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Richard Attenborough dies at the age of 90

GlyphGlyph Registered User regular





  • _J__J_ Pedant Registered User, __BANNED USERS regular

  • CantidoCantido Registered User regular
    I like both him and his brother. This is sad.

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  • TraceTrace GNU Terry Pratchett; GNU Gus; GNU Carrie Fisher; GNU Adam We Registered User regular


  • davidsdurionsdavidsdurions Your Trusty Meatshield Panhandle NebraskaRegistered User regular
    Ah another sad loss.


  • MuddypawsMuddypaws Registered User regular
    He and his brother are (were?) national treasures. Such a shame. The last of the luvvy generation.

  • BogartBogart Streetwise Hercules Fighting The Rising Odds Registered User, Moderator mod
    He was a bloody fine actor. Twinkly and loveable old men were what he did later but he could do heartless murdering bastards with real skill, as anyone who's seen Brighton Rock or 10, Rillington Place can support. And oh yes he was a pretty good director with tiny unambitious stuff like Gandhi and A Bridge Too Far and Oh What A Lovely War and Shadowlands.

    I'll probably always remember him as Big X, though.

  • Captain TragedyCaptain Tragedy Registered User regular
    edited August 2014

    I was meaning to The Great Escape a rewatch after James Garner died, but never got around to. Now I really want to get on that.

    Captain Tragedy on
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