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There's something in the sea

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So Bioshock 2 is coming out later this year. No specific dates have been given but the holiday season is a good bet. Bioshock got lots of acclaim for its setting, that of a failed under-water utopia called Rapture which was engineered by a man named Andrew Ryan. Order was kept by Big Daddies, contructs that walked the halls of Rapture, ensuring order (even long after all order had been lost). There were also Little Sisters, whose job it was to harvest Adam, a substance created to enhance the life of residents of Rapture.

Flash forward 10 years, to the time of Bioshock 2. Andrew Ryan is gone, Rapture empty. However! More and more reports of little girls of a certain age being kidnapped from coastal towns are emerging, these kidnappings being accompanied with mysterious red lights!

In Bioshock 2 you play the first Big Daddy ever created, presumably gone rogue. Your main enemy is the Big Sister, a Little Sister from the first game who has become the new owner of Rapture. As a Big Daddy, you can learn to dual-wield plasmids or weapons, and the Big Daddy's signature shoulder slam and drill are also available to use!

Anyways enough of my shitty description! Look at this gameplay video!


If you haven't played the first one, would you kindly do so?

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