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[TERA] Now with 'Tera Rewards' to celebrate spending money. Page 29



  • Pixelated PixiePixelated Pixie Cupcake Sorceress Registered User regular
    I haven't been able to get this game to run in months. Just crashes on startup. Figured I'd try again now using the gameforge client and I just get "The game is currently unavailable to you."

    Guess it doesn't want me to play it.

    did you migrate your account?

    Yep, a while back.

  • Pixelated PixiePixelated Pixie Cupcake Sorceress Registered User regular
    Trying to contact support is turning into a hilarious cycle of login issues that finally culminate in this


  • Pixelated PixiePixelated Pixie Cupcake Sorceress Registered User regular
    Triple post ftw!

    All sorted. I nuked everything last night and reinstalled the steam version overnight. Can log in and play through Steam now.

    Note that Steam has created a whole new Tera store/download page and the old one is dead.. which also resets "time played" to 0 hours, alas :(

  • JaysonFourJaysonFour Classy Monster Kitteh Registered User regular
    I'm having to do the same thing. The GF client right now is just such a clusterfuck (even when you want to delete the installed game itself, you're forced to open the GF client and update it all the way to the most recent version of Tera BEFORE the game lets you delete it). It is, quite literally, not worth it. Stick with Steam for now- and yes, you can link your GF account to your Steam version, thank anything.

  • NosfNosf Registered User regular
    edited May 3
    Played for the first time in ... probably a year last night. I'd had an overflow bank for years, I just ignored it and so did the game. Anyways, I started to hover all the stuff I had and... the vast majority of it was deprecated. Like. They deprecated the entire crafting system at some point. I went from 6 thousand gold to 100k in 15 minutes selling 4 bank tabs of materials that I barely remember. They basically streamlined the game out of the game. Anyways, I played my Elin wizard person for a bit, just chasing the story down. Could barely remember any systems. Transmog appears to be... a nightmare now. IDK, my Tera return should run its course in a few days.

    When I was about to play, I lucked into reading a comment to uninstall the steam version, then reinstall the ... new steam version, so it was just a little wait for 55gb to DL.

    Nosf on
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