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Good Taste Disaster Playlist '09

Penguin IncarnatePenguin Incarnate King of KafiristanRegistered User regular
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So I left town for two days and when I came back, California was on fire.

Here's the view from where I'm posting:

-I am not on fire.
-It kind of smells like Christmas.
-Falling ash is the closest thing to snow around these parts.
-Since no one, to the best of my knowledge has died, I can make fun of Australia.
-The streets are completely deserted.
-Since I'm no longer in high school, I don't have to go to a school directly beneath the fires.

-Since I'm no longer in high school, my classes aren't getting cancelled.
-It is completely wrecking the weather.
-My allergies are going haywire.
-So long as the outside smells like a chain smoker got shoved into an oven, it's no fun to go anywhere or do anything.
-I guess people losing their homes is something of a bummer.

Yesterday it was 109 degrees in the shade in addition to the fire. But that's not what I'm here for

I want you to help me assemble a playlist in incredibly good taste in tribute to the victims of whatever the hell the news is going to call this fire.

I'll start.
David Bowie-- Cat People (Putting out the Fire)

Electric Six-- High Voltage

God speed.

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