[SWTOR] I have been granted Emergency Powers. [Mark Spoilers]



  • CormacCormac Registered User regular
    I think they're patching the problem with Taral 5.

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  • CadeCade Eppur si muove.Registered User regular
    Randomly when I signed in tonight it gave me a pink screen, heard the music, just everything was pink, nothing else.

  • NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in Action North CarolinaRegistered User regular
    Same thing happened to me. Had to alt-tab and close the program and restart it, then it worked fine.

  • BearrorristBearrorrist Registered User regular
    edited January 2013
    As of tonight, mine likes to hang on load screens.

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  • DivideByZeroDivideByZero Social Justice Blackguard Registered User regular
    Last night running Battle of Ilum, one guy DC'd during a cutscene, and immediately after that I BSOD'd. That's never happened on this PC before. Random CTDs, sure, especially at the end of Esseles/Black Talon, but never a blue screen.

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