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[Pbp] -13th Age - Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil Chapter 1. - The Moathouse



  • ArdentArdent Registered User regular
    discrider wrote: »
    Tox wrote: »
    So I thought I was gonna be able to get this done tonight buuut I'm still trying to get weekend stuff done so you can just roll on if you need to otherwise I'll have it up tomorrow AM
    Incoming third bard :P
    Traveling band game mode activate.

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  • astrobstrdastrobstrd So full of mercy... Registered User regular
    Hey guys, I meant to have something up tonight, but I'm at the ER with my son (he bit his tongue on a fall really hard). I'll make post tomorrow. If that gives @Tox enough time, that works for me.

  • astrobstrdastrobstrd So full of mercy... Registered User regular
    @Grunt's Ghosts - Also, give yourself one incremental advance and roll relationship dice.
    Stepharial, the Elf Queen has sent word to you. In exchange for obscuring your whereabouts from Imperial forces, she wishes you to look into a matter that her scouts reported to her. An ex-priest of Lolth, Garen, has been spotted lurking about the remnants of an Orc King-razed village near Forge. If you are able to figure out his new plans and report back to any of her agents, she will pass along word of your redemptive deeds. If further action is required, such as dealing with a potential new master, your future action could go a long way towards securing more aid in this matter from the Court of Stars.

    You tracked Garen to a grand temple to Pelor and managed to monitor the actions of his goblin and gnoll allies for a few days, taking shelter in the nearby dormitories which offered copious hiding places. He seemed to be preparing for some sort of skirmish and left one night as a fierce blizzard began to howl through the empty halls of your lonely outpost. You heard a few skirmishes that night from the temple and prepared to leave once the weather permitted to report the results, for good or ill. At daybreak, 8 new figures: a dwarf, 2 half-orcs, a gnome, and 5 humans emerge from the temple.

    @everyone else
    I'll have more here later tonight or tomorrow, but Fultur still has one relationship die (Archmage - Complicated) available. You guys won your fight and saved the villagers, but lost Van and Sabeiha to the dark elf wizard's grunts and summoned shades. Flavor to come later.

  • astrobstrdastrobstrd So full of mercy... Registered User regular
    Sorry for the delay everyone. My son hasn't been able to sleep well since he bit his tongue (luckily, no stitches needed), and I do my writing at night. I'll try to post later tonight since I don't have work tomorrow.

  • astrobstrdastrobstrd So full of mercy... Registered User regular
    Garen spilled his life out on to the ground. Sabeiha had been vanquished taking out his flunkies and Van had drawn off the shades so the rest of you could free the villagers and tackle the dark wizard with the upper hand; the heroic half-elf's body lay desiccated in the center of the Cathedral, hollowed out by the wicked magic of the dark spectres.

    "Fools," the dark elf spat with his final breaths, "As long as there is the all-seeing eye, you all can never hide. My brothers and sisters will hunt you and restore glory to the Temple. The Temple will rise once more...All Praise..." Garen trails off as his eyes roll back into his head. Geralt spits on the ground, "Some daft blighters ne'er know when they're good 'n beat."

    As Vaja and Caldon consecrate the dead, a cursory examination of the bodies yields a curious clasp from the cloak of the mage.
    Magic Item
    Clasp of Stolen Vigor

    +1 to all defenses, occupies "cloak" slot.

    Once per battle, gain an additional +1 to one defense and lower one enemy you can see's corresponding defense by 1 until your next end of turn.

    Quirk: Will go out of the way to make itself look good at another person's expense.

    Vaja peeks out the door and states, "Whelp, looks like that big storm blew over and Roy's still in one piece. That's one lucky pony..."

  • ArdentArdent Registered User regular
    "Imagin' s'why us stout folk're never much fer th'religion o' t'all," Fultur says, then glances at Vaja. "No offense 'tended, yer grace. S'my mind t' it s'all."
    Do you want someone who knows magical hee-haws to identify it, or is that something Vaja did?

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  • astrobstrdastrobstrd So full of mercy... Registered User regular
    In general I'm going to save arcane checks for stuff like dungeon features, artifacts, or IDing a spell effect. No point in keeping an item away that will just be ID'd at some point anyway. Feel free to incorporate explaining its properties as fluff however. Also the clasp's ability is a quick action.

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    edited December 2015
    "Did we..", Maldras's voice catches a little as his throat struggles to catch up with the night so far, "Mhm. Did we figure out why that fiend cursed our wagons?
    It sounded like that avalanche was his doing, although looking at him now I doubt it paid off as he wanted."

    Noticing the dead, he adds "Granted our victory was at steep price."
    Geth roll 1d20k11 for Song of Heroes

    Song of Heroes:
    1d20k11 2 [1d20k11=[2]]

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  • ArdentArdent Registered User regular
    Fultur grunts at Maldras, pulling his pipe free from somewhere on his person. His pipeweed pouch appears next and the pipe is filled. Fultur considers it for a moment and adds one more pinch. He pulls the pipe up to his mouth and snaps his fingers, igniting the pipe with a small burst of flame.

    The dwarf takes a long draw, exhaling and releasing a reasonable facsimile of a horse-drawn wagon.

    "Aye, good soldiers dyin' o'er naught. S'nough ta make a man dour," he rumbles before taking another draw on the pipe. This time the smoke takes the shape of a longsword. It's hard to tell if Fultur is skilled at smoke shapes or if he's employing magic to get the effect.

    He gestures to Vaya and accepts the clasp she had found earlier, giving it a fairly thorough inspection as he puffs away at his pipe.

    "S'warded fer defense, human-make. Could'a been Horizon, can' tell though. Isn' any maker's mark. Looks t'be a minor curse worked in, sim'lar pattern ta the enchanmen'. Captured in a command circuit," he concludes, offering the clasp to Maldras, returning to his pipe.

    Steam ID | Origin ID: ArdentX | Uplay ID: theardent | Ardent#11476
  • CapfalconCapfalcon Tunnel Snakes Rule Capital WastelandRegistered User regular
    Golnar rears back and pull his axe from where his last strike embedded it in stone floor, sending small globs of ooze flying. The now motionless shadows dissolves before they even hit the ground. He looks on his two fallen comrades and gives both of them a nod of respect. They had fought well, and they were moving on to the next part of the natural cycle. Still, there was the living to worry about, so no point in wasting time on the dead. They were long gone, anyway.

    Hefting his oversized axe onto his shoulder, he says, "At least the weather has let up. I suppose whatever his reasons, they don't matter much now. If we're going to try and talk this out, let's at least get on the road so we aren't wasting time."

  • astrobstrdastrobstrd So full of mercy... Registered User regular
    edited December 2015
    Stepping out into the sunlight, you mull over the sequence of events that brought you here. Someone connected to this derelict cult has reason to fear you. The most likely courses of action are either to bring this situation to one or more icons, or to move on your own and tackle the threat head-on. Common knowledge ties the sleepy town of Hommlet to the destruction of the prior temple, but only people with great knowledge or some connection to the events know if there are other locations tied to the cult.

    Geralt lights his pipe and motions towards where the avalanche took down your caravan. "Aye can lead ye lot to the road on game paths...easier to keep outta the sights o' beasties, then Aye'll take me leave. Aye only ask ye to keep an eye on the rest til they can stay safe. Even that lunkhead, Anfus..." The half-orc actually chuckles, "You starting to go soft in senility, old man?"

    astrobstrd on
  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    edited January 2016
    Maldras shrugs and takes the offered clasp. Might be worth something, and at the very least it looks good on his cloak.

    "I still feel like we're missing something here..
    This town's nigh dead, and the basement's full of them besides. Why would these wretches bunk down here, let alone defend it against intruding strangers?

    Maldras sighs, as the exhaustion of the battle washes over him.

    "I'm tired, cold and probably overthinking things. Lets get back on the road. The sooner we get to a warm bed the better."

    A memory flits back into view.
    astrobstrd wrote: »
    The trunk contains two ochre robes, a holy symbol with the Elder Elemental Eye sigil, two daggers, and 55 GP in assorted coins. It also contains two adventurer-tier healing potions (Standard Action: Use a recovery and regain an additional 1d8 hp) and two +1 Runes (Standard Action: Weapon, Implement, or Armor receives a +1 bonus for 1 battle or 5 minutes. Roll for an additional effect on use.)

    On the desk, you find this note:


    Your procurement of a Temple of Pelor has been noted. It seems that the faith of my masters was not entirely misplaced. Keep your life and soul dedicated to The Elder Elemental Eye and guard your new outpost well. If opportunity arises, seek out more homesteads abandoned by Queen Oonkva and the Empire, but take great care not to risk discovery - our plans are too important to be derailed by curious authorities. They shall fall soon enough...

    We have a new task for you. Our masters have seen visions of a danger to the cause and fate has sent that danger on a path near to you. On the night of a great storm at the end of this month, when the moon is fattest, keep watch for travelers through your domain. These travelers could slow our plans. Slay all that do not bow to The Eye by any means necessary. Take care to do it in one fell swoop, if these travelers present a minor threat to our masters, then they are clearly a major threat to you as well. May I suggest using the storm to your advantage? Report back when all is taken care of with a messenger crow.

    Praise the Eye,


    "Ugh, now I remember. These dretches wished to keep this abandoned temple for their own purposes.
    Perhaps we should seek out somewhere with a similar temple in case they move against another?

    discrider on
    Steam Community page:
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  • astrobstrdastrobstrd So full of mercy... Registered User regular
    @Grunt's Ghosts
    It seems to you, based on deductive reasoning, that this group has killed your mark. They are battle weary and Garen did not emerge with them. You also heard sounds in the night over the storm that rang of combat. The Elf Queen will be interested in this news and likely interested in whoever defeated the former servant of her hated foe, Lolth.

  • Grunt's GhostsGrunt's Ghosts Registered User regular
    Krassis watches the group come from the temple and tries to hide to hear them. But the young violinist isn't a season adventurer and it isn't long before she has no choice but to reveal herself and speak with them. She makes her way to the group, hands out clear enough to show she isn't wielding any weapon and says to them, "I am no threat to you. I seek information on the one they call Garen. Would I be correct in assuming you have killed him and his forces?"

  • astrobstrdastrobstrd So full of mercy... Registered User regular
    Since it seems like this has died again, would anyone be interested in another game? I'm thinking about re-launching with a homebrew. I'm likely going to post a new recruitment thread in the next few days.

  • Grunt's GhostsGrunt's Ghosts Registered User regular
    Always down for some 13th Age! Besides, I got a Monk/Elemental Druid who I am so desperate to play.

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    I'm down.
    But maybe I need to adjust my tolerances and take actions closer to my previous posts. :(

    Steam Community page:
    Oh hey! A knife!
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