the matches out of order – There are only two matches here. It shouldn’t be difficult
*Not fully filling out a match – If you only vote for two people in a match, I won’t count your votes. Make a decision.
*Voting with an alt, or voting twice (Note: accidental double posts are exempt from this rule as long as you edit the votes out of any duplicate)
*Posting any discussion before voting is closed. If you made changes to your votes, PM me.

THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD. I need this thread to be votes only, to make it easier to tally votes. Discussion of the battles is to remain in their respective threads, and discussion of these rules can take place in the Tournament Central thread.

All votes that are placed more than twenty-four hours after this post will NOT be counted.

All posts should be in this format:


Any alts that are discovered voting in this competition will be barred from voting in the future, and their votes will be eliminated. Any posts that do not follow the format above will be ignored. Any person that chooses to post anything other than their vote in this thread will have their votes discounted in this thread.

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  • FencingsaxFencingsax It is difficult to get a man to understand, when his salary depends upon his not understanding GNU Terry PratchettRegistered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A
    1- Superman. Pretty much self explanatory. He's goddam Superman
    2- Magneto. Magic lightning is still lightning, plus he will take away Bigby's sword and create a bunch of flechettes to stick into Marv's face
    3- Captain Marvel Can't really use lightning this match, so that's a weakness
    4 Bigby- Simply outclassed

    Fight B
    1- Invisible Woman No one can find her, she kicks ass. The crystals wouldn't really be all that effective against Sue's fields, because they are mental constructs.
    2- ShadowCat Is good at surprising people, has ninja skills, can't be hit by Blink's Crystals
    3- Spider-Man Spidey sense can help dodge Blink's Crystals, and can web her up good. Also, Symbiote
    4- Blink While she would be a formidable foe, and could give Spidey a run for his money, I don't think She'll be able to knock anyone out.

    Fencingsax on
  • DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator, Administrator admin
    edited November 2006
    Fight A:

    1) Superman: I know Captain Marvel's in this. I still think Supes can take him.
    2) Captain Marvel: And it's not like it matters, Cap and Supe can easily take down the other two
    3) Bigby Wolf - Just because he gets hit second
    4) Magneto - Look, he may be a badass, but Superman could rip him in half. Or melt his face. Not that he will, but he doesn't need to.

    Fight B:

    1) Invisible Woman: Stealth fighting is the key to her victory here
    2) Shadowcat: Because phasing isn't just for avoiding attacks.
    3) Spider-Man: Falls victim to a fire-breathing dragon
    4) Blink: But not before Spidey gets a few good swings at Blink

    DJ Eebs on
  • Adaemus1sfAdaemus1sf Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A:
    1. Captain Marvel- Just that little edge over Superman that being magic brings.
    2. Superman- No one else has a chance in this fight.
    3. Bigby Wolf- He's the guy they finish off after they deal with Magneto. The afterthought, you might say.
    4. Magneto- A slightly bigger threat than Bigby, so Supes and Cap take him first.

    Fight B:
    1. Invisible Woman- Too many advantages in this fight.
    2. Shadowcat- Her ability to phase means she's near impossible to take out quickly, and Lockheed and ninja training let her go after people while they can't hurt her.
    3. Blink- Has a chance against the top two, unlike..
    4. Spider-Man- Can't hit the others in this fight, and someone's going to get a shot on him sooner or later.

    Adaemus1sf on
  • ScooterScooter Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A:

    1. Captain Marvel: Magic advantage over Superman, and tough against the Vorpal Sword.
    2. Superman: Almost as good as Marvel.
    3. Magneto: Can easily handle Bigby.
    4. Bigby: Can't handle anyone.

    Fight B:
    1. Invisible Woman: In a higher power level than anyone else here.
    2. Blink: Has beat Hyperion, I don't think Kitty has anything comparable on her resume.
    3. Shadowcat: A very close third.
    4. Spider-Man: Just too hard for him to hit anyone else.

    Scooter on
  • The Lovely BastardThe Lovely Bastard Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A

    1. Captain Marvel: Superman + Magic = Win
    2. Superman: Superman - Magic = Second place
    3. Magneto: Will hand Bigby his ass, then meet a fist in his face.
    4. Bigby: Giant Assfuck werewolf + wind powers won't help you here, sorry duder.

    Fight B

    1. Invisible Woman: Most powerful person here, can either fuck you over with forcefields or just not be seen.
    2. Blink: She can fuck up Hyperion, she can make some headway with this group.
    3. Shadowcat - Phasing is useful, but not useful enough.
    4. Spider-Man - Way to ruin a chick fight. Also, can't really hit anyone.

    The Lovely Bastard on
  • Kuribo's ShoeKuribo's Shoe Kuribo's Stocking North PoleRegistered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A:

    1. Superman - Yeah, he's Superman.
    2. Captain Marvel - Less experienced than Supes. Still very dangerous.
    3. Bigby - Superman can blow harder than you. Take that any way you like.
    4. Magneto -OH METAL LOOK WOW.

    Fight B:

    1. Invisible Woman - Very powerful and scary with the bubbles and the forcefields and the hurting.
    2. Spider-Man - I think you guys are underestimating spidey a lot here. He's not retarded, and he's taken on lots more powerful guys than these.
    3. Shadowcat - no offensive capability that isn't lethal.
    4. Blink - Teleporting is not a big deal. It's not. I don't care how creative you are.

    Kuribo's Shoe on
  • RiqaRiqa Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A

    1: SUPERMAN (Superman.)
    2: MAGNETO (Strong and experienced enough to take out Marvel but not enough for Superman.)
    3: CAPTAIN MARVEL (Lacks experience.)
    4: BIGBY WOLF (Outclassed.)

    Fight B

    1: INVISIBLE WOMAN (One of Marvels most powerfull.)
    2: BLINK (Need someone to kill Superman.)
    3: SHADOWCAT (Three of my favoirte Marvel females, one has to lose.)
    4: SPIDER-MAN (Not likely to win given his opponents.)

    Riqa on
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  • Spectre-xSpectre-x Rating: AWESOME YESRegistered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A:

    1- Captain Marvel: Has a slight edge over Superman due to his magical nature and apparently greater speed.
    2- Superman: Yes, see, there's not a god damned thing anyone but Captain Marvel can do to him in this match.
    3- Magneto: Boooo. Horrendously outclassed here.
    4- Bigby Wolf: Outclassed even more.

    Fight B:

    1- Invisible Woman: She is really good and powerful and you can't really hit what you can't see.
    2- Shadowcat: Makes it through only by virtue of being untouchable.
    3- Spider-Man: He has fought lots of people who teleport or throw shit at him, and he won those times. I fail to see why Blink should be any different here.
    4- Blink: I'm pretty sure Spidey's spider-sense is capable of detecting teleporters, and even if it weren't, she is very loud.

    Spectre-x on
  • bAm-BaMbAm-BaM Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A:
    1. Superman - Man o' Steel. Has experience and uber powers. Putting him over Marvel for two reasons: a) I predict most people will put Marvel first, b) I've never seen an iteration where Marvel actually beat Superman in a fight; the superiority of their respective powers is debatable.
    2. Captain Marvel - Man o' gigantic penis and multiple gods. Again, it's really a tossup between Marvel and Supes for first.
    3. Magneto - Could fuck up Bigby, has no chance against either of the other two. Magneto getting a beatdown by the man of steel oh the irony
    4. Bigby - The power gap is over nine thousand.

    Fight B:
    1. Sue - Easily the most powerful in this fight.
    2. Shadowcat - As much as I hate the "hide until the dust settles" tactic when you actually have powers, it'll work to her advantage in this fight.
    3. Spiderman - He took the Spot out. I guess that's like Blink. Fine, the whole "Sue alliance" thing, his uncanny ability to beatdown people thousands of times tougher than him, etc.
    4. Blink - Technically not outclassed, but there's not a whole lot she can do here.

    bAm-BaM on
  • laughterkillsmelaughterkillsme Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A:

    1) Magneto: Sword in the Car ends either cap or supes.
    2) Captain Marvel: Shazam!
    3) Superman: DC needs to stop using his powers as a swiss army knife of deus ex machina and define what he can do.
    4) Bigby: No dice.

    Fight B:

    1) Invisible Woman: No contest.
    2) Spider-man: I'll give it to him just cuz .. he has slim to none chance but enough people vote blink/shadowcat by cup size that I have no shame.
    3) Shadowcat: need to define how well she can control her body, what she "has trouble" phasing through etc.
    4) Blink: I haven't seen her teleport a person's head off ... sorry guys.

    laughterkillsme on
  • Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver You don't have to attend every argument you are invited to. Philosophy: Stoicism. Politics: Democratic SocialistRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A:

    1) Magneto: It's a toss up between Marvel and Mags because the other two go down quickly, so I'm going with the one I think will be most likely to kill the other two.
    2) Captain Marvel: See above.
    3) Bigby: Hey look, silver.
    4) Superman: "Charles, anything you can tell me about my opposition? Mmmhmmm. Kryptonite, thanks."

    Fight B:

    1) Spider-man: Can outmanuever any of the others, will team up with Sue, and is the only one who can take out shadowcat.
    2) Shadowcat: Counters Invis. Woman.
    3) Invisible Woman: Teams up with Spider-man due to their past, but shadowcat's powers are the perfect counter here.
    4) Blink: Between two targets she can't hit and one she can't find, this bitch is fucked.

    Munkus Beaver on
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  • StonedYoda47StonedYoda47 Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A:

    1) Superman: He's Superman. Except for Cap no one in this fight has a chance in hell of stopping him. Don't give me that Vorpal sword jive, or how a guy who can bend spoons has enough strength or ability to take out Sups. Mags is strong, but nothing compared to Superman.
    2) Captain Marvel: Not that I really want to have two Supermen in the next round, but it's just too much for the others in this round.
    3) Bigby Wolf - As Geebs said, "Just because he gets hit second" (Don't wanna use quotes tags so as not to piss off Beyonder).
    4) Magneto - Both Cap and Superman will see him as the biggest threat. Either way, he's boned (lololo). I'm glad his powers let him survive in space. How's the weather up there anyway?

    Fight B:

    1) Invisible Woman: Again, just outclasses the rest here. She goes invisible, no one will find her. Eventually Blink and Shadowcat will have to materialize, and pop goes a force field in the brain. Or the eyes. Yeah, that's the ticket.
    2) Shadowcat: It's tough between her and Blink. I'm just giving her the slight, slight edge.
    3) Spider-Man: Witty humor has no place in this battle.
    4) Blink: I just see her being the first one taken out.

    StonedYoda47 on
  • CharmyCharmy Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A

    1) Captain Marvel: Brings the lightning down. A stronger version of Superman, really.
    2) Superman: Really, him and Marvel just outclass the other two so greatly it's sad.
    3) Magneto: He gets third because he can do the most interesting things with his powers. At least he can hit the other two, even if it won't do anything.
    4) Bigby: Really doesn't have a shot here.

    Fight B

    1) Invisible Woman: If she goes invisible, the only one who really has a shot at finding her is Spider-Man, and she can take them all out pretty easily. Win.
    2) Spider-Man: I wasn't sure on this one, but for me it comes down to the fact he has the agility and spider-sense to dodge Blink's teleportation bolts.
    3) Blink: Yes, I know she hit Hyperion with the bolts. But spider-sense works (depending on the writer, it seems) as a sort of precognition, so Spidey has the ability to move out of the way before they get thrown. Bink can't see Sue to hit her, either.
    4) Shadowcat: Really, she's not mobile enough. Her opponents are, respectively, invisible, a teleporter, and a webslinger. She can't take them out because she can't touch them.

    Charmy on
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  • BogartBogart Streetwise Hercules Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited November 2006
    Fight A

    1) Captain Marvel: Like Superman, but with magic.
    2) Superman: Like Marvel, but even more boring.
    3) Magneto: Immensely powerful, but outclassed by the uber-dullards above.
    4) Bigby: New fur coat for Mags.

    Fight B

    1) Invisible Woman: Versatile, powerful and can get help from the smartest man in the world.
    2) Shadowcat: As with Sue, pretty much unfindable to anyone but a telepath.
    3) Spider-Man: Up against two people he can't see or reach.
    4) Blink: The other three seem tailor-made to avoid her powers.

    Bogart on
  • VapidVapid Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A:

    1) Captain Marvel: Resistant to magic unlike Superman
    2) Magneto: Hidden Vorpal Sword, or Vorpal Sword in back, or maybe vorpal sword from underneath the ground and master manipulator allows him to best Superman
    3) Superman:Let me patronize you by slowly walking towards you as you pretend to cower in- oh shit vorpal sword cut off my head.
    4) Bigby: Poor, Poor Bigby.

    Vapid on
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  • SlagmireSlagmire Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A
    1 - Magneto: Solid defenses plus flying silver and vorpal sword thanks to Bigby.
    2 - Captain Marvel: SHAZAM BITCHES! That and the lightning he's bound to use on Magneto is gonna get absorbed.
    3 - Superman: How's the bronze taste?
    4 - Bigby Wolf: As impressive his powers are, he's just simply outclassed by the other three and helps out Magneto with bringing his sword.

    Fight B

    1 - Sue Storm: Interesting fight. I would say if she goes invisible and lets the others fight it out, she can just wait it out and plow down the winner of the brawl between the other three.
    2 - Blink: Spider-sense doesn't make him impossible to hit and with her teleportation abilities plus fighting prowess I think gives her an edge (plus she's not against killing - it's not like she really knows the other three).
    3 - Spider-Man: Surprise! The only reason I see him getting bronze here is because of...
    4 - Shadowcat: She can't phase through an open portal, in fact, if Blink uses her powers the right way, Kitty can really get F'ed up right away.

    Slagmire on
  • MarathonMarathon Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A
    1) Captain Marvel: Strongest in this fight.
    2) Superman: Edged out slightly by Marvel
    3) Magneto: Only way he advances is if Marvel decides to take on Supes first.
    4) Bigby: Sorry friend, you had a good run.

    Fight B
    1) Shadowcat: Can't be touched by any of these fighters, much better fighting skills than the Invisible Woman.
    2) Spider-Man: Biggest threat to him is Invisible woman. Other than that he is much stronger and more agile than all of these fighters.
    3) Invisible Woman: Strong offensive and defensive. But weak if anyone can pinpoint where she is.
    4) Blink: Teleporting is cool and all, but not quite good enough to take this round.

    Marathon on
  • FuruFuru Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A

    1) Captain Marvel - Superman with slightly better powers and resistence to magic. Plus who doesn't love a little kid that transforms into a godlike being?
    2) Superman - He's fucking Superman. I don't care how stupid and dull the posters here think he is, he's not retarded enough to get hit by a sword he's already dodged several times and by this point knows it's mystical.
    3) Magneto - Not enough to take out the top two but more than enough for Bigby.
    4) Bigby - I'm impressed he's even still here.

    Fight B

    1) Invisible Woman - No one in this fight has the offensive ability to touch her. She can turtle her way to victory.
    2) Shadowcat - The same as Sue, but significantly less effective. Still, more than enough to dodge Blink's darts and Spidey's fists o' fury.
    3) Blink - isn't going to let Spidey touch her, leading to...
    4) Spider-Man - God it pains me to put him here... But logically, Spidey comes in last. D: May God have mercy on my soul.

    Furu on
  • lwt1973lwt1973 King of Thieves SyndicationRegistered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A:

    1) Captain Marvel: Strongest, Fastest, and Magical.
    2) Superman: Stronger, Faster, and non-Magical so should be able to take out the other two.
    3) Magneto: Will be able to take out Bigby but the other two will defeat him.
    4) Bigby: It was a good run but it ends now.

    Fight B:

    1) Invisible Woman: Invisible and with force fields that can kill you.
    2) Shadowcat: Phasing will get you a second place finish here.
    3) Spider-Man: Spider-Sense will help in this one but the top two have more power to stop him from beating them.
    4) Blink: IW is invisible, Shadowcat will phase, Spidey will know and dodge. Good-bye.

    lwt1973 on
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  • Regina FongRegina Fong Allons-y, Alonso Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    1) Magneto - I see nothing which prevents both Supes *and* Captain Supes from getting snickety-snacked

    2) Supes - Less gay than Shazam

    3) Shazam - see above

    4) Bigby - Seriously outclassed here, Magneto thanks him for his contribution to his victory.

    1) Invisible Woman - She's the big gun here

    2) Shadowcat - Ninja skillz make her nearly as stealthy as Sue

    3) Spider-Man - For some reason I thought Shade was in this fight... But I still put Spidey in 3rd. He's not gonna get hit with a teleport crystal, and Kitty will avoid him. Sue can take him out easily though (but gently, since they're friends).

    4) Blink - Your time is done, little teleporter

    Regina Fong on
  • DouglasDangerDouglasDanger PennsylvaniaRegistered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A:

    1- Captain Marvel: Pretty much Superman's equal, maybe a little faster. Also, his magic nature gives him an edge over Superman.
    2- Superman: Magneto and Bigby are not even close to being able to hurt him.
    3- Magneto: Could maybe beat--
    4- Bigby Wolf: Super-wolf-creature with wind control. Not enough.

    Fight B:

    1- Invisible Woman: Experienced, amazing powers. Stealth powerhouse.
    2- Shadowcat: If she can remain untangible, she gets second.
    3- Spider-Man: Has fought the throw crap at you crowd many, many times and won.
    4- Blink: A fan fav, but she is outclassed.

    DouglasDanger on
  • wwtMaskwwtMask Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A
    1. Superman - Can anything really stop this guy?
    2. Captain Marvel - It's a toss up between him and Superman. I give Superman the edge for no particular reason.
    3. Magneto - Even with Bigby's sword and his magnetic hoodoo, he just can't hold out against Marvel or Superman.
    4. Bigby Wolf - If he'd been in the other fight, he'd have had a chance. Here, he's badly outclassed.

    Fight B
    1. Invisible Woman - Finishes #1, but not easily. The combined efforts of Blink and Kitty test the limits of her abilities.
    2. Blink - Her teleportation combined with her daggers gives Sue a run for her money. Also, she beat Hyperion. Twice. No way she's outclassed here.
    3. Shadowcat - It's a close call, but I think Sue takes her out first, having more familiarity with her powers than with Blink's.
    4. Spider-Man - He's fought bigger, faster, and stronger people, but at least then he could actually touch them.

    wwtMask on
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  • SpaceDrakeSpaceDrake Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    FIGHT A:
    1) Captain Marvel - Comes out on top because he's the one around to eventually get through Magneto's defenses. See below.
    2) Magneto - Dammit, I still say he does something to the metal concentration inherent in the biology of the other competitors to slow them down a bit. He fucks with people's biology all the time; not even Marvel or Supes are immune to having their bloodflow disrupted. He takes out Supes (see below), and can withstand the lightning bolts indefinitely but eventually Marvel pounds through while Mags is bringing the sword back around.
    3) Superman - so Mags fucks with the blood in his brain, Supes isn't fighting at top shape. A FLOOD of metal comes towards him, and somewere in all that - schnik. You can't dodge it if you can't see it until it's too late to react.
    4) Bigby Wolf - "Hey, where'd my sword go? Well, I'll use my wind to OSHI - "

    FIGHT B:
    1) Invisible Woman - just too much turtle for anyone to finally take her down before she messes up their junk.
    2) Blink - can POSSIBLY teleport the field away, and can be more evasive than Kitty.
    3) Shadowcat - looking through the recent Astonishing, she may actually be able to get through the field. Problem is, she HAS to make her hand tangible in order to hit Sue, and as soon as that happens, Sue just, like, expands a field inside her hand or something. Kitty doesn't have epic pain resistance; once her concentration is broken and she goes tangible because her concentration is broken, *splort*. Similar problem against Blink - the instant she goes tangible to hit her, she could have body parts teleported off.
    4) Spider-man - If he doesn't get this head exploded by a woman he can't see or his body torn apart by powers he can't really dodge even with forewarning, he gets Lockheed'd. And that isn't even factoring in any suit weaknesses. Peter, I love ya babe, but you just don't have the oomph here.

    EDIT: Edit'd for proper names.

    SpaceDrake on
  • NinjaSquirrelNinjaSquirrel Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Match A
    1. Captain Marvel - Superman minus the weakness to magic and kryptonite, also possibly slightly faster.
    2. Superman - Only weaknesses can only be exploited by Captain Marvel. Can destroy the other two contestants before they can do anything.
    3. Magneto - Can at least easily take out Bigby but after that he's done.
    4. Bigby - Poor wolf doesn't stand a chance. Nowhere near fast enough or strong enough to even HIT any of the other 3 contestants much less hurt them enough to remove them from the tournament.

    Match B
    1. Blink - Took out Hyperion twice. Could take out anyone either directly or by indirectly teleporting a large area where they might be out of the field. Also only one with a real chance of taking out Superman or Captain Marvel later on....
    2. Invisible Woman - Can hide real well and can take out most of the other competitors.
    3. Spiderman - Can avoid Shadowcat well enough the other two not so much.
    4. Shadowcat - As soon as she makes any part tangible she'll get hit and knocked out. Not gonna pass with just staying intagible the whole time, hellsa cheap move.

    NinjaSquirrel on
  • Bad KarmaBad Karma Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Scooter wrote:
    Fight A:

    1. Captain Marvel: Magic advantage over Superman, and tough against the Vorpal Sword.
    2. Superman: Almost as good as Marvel.
    3. Magneto: Can easily handle Bigby.
    4. Bigby: Can't handle anyone.

    Fight B:
    1. Invisible Woman: In a higher power level than anyone else here.
    2. Blink: Has beat Hyperion, I don't think Kitty has anything comparable on her resume.
    3. Shadowcat: A very close third.
    4. Spider-Man: Just too hard for him to hit anyone else.

    Man Im fucking lazy. Thanks Scoot.

    Bad Karma on
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  • CircularCircular Registered User regular
    edited November 2006

    1. Captain Marvel (If this isn't to boil down to "Superman is Superman, so he wins," it'll be because there is someone who's very much like Superman but magical.)
    2. Superman (In the end, Superman is Superman. Unbelievable power matched with gumption, "it," whatever you want to call it.)
    3. Magneto (Stupefyingly powerful. The only reason he's this low is because he's up against two opponents who are very stupefyingly powerful.)
    4. Bigby Wolf (Not stupefyingly powerful, and therefore not a contender here--magic or no.)


    1. Invisible Woman (Powers give her both great defense and a powerful offense. Too strong to beat.)
    2. Spider-Man (Flexible, generally useful powers matched with an imaginative mind and, again, gumption. Outgunned, but not outclassed.)
    3. Shadowcat (If she's not going to turtle through the whole match then I think she loses. One-on-one stand-up fights against headliners are not her strong suit.)
    4. Blink (Useful powers, but everyone else has useful powers, too. The relative rookie will make a mistake before anyone else.)

    Circular on
  • Kshah777Kshah777 Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    1. Superman. Gets an edge over Marvel just barely.
    2. Captain Marvel. Shazam, destroys the vorpal sword with magic of his own.
    3. Magneto. Powerful, but not powerful enough. Also using an opponents special item is unclassy.
    4. Bigby Wolf. Just won't cut it here.

    1. Invisible Woman. She has the offensive AND defensive skills FTW.
    2. Blink. Impressive powers, can move fast enough to stay out of trouble. Holds her own here.
    3. Shadowcat. Got the defensive powers, but not enough to fight back against these other opponents.
    4. Spider-man. Sorry Pete, you can go home to Mary Jane now.

    Kshah777 on
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  • deadonthestreetdeadonthestreet Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A:

    1. Captain Marvel: Magic Superman,
    2. Superman: Is super
    3. Magneto: Xorneto would do better
    4. Bigby: Is a wolf

    Fight B:
    1. Blink: Is purple. Advisors will give her a great advantage here. She'll know how to beat everyone and have a plan in place. She's fought and beat tougher people than this.
    2. Invisible Woman: Can't find her can't hit her
    3. Shadowcat. She'll get tired before Blink does
    4. Spider-Man: Iron Spidey may have won here. Black Suit Spidey doesn't stand a chance

    deadonthestreet on
  • spidahspidah Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A:
    1. Captain Marvel: We need at least one Super-Clone to advance. Not because I like them. Just 'cuz. And no one can really hurt this guy.
    2. Magneto: Magical Metal Vorpal Sword Attack!
    3. Superman: Because dodging a guy running at you with a sword is easier than dodging a levitating sword that could come from any direction.
    4. Bigsby: is screwed

    Fight B:
    1. Invisible Woman: Unless she inadvertantly wanders into a Blink Portal, she can incapacitate anyone here.
    2. Spider-Man: I figure he'll be able to dodge everything pretty well until Invisible Woman traps him in a bubble
    3. Shadowcat: I don't really see her being effective here.
    4. Blink: I see her getting KO'ed by someone; she and Spidey are the only two who can really get punched in the face here, and she doesn't have Spider-Sense or the proportionate agility of a spider.

    spidah on
  • manaleak34manaleak34 Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A
    1. Superman: Everytime I've seen Supes and Marvel duke it out Superman ends up the winner.
    2. Magneto: While it would be difficult I could see him taking out Marvel or Bigsby
    3. Captain Marvel: Awesome and stuff but lots of ways you could beat him.
    4. Bigsby: Well at least you made me want to read fables.

    Fight B
    1. Invisible Woman: Takes this fight easily
    2. Shadowcat: Pasing is an effective offensive power. Nothing like crushing a person's heart
    3. Blink: Is cool and all but more a support fighter
    4. Spiderman: I love ya spidey but I just don't think you got much of a chance.

    manaleak34 on
  • ReatheranReatheran Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A
    1: Captain Marvel (Really powerful, made of magic.)
    2: Superman (Really powerful.)
    3: Magneto (Up against two guys who can crush him faster than he can think.)
    4: Bigby Wolf (Just plain fucked.)

    Fight B
    1: Blink (Powerful, maneuverable, and capible of doing a huge number of really destructive things. Plus, Hyperion.)
    2: Invisible Woman (A heavy hitter and difficult to find, but once Blink does find her she's straight out.)
    3: Shadowcat (Really hard to hit, but Blink could port her out, and she couldn't really hurt anybody this round except Spidey.)
    4: Spider-man (He's not going to be hitting these people.)

    Reatheran on
  • TehChowdTehChowd Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A
    1) Captain Marvel (Just like Superman, only magical, which happens to be one of the things supes is vulernable to)
    2) Superman (King Cock of all the King Cocks. Too bad he's not magical. . .)
    3) Magneto (has no way of hurting Supes or Marvel)
    4) Bigby Wolf (Hurr Hurr giant wolf)

    Fight B)
    1. Blink (Super-experienced, has beaten loads of tougher foes, like Hyperion)
    2. Shadowcat (The choice between her and Sue I find ridiculous do to their powers. It's a coin flip in my book, but I'm going with Kitty.)
    3. Invisible Woman (Very powerful, but not as crafty or cold-blooded as either Kitty or Blink.)
    4. Spider-man (His Spider-sense is a plus, but he's up against 3 ridiculously powered people. Not much hope here.)

    TehChowd on
  • Mai-KeroMai-Kero Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight A
    1 - Captain Marvel: Earth's mightiest mortal. He can take anyone else in the fight.
    2 - Superman: Almost as good as Captain Marvel.
    3 - Bigby Wolf: Son of the god of wind, wind is not magnetic, magneto loses.
    4 - Magneto: Alternative scenario: "I'm conce- OH GOD WHERE DID THAT WOLF COME FROM MY NECK IS TORN IN HALF"

    Fight B
    1 - Shadowcat: Can't be hurt by anyone in the fight, is a ninja, has a pet dragon, can phase through anything and ambush people.
    2 - Sue Storm: MIND BULLETS
    3 - Blink: Awesome but she can't beat shadowcat or the invisible woman.
    4 - Spider-man: Doesn't have anything that can hurt sue or kitty, and is slower than Blink, sooo.

    Mai-Kero on
  • Psychotic OnePsychotic One The Lord of No Pants Parts UnknownRegistered User regular
    edited November 2006
    I withdrawl from fight A as Marvel and Supes wont lose no matter what

    Fight B :
    1 Shadowcat - Phases into the floor and ambushes with out being scene. Can't teleport or field against someone you have no idea where she is
    2 Sue - Blinks stone's can't penetrate the field gets dragged down to her waist by Kitty who knocks her out
    3 Blink gets KO'ed by Sue who traps her with a field and slams her into the ground
    4 Spider man - Blinked out of the battle but doesn't mind cause he saw under Blink's panties!

    Psychotic One on
  • Son of BeyonderSon of Beyonder From Beyond BeyondRegistered User regular
    edited November 2006


    Son of Beyonder on
  • Son of BeyonderSon of Beyonder From Beyond BeyondRegistered User regular
    edited November 2006
    MATCH 3A
    CAPTAIN MARVEL ---- 96
    SUPERMAN ---------- 73
    MAGNETO ----------- 53
    BIGBY WOLF -------- -19
    MATCH 3B
    SHADOWCAT --------- 46
    BLINK ------------- 25
    SPIDER-MAN -------- 8


    Son of Beyonder on
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