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Remember, Remember the Sixth of November [2012 Presidential Election Thread]

AManFromEarthAManFromEarth Their ideas are old and their ideas are bad.The King in the SwampRegistered User regular
edited August 2012 in Debate and/or Discourse

Yes it's that time of August again.

We have Massachusetts Moderate Mitt Romney, defender of the little man

versus Kenyan Socialist Barack Obama, seen here communicating with the beast:

The Only Polling That Actually Matters

And guaranteed that at least once a day something will happen that makes you go

Recent developments:

Mitt Romney selects Paul Ryan, House Budget Committee Chair, as his running mate, announcing this from a Navy yard to showcase both men's years of experience with foreign policy and the military.

Barack Obama claims that small business owners didn't build the infrastructure they rely on to get their shop going, the media forgets how grammar works.

Joe Biden, great vice president or greatest vice president?



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