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Unofficial Forum Stylesheet - Ye Olde Style

SurikoSuriko AustraliaRegistered User regular

What this is:
A stylesheet is a way of arranging the presentation elements of a website. This is most commonly accomplished through CSS, which is a basic scripting language which stores information on how each element on a site should look. Any website's stylesheet can be overridden by the end-user, if they have the appropriate browser and/or addons. Ye Olde Style is one such custom style, which overrides many elements of the design of the new forum and replaces its aesthetic with one fairly close to that of the old Penny Arcade forums before the switch from vBB to Vanilla.

How you can use it:
I don't know how they're applied for Internet Explorer users, but Chrome can use them by itself (although not always perfectly). Typically, they're used through Firefox with the Stylus addon, and this is what the development is based around. Once you have Stylus installed, simply go to the style's page on, and click "Install Style". It's that easy. You should have a little S icon at the top right of the screen, and by right-clicking that, you can enable and disable the style.

Is it kept up to date:
Yes. I browse Penny Arcade daily and use this style all the time, so any brokenness will annoy me. That's good reason for me to keep things updated as the forum grows and changes. If anything looks broken or just 'off', say so in the thread and I'll have a look into it. Updates can be installed either through the Stylish section in the Firefox Addons menu, or by going to the userstyles page and clicking update.

Latest version:
- Fixed code tags again.
- Title tags generated on the fly are now colored orange.

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