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Female Mage 2nd Awakening Trailer

Male Slayer 2nd Awakening Trailer

Female Slayer trailer

Power Station trailer

Time Gate trailer

Dungeon Fighter Online Global trailer

Avenger 2nd Awakening Trailer

Monk 2nd Awakening Trailer

Random PVP Video!

Uh...what's all this then?
Dungeon Fighter Online! Dungeon Fighter Online, or DFO, is the English language release of Neople's Dungeon & Fighter, also known as Arad Senki in Japan. It's a free to play MMO, with its claim to fame being the unique gameplay. DFO's gameplay is described as an homage to old school 2D beat 'em ups. Characters have access to basic attacks, and as they advance they begin to unlock skills, which can be used via hotkey or special command inputs. Characters can also unlock cancels, letting them string together their basic attacks and skills into devastating combos.

Sounds interesting! Where do I sign up?
You can sign up and download the client here.
If you played in the alpha and want to retrieve your characters, remember to sign up using the Facebook account you linked earlier.

Wait, it’s back?
That’s right! The English language version of DFO was originally published by Nexon, but shut down in June, 2013. But Neople, the original developers and publisher in Korea, want to bring it back to the global audience! They launched Dungeon Fighter Online Global as an open beta on March 24th, 2015. With the June 9th patch, DFOG is entering official release.

I'm a DFO veteran, what new content is going to be in DFO global?
The current content in DFO Global as it stands.
Great Metastasis (new dungeons for levels 1-54)
Level cap at 85 - Time Gate is the level 70-80 area, with 9 dungeons, and Power Station is the 80-85 area with 5 new dungeons.
These classes: Male Slayers, Female and Male Gunners, Female and Male Fighters, Female and Male Mages, Priests, Thieves (Necromancer & Rogue), Knight, and the two everted classes, Dark Knights and Creators.
Practice Arena and free skill resets.
Partial release of 2nd Awakenings - typically come with a class rebalance/quality of life patch in addition to the new 75-85 skills - 2nd Awakenings are in the process of being rolled out. Not all 2nd Awakenings are in KDnF yet so some classes might be waiting a long time

Notable content that is in kDnF but not in DFO Global's at the moment - Female Slayers, Knights, Kunoichi and Shadow Dancers (Thief subclasses), 2nd Awakenings


Character Progression
A Guide Brought to You by @RonaldoTheGypsy
During this time, your character is a base class and has access to a general mixture of skills that allow you to understand how it plays in comparison to others. During this time, you’ll familiarize yourself with your character’s basic skillset. Dash attacks, combo strings and various basic maneuvers are taught in this period. Typically, one will be able to learn about the four major weapon-types for their class in this time and whether said weapon is physical or magical and how the speed and reach of these weapons compare.

Players should eagerly spend skill points (SP) to experiment with and understand the fundamentals of a class and discover what class they’d like to advance toward when they reach the appropriate level (if they don’t already know) and at 15 (previously 20) they will be given a string of relatively simple quests to advance to a superior, specialized class, called a subclass.

Classes typically have four subclasses to choose from, but the Male Mage and Thief only have two subclasses. Subclasses share the same fundamental skillset but can have radically different playstyles. The Slayer, easily one of the most popular classes, has four choices and all of them vary wildly.

The First Sub-Class Selection
I’ll leave tier lists to … people who make tier lists. Something that players SHOULD understand when deciding which sub-class to choose is whether the sub-class uses PHYSICAL or MAGICAL damage and whether it is a primarily FIXED, PERCENTAGE or MIXED damage ratios character. First, though, I will explain the variances in the damage ratios.

Fixed Damage
Plain and simple, fixed damage is based on the level of your character, the level of your skill and the amount of STR (if physical) or INT (if magical) your character has, to a degree of about 250 points of STR/INT meaning another 100% bonus damage with fixed damage. Fixed damage characters are prized for their ease of entry, relying less on gear optimization than percentage characters.

Skills of percentage damage characters will display as … well, a percentage. Whether it’s 50% weapon damage per hit or 2000% weapon damage per hit, percentage relies heavily on superb itemization and typically rewards individuals who can achieve particularly good enchantments on gear.

Most characters aren’t going to have EXCLUSIVELY fixed or percentage damage. Further, even among skills, some will use a combination of both values to build damage. A skill with mixed damage will say something like
(fixed value) + (percentage value)
and strike a middle-ground between the two, benefitting from gear but not being entirely dependent on it.

After taking the plunge and choosing a subclass, you will be refunded all of the SP you used and generally given a few new skills as well to start your new adventure as whatever sub-class you selected.

From here, players should start to focus and get an idea of what abilities they want to pick out of their subclass to master as they move toward awakening. The best way to accomplish this is experimenting (or reading internet guides) via taking at least one point in abilities and toying with them in dungeons. You might find that, in spite of what others say, you prefer a different approach to a character than you thought. At 50, when you awaken, you’ll receive another refund of SP, so don’t feel overly awful if you invest in powers that you don’t find particularly useful at this point. Focus on learning combinations and the strengths/weaknesses of your class.

This process takes place at a level where particular ‘Ancient’ dungeons become available. Typically, the process to awaken involves at least one run into one of these dungeons, which will make cooperation with other people necessary. Typically you’re asked to turn in several materials and then rubber stamped as a new, fancier class with access to an awakening active and passive skill.

Awakening skills are VERY expensive to level and whether one takes or ignores their awakening skill depends mostly on what class they choose. These active skills have a ten minute cooldown and require a chunk of resources and mana to use, typically being used in tandem against difficult bosses. These abilities vary in power from pretty much useless and not worth your points to absolute bulldozers that will make many challenges trivial. Be wary of awakening skill usage in team play, as other characters can (and will) move enemies out of your target and if you whiff, you whiff. Cooldown. Resources spent. Too bad.

Now it’s time to lock your build in and flex your character to their limits. The dungeons you do at this point will likely be incredibly difficult to solo if you’re doing them for experience. You will be constantly unlocking new forms of end-game content in the form of Otherverse (OV) and quests that require absurd amounts of materials for items of high quality. It’s likely that you won’t do all of these quests at this point, don’t feel bad about saving content for later. It will take increasingly large amounts of experience to level as you near the peak, but the game tends to provide items to keep the process from being cruel. As long as you have an understanding of how your character works and can work in parties, most dungeons won’t be too difficult if you don’t push yourself on difficulties that you can’t handle. Most of the finesse of DFO comes from having good reactions and knowing how to avoid the attacks of bosses. Most characters, aside from the very lowest of low tier can handle their own weight in most content up until the very end.

This guy’s playlist has all of the subclass showcases, if you’re interested.
Slayer E0JCqgO.jpg
Swordsmen who carry the demon Kazan in their left arm.
Blade Master KzbyNEv.png
Slayers who ignore Kazan and focus on their swordsmanship. The only Slayer subclass that can use Lightsabres, Blade Masters are skilled at used all 5 weapon-types available to Slayers, with their moves gaining special properties depending on which weapon-type is equipped. Can rapidly switch between weapons for cool weapon switch combos. Percentage, Physical.

Soul Bender Qq5Xwgz.png
Slayers who learn how to master Kazan and other demons. Can summon a variety of demons to aid them in battle. Percentage, Magical.

Berserker oMdwi3b.png
Slayers who succumb to Kazan's influence, and become warriors driven by bloodlust and rage. Spends HP on some of their skills, and can recovery HP through killing. Has lots of ways to inflict bleed on enemies, and gets more powerful against bleeding foes. Mostly Fixed, Physical.

Asura vW84kHB.png
Slayers who make a bargain with Kazan, and trade their eyes for immense power. Can attack from a far with magical 'waves'. Naturally immune to blinds, and very durable. Mostly Fixed, Magical

Fighter (F) u3w5xHA.jpg
Martial artists seeking to perfect their craft.
Nen Master djtiixc.png
Fighters who have learned how to harness their inner “Nen” energy. They possess powerful buffs and utility skills, as well as a strong, light-elemental offense. Percentage, Magical.

Striker qAM7qQX.png
Fighters who master physical strikes. The only F.Fighter subclass that can use Boxing Gloves. Delivers devastatingly powerful hits. Percentage, Physical.

Brawler 7dQIklG.png
Fighters who will do anything to win a fight. Fights dirty, using poison, bricks, nets and mines. Hybrid.

Fighters who focus on throws and grabs. Grapplers have fantastic control over their foes, and their grabs work on otherwise unthrowable enemies. Fixed, Physical.

Fighter (M) gikLbcX.jpg
Martial artists seeking to perfect their craft.
M.Nen Master 4wvnICU.png
Fighters who have learned how to harness their inner “Nen” energy. Have a stronger offense but less utility compared to Female Nen Masters. Percentage, Magical.

M.Striker SwV8o2O.png
Fighters who master physical strikes. The only M.Fighter subclass that can use Boxing Gloves. Delivers devastatingly powerful hits. His skillset is more 'foot-based' than the F.Striker's. Percentage, Physical.

M.Brawler 1UYUFCn.png
Fighters who will do anything to win a fight. Fights dirty, using poison, bricks, nets and mines. Focuses on throwing objects, so fights from a longer range than the F.Brawler. Hybrid.

M.Grappler iFg4iG3.png
Fighters who focus on throws and grabs. Grapplers have fantastic control over their foes, and their grabs work on otherwise unthrowable enemies. Fixed, Physical.

Priest Np8Io6Z.jpg
Holy men who have devoted their lives to the eradication of evil.
Crusader 8wltpIe.png
Priests armed with devotion and powerful holy magic. Has access to very strong healing and buff spells, as well as offensive magic with strong utility. Fixed, Magical.

Monk vILhuva.png
Priests who like engage in good old fashioned pugilism. Eschews the giant weapons favored by other priest subclasses, instead fighting with his bare-knuckles. Attacks and moves much faster than his fellow Priests, and is able to dart and weave in and out of combat and deliver lightning fast boxing combinations that keep his opponent staggered. Percentage, Physical.

Exorcist T8yxdpt.png
Priests armed with talismans and incantations, ready to exorcise demons the hard way. Has access to a multitude of skills, and can be built as a powerful physical or magical attacker. Percentage.

Avenger zuD0wpK.png
Priests who were infused with demonic energy, but continue to fight evil and maintain their faith, even as they were outcast from their priestly order. They fight with shadowy magic and can temporarily turn themselves into a powerful demon. Magical, Percentage.

Gunner (M) cbynsVw.jpg
Long-ranged combatants from Empyrean.
Ranger KKrocAM.png
Gunners who fight up close, using a combination of kicks and well placed revolver shots. Percentage, Physical.

Launcher hawIVu0.png
Gunners who use a variety of heavy weapons, such as gatling guns, flame throwers and lasers. Fixed, Physical.

Mechanic 2z3kgwr.png
Gunners who call on a variety of hi-tech gizmos and friends to fight by their side. Percentage, Magical.

Spitfire 4tPDiq3.png
Gunners who utilize magic infused bullets and grenades. Hybrids.

Gunner (F) kJyyNJg.jpg
Long-ranged combatants from Empyrean.
F.Ranger irHey3Q.png
Gunners who fight up close, using a combination of kicks and well placed revolver shots. Percentage, Physical.

F.Launcher d8IIKqW.png
Gunners who use a variety of heavy weapons, such as gatling guns, flame throwers and lasers. Fixed, Physical.

F.Mechanic YBmdpLX.png
Gunners who call on a variety of hi-tech gizmos and friends to fight by their side. Percentage, Magical.

F.Spitfire RZ1T4lo.png
Gunners who utilize magic infused bullets and grenades. Hybrids.

Mage (F) 859rZuy.jpg
Magic-users from Pandemonium. Generally ill-suited to close combat.
Elementalist jTwQI2Y.png
Mages who form a bond with nature, and can call upon the elements to strike down their foes. Can mix and match spells from the 4 elements, and create amazing combinations. Percentage, Magical.

Summoner iQsK8MW.png
Mages who call upon spirits and beasts to aid them. Can summon a semi-autonomous posse, and give them buffs and direction. Fixed, Magical.

Witch xujS56w.png
Mages who specialize in goofy magical contraptions. The only mage subclass that can use Broomsticks. Her attacks have chances to fail, or be a “sleeper success”. Can ride around in a giant drill pretending to be Dr. Robotnik. Fixed, Magical.

Battle Mage ZpWFu1E.png
Mages who like fight up close, augmenting their close combat skills with their magic. Successful attacks generate magical Chasers, which buff the Battle Mage and can be flung at enemies as an attack or consumed to perform a devastating Chaser Press. Larger combos generate bigger and better Chasers. Hybrid

Mage (M) JHwl6Rl.jpg
Magic-users from Pandemonium, with the power of Immortality.
Elemental Bomber 9Y0Yvzu.png
Mages who fight using elementally infused magical orbs. Percentage, Magical.

Glacial Master wbhBB9q.png
Mages with mastery over water and ice. Percentage, Magical.

Thief yiXOlG9.jpg
Swift and deadly Dark Elves.
Rogue 8jdY1Ky.png
Highly mobile, combo oriented warriors. Generates “Contact Points” through usage of certain skills and cancels, and can spend them to empower some of her skills. The only class that can double jump, with lots of skills oriented towards aerial combat. Percentage, Physical.

Necromancer 1h6tBwU.png
Masters of the dead, who fight alongside their undead allies, Nicholas and Vallacre. Nicholas acts as a powerful summon who fights along side you, while Vallacre manifests by possessing the Necromancer and transforming her traditional attacks. Fixed, Magical

Knight yMy8qTK.jpg
Young warriors, in search of "Carloso, the Creator".
Elven Knight hkd8Po7.png
Elven Knights fight with sword and shield, and have access to strong defensive options as well as a unique rhythmic offense. Can ride a unicorn. Percentage, Physical.

Chaos zKTghie.png
Chaoses are short ranged summoners, calling forth and directing demons. Fixed, Magical.

Female Slayer 7QtMf7v.jpg
Experimented upon young women, who carry the unstable energy of the Metastasis in their bodies

Sword MasterYF8NVIU.png
A master of many weapons. Can imbue their weapons with elemental power, and their moves take on different properties depending on which weapon they wield. Can chain together moves to form a rapid and fluid offense. Physical, Percentage.

Demon Slayer c21D3Lh.png
Wielder of the Sword Demon Daimus, a curved sword whip made from the spirits of demons. Her sword whip lets her attack from long range, and frequently inflict bleeds.

Vagabond GlJnwcL.png
Female Slayers who suppress their Metastasis energy and focus on their ability to fight. Can dual wield, and is the only Female Slayer subclass capable of using Lightsabres. Does telekinetic sword stuff too.

Dark Templar JFHbT53.png
Worshippers of Usir, the god of death. They fight with dark magic and consume the souls of their fallen foes, using it to power their abilities.

Everted classes?
Everted classes are unique classes. They are visually similar to M.Slayers and F.Mages, but have unique features and no subclasses. They are both time-travelers - they came through the Time-Gate to prevent a dark future.
Dark Knight tajsPVZ.png
Dark Knights have a large list of active skills, drawing on skills from all of the M.Slayer's subclasses. The Dark Knight can string these skills together into 6-piece 'auto' combos.

Creator 3yG3JsN.png
Creators move using WASD and attack using the mouse.

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    reserved for community stuff + addenda
    NA-East / Cain Guild - PennyAradian
    In addition to being a way to find other PA DFO players, joining a guild gives you bonus EXP and stats, as well as Life Tokens every time the guild levels up.
    You can apply to the guild through the Guild tab in the Community menu (default hotkey ';') and an officer will get you in ASAP.

    useful resources:
    DFO Facebook / notice blog (for info on server maintenance / events)
    Official Beginner's Guidebook
    r/DFO's FAQ
    DFO World Wiki
    this beginner's guide to DFO

    P10's Hot DFO Tips
    Equipment grades, from least to most rare / valuable

    Rares are almost always Magic Sealed items now. Magic seals have better stats than Common or Uncommon items, and magic Sealed items come with 1-3 random stat bonuses on top of that, e.g [Spirit C]. Seria Kirmin can reroll one of these bonuses for you. Seria can also combine two Magic Seals can be combined into a new Magic Seal.

    Legacies are powerful sets that you can get from item pots.

    There are unique grade 'Powerful Magic Sealed' items. These are rarer magic sealed items with the base stats of a Unique item instead of a Rare.
    Boss uniques have a higher drop rate than regular uniques, but can only drop from a specific boss and are untradeable. You can see the boss unique pool for a dungeon if you hover over the icon on the top right of the dungeon.

    Chronicle gear comes from running end-game 'Otherverse' content, and is currently mostly unavailable. Chronicle equipment comes with 'Exorcism', a stat used in end-game Otherverse dungeons. Each Otherverse dungeon has a minimum Exorcism requirement - fail to meet that minimum, and your character's stats will be penalized while running the dungeon. Exceed the requirement and your character gets stat boosts. Chronicle gear is untradeable and drops from Otherverse dungeons, and comes with powerful 3, 6 and 9 piece set bonuses.

    Epic gear is also untradeable, and can be found as an extremely rare drop from completing Hell Mode encounters, or purchased from Grandis using Demon Eyes (obtained from Hell Mode monsters or disassembling Epic gear (?)). Hell Mode is not entirely implemented at the moment. After completion of a quest at Level 77, players gain access to Hell Mode. Attempting a Hell Mode run requires a number of Demon Invitations / Demon Challenges. Alternatively, parties can rarely find 'random' Hell Modes. Once in Hell Mode, one of the dungeon's room's will be marked with a skull and contain a sealed container. Strike the container enough and you'll fight Fallen Guardians, a demon boss, and then a party of APCs. Defeat them all for a chance at Epic gear.

    There are disassemblers located outside of dungeons ('Portable Repair Machines'), as well as player run disassemblers.
    Unwanted gear can be disassembled here, to generate clear cube and colored cube fragments.
    Clear cube fragments are used a lot in crafting, and high level skills also cost a small amount of clear cubes to use. Colored cube fragments are also used in crafting, and for some quests. Clear cube fragments can be converted into colored cube fragments at a 5:1 ratio by Seria Kirmin.

    It is recommended that you disassemble unwanted Uncommon grade gear at disassemblers. Whites should be vendored, because disassembly yields little result. Rare grade gear (unwanted magic seals) can be vendored or disassembled, depending on your preference. You should only grind higher grade gear if its untradeable and un-usable to you. If it's unusable but tradeable, you should sell it on the auction hall.

    Every character gets 156 fatigue points each day, resetting at 9:00 AM UTC.
    Every room you enter in a dungeon costs one fatigue point.
    When you reach zero fatigue points, you can no longer enter dungeons.
    For OBT Part 1, the daily event quest given by Mr. CEO gives you a potion that restores 30 FP. Fatigue is still out of 156.

    Fatigue is on a per-character basis, not a per-account basis. If you run out of fatigue but still want to play that day, you can play another character.

    Thus, for efficiency, you want to only enter rooms that necessary for you to complete/progress on your quests.
    When you reach zero fatigue, you aren't kicked out of your current dungeon, just unable to enter another one. Thus, if you can enter a dungeon with 1 fatigue point, you can do a full clear (all rooms) without any 'cost'.

    Quests (Normal, Epic, Title & Urgent)
    Always accept all available quests before starting a dungeon. You can sort quests by dungeons to help see which quests you should grab before you run a dungeon. Quests stack, so you can make progress on multiple quests simultaneously.

    Epic quests can be accepted anywhere – normal quests can only be accepted by talking to the quest-giver.

    Title quests reward you with a new title. Unlocking an entire page's worth of titles in your title book yields a permanent stat reward for your character.

    Certain epic quests are marked [Dimensional Seal]. Upon completion of that quest chain, your character will receive a permanent stat boost. You can see the acquired stat boosts on the Dimensional tab in the quest book.

    Urgent quests are unlocked by completing the level 27 quest “Training for the Future”. Then, if you ever find yourself at a level where you have no more epic quests available, Urgent Quests will be generated for you. These Urgent Quests require you to run a level appropriate dungeon and give you quest EXP / gold to help get you to your next level quickly.

    Weapon & Armor Masteries
    Every class has a set of weapons that it can use.
    M Slayers & Dark Knights use swords – Short Swords, Katanas, Bludgeons, Zanbatos and Lightsabres.
    F/M Fighters use fist weapons – Knuckles, Gauntlets, Claws, Tonfas and Boxing Gloves.
    F/M Gunners use guns - Revolvers, Auto Guns, Muskets, Hand Cannons and Bowguns.
    F/M Mages & Creators use staves - Spears, Poles, Rods, Staves, and Broomsticks
    Priests use giant weapons - Crosses, Rosaries, Totems, Scythes and Battleaxes
    Thieves use dual weapons - Daggers, Dual Blades and Wands

    These weapon sets are exclusive - only a Priest can use a totem, no other class.

    In addition, every subclass receives an Armor Mastery upon advancement. The armor mastery is listed in the top left of the skill tree.
    Armor Mastery is not exclusive - characters can use armor that isn't recommended for them - but making use of your subclass' armor mastery is highly beneficial. If you are using the appropriate armor, you get a bonus to a host of stats.

    Kiri the Gunner has a reinforcement machine. For a sum of gold and clear cubes, the machine will attempt to reinforce your weapon. Reinforcement improves your weapon, but higher levels of reinforcement carry a chance to fail. Reinforcing a weapon over +10 carries a high risk of breaking the weapon, but successful reinforcements yield amazing results. Currently, you can see the odds of success before attempting to reinforce.

    Highly reinforced weapons are considered vital for end-game percentage based characters.

    There are twospecial towers – the Tower of Illusion and the Tower of Death. Every day, eligible characters are given 3 Dreyfus' invitations per day, which let them attempt a Tower. Towers give you EXP, have quests associated with them, and give you items based on your performance at the end, but the Towers do not cost any fatigue and if you fail you will not incur any penalty.
    Tower of Illusion is unlocked at level 40 and has 15 levels, Tower of Death is unlocked at level 50 and has 45 levels.

    Randomly, on completion of a dungeon, the normal shopkeeper, Delilah, will be replaced with Gabriel. Gabriel has a limited inventory of rare items, selling either level appropriate pinks, elemental flasks, or cheap cube fragments. Rarely sells Legendary recipes or discounted Greedy/Treasure Hunter's accessories.

    Misc. Tips
    Quick Rebound is a really useful skill. Its located on the skill page in the top bar, available to all characters. You can only use it when knocked down, and on use your character will instantly flip up to a kneeling position – and be completely invincible as they maintain this kneeling position. There's a max duration, but you can use quick rebound to flip out of enemy combos and avoid their OTG attacks.

    Enemies and the player have special attack states. The most common one you'll see is 'Super Armor', which is indicated by a glowing red border on the character. While in Super Armor, the character attacks damage normally, but ignores hitstun. Super Armor can be used to blow through an enemy attack, but be careful that the opposite doesn't happen to you!
    Super Armor is still vulnerable to grabs - and every character has access to a grab as a part of their common skills. Grabs will interrupt Super Armored attack. If you successfully grab an opponent, the character is invincible for the duration of the grab's animation.

    Don't forget to repair your gear.

    Currently running events: 'The Hotter! The Faster!', Hot Summer, Phantom Thief Goblin, Attendance for 8 Weeks, DFO Flowing with Milk and Honey,Ola Brasil, Ludmilla's Support, DFO Super Weeks, Face the 2nd Awakening, Let's Play Bingo

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    What to do with your loot
    White (Common) Items
    Sell these for gold. You could dissassemble them for clear cube fragments but you shouldn't be hurting for these. If for some reason you DO get low, then grind a couple. Otherwise, they're an okay side source of gold.

    Blue (Uncommon) Items
    Dissassemble these for both clear cube fragments and colored cube fragments. You'll have a chance for a critical dissassemble that can give potentially 100-200 colored cube fragments each time you do it. The public dissassemblers are fine for doing this, only use player-owned high level ones for higher level items which will dissassemble for better results.

    Purple [Rare] Non-Magic Sealed Items
    These are actually exceedingly rare now, mostly creature artifacts. But, if you do get them, you can dissassemble them for low grade elemental, which is used in various recipes for crafting. Honestly, the price on these is dirt low and if you aren't going to use them then just sell the item for gold.

    Magic-Sealed Items
    Try to sell them on the auction hall. If it's weak or inferior, you can probably get away with just selling it. These things can drop up to like +6 anymore, so take that into account when you ask for a price. Search the item you're trying to sell to discern what you think is a reasonable price. Keep in mind that each reinforcement costs about 12000 and they're only guaranteed up to like +4. Don't dissassemble magic seals, it's pretty worthless. You might get one clear cube fragment and one low grade elemental, which just isn't worth it. You CAN save magic seals and then combine two for a reroll with your choice of armor/weapon type. This can be a good way, at higher levels, to cover slots that aren't going to drop all of the time for you, or save you the trouble of having to drop 20-50k a piece on the auction hall. If you have the inventory/stash space, that is.

    Pink Items
    If they're magic-sealed, the previous advice applies. If they're pinks that you can trade, not boss uniques, they're generally worth putting up on the AH. Boss Uniques can't be traded, so you'll end up dissassembling some of them, but this yields high grade elemental, which is worth more than low grade. I haven't seen them selling for much, but accumulating a bit of this stuff and saving it for later won't hurt.

    Orange Items
    KEEP IT SECRET, KEEP IT SAFE. I've only seen one orange item on OBT so far, and it was Gabriel selling me an epic bracelet for physical characters. Like, it's overpowered. Orange items are overpowered. Consider yourself lucky if you run into an orange item. If you can trade it, for some reason, bathe in your pile of money. Or find a way to use it with another character, seriously, they're usually some of the best-in-slot stuff.

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    Why are some gender characters no longer available or w/e?

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    Male and female versions of classes are actually different classes, not just a model swap. For M/F Gunners and M/F Fighters, the subclasses are similar (hence sharing names) but they have some different skills and can play fairly differently.
    M/F Mages have completely different subclasses, as do M/F Slayers (but there's been no word on F.Slayers being available in DFO global at launch).

    If you are asking about why Female Slayers and some other classes won't be in at launch, it's a localization / time issue. They are intending to add those classes and get current with the Korean DnF client through future updates.

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    Apothe0sis wrote: »
    Why are some gender characters no longer available or w/e?

    I'm not sure how to answer that?

    Initially when the game was in early alpha there were very few classes


    over the course of the game's development, they started adding classes such as

    female gunner
    male fighter
    male mage
    (female slayer) *as far as I know won't be in global dfo on release

    So ... when DFO was last online, and being run by Nexon, we were up to this point as far as classes were concerned (Minus the two special ones, creator and knight) but the korean version has female slayers which we won't be seeing yet, they aren't available because they haven't been fully localized. As they keep bringing the game client to current, that will become available, one assumes.

    They've stated at some point on the facebook update-a-thon that they want the client to be current and running alongside the kdnf client as opposed to Nexon's huge lag in content behind kdnf.

  • ZellpherZellpher Registered User regular
    I'm looking forward to crushing fools with my crucifix sledgehammer.

  • kedinikkedinik Registered User regular
    I like the sound of Brawlers.

  • DesmondPfeifferDesmondPfeiffer The secret diary of- Registered User regular
    I was in the Alpha they ran about a year or so ago, and from what I heard they were going to let everyone keep their levels, but all the gear and items would be gone. So if that is still the plan I should have a level 50ish F Grappler waiting to cyclone suplex things once again.

    Need to level my Mechanic again that I had from the Nexon days as well. F Mechanic awakening was just the best.

  • RonaldoTheGypsyRonaldoTheGypsy Or just "Ron" Registered User regular
    Yeah both of us have 50s but if they're doing the great awakening update (revamped level 1-50 stuff) then it's likely that we'll be starting over. I also am trying to get various people into the game so I will have ... probably a bunch of characters. If they are letting guilds back in and don't gimp xp for having higher level characters with people I can focus on a few particulars and move forward.

  • DesmondPfeifferDesmondPfeiffer The secret diary of- Registered User regular
    Eh, if I do have to start over I do. Not like another run through Behemoth will kill me. Regardless, I'll have to re-level quite a few classes I used to have from forever ago. The problem with DFO, almost all the classes, and even sub-classes, are really fun and different from each other.

    Speaking of, Behemoth in the Alpha was actually pretty quick. I remember when I first played the game it was just a wall that you hit, and it felt like you'd never see the other side.

  • Big Red TieBig Red Tie beautiful clydesdale style feet too hot to trotRegistered User regular
    ayo we have a thread for this?

    i was going to play sword master but since they're not in... i might try dark knight

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    Beasteh wrote: »
  • MrVyngaardMrVyngaard Live From New Etoile Straight Outta SosariaRegistered User regular
    Whoa. I had no idea this was a thing again, and I suddenly had the urge to listen to the DFO soundtrack on Youtube earlier today.

    Can't wait to be Brawling and Gunning again!

    "now I've got this mental image of caucuses as cafeteria tables in prison, and new congressmen having to beat someone up on inauguration day." - Raiden333
  • RonaldoTheGypsyRonaldoTheGypsy Or just "Ron" Registered User regular
    So they're doing an all-day stream thing on their official twitch

    I guess it's supposed to start at 01:00 PDT on the 23rd and end 08:00 UTC on the 24th.

    I don't know actually when we can download the client but my guess is that I will have it download tuesday while I am at work and then come home and play.

  • Big Red TieBig Red Tie beautiful clydesdale style feet too hot to trotRegistered User regular
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    Beasteh wrote: »
  • RonaldoTheGypsyRonaldoTheGypsy Or just "Ron" Registered User regular
    Yeah, I am watching these new low level dungeons and I don't know anything about them. I get the feeling this is going to be a learning experience, I used to breeze from 1-40.

    But I look forward to it.

  • Big Red TieBig Red Tie beautiful clydesdale style feet too hot to trotRegistered User regular
    this guy playing is sooooo bad

    and then he actually gets mad when he dies

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    Beasteh wrote: »
  • P10P10 An Idiot With Low IQ Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    as far as i can tell a bunch of my old favorite tracks never gets reused in the new dungeons and thats a shame

    but the fantastic ice palace track gets reused

    P10 on
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  • Big Red TieBig Red Tie beautiful clydesdale style feet too hot to trotRegistered User regular
    edited March 2015
    also it turns out hes bad on purpose

    and the whole thing is supposed to be him breaking down on stream or something

    @p10 should still be able to edit the music like before right? could replace one of the worse new songs with old ones
    also ice palace song owns, so does puppet museum/dragonoid/castellan

    Big Red Tie on
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    Beasteh wrote: »
  • P10P10 An Idiot With Low IQ Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    well, i'd have to track down all the old music and :effort:
    All or almost all of the old tracks *should* show up at some point, once Mirror Arad is implemented. The fact that the old tracks aren't in atm leads me to believe Mirror Arad isn't in launch though.
    i really like the look of the new lotus fight

    P10 on
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  • DesmondPfeifferDesmondPfeiffer The secret diary of- Registered User regular
    The only track that ever really stood out to me was the Castellan's theme.

    It would seem like a waste if they don't throw some of the old songs back in somewhere though. I didn't really realize the level of redesign that this version was at though. Completely different.

  • BaskeBaske Registered User regular
    Any idea if it supports the Xbox controller natively (without stuff like xpadder or other custom drivers)?

  • P10P10 An Idiot With Low IQ Registered User regular
    from what i can see online it sounds like it should support a 360 controller without needing xpadder but i'll try and double check tomorrow

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  • RadiusRadius Registered User regular
    this is out shortly and I have no idea what I want to play oh noooo

    Everyday we stray further from God's light
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  • P10P10 An Idiot With Low IQ Registered User regular
    i am definitely going to play a monk and probably play a battle mage, and give myself carpal tunnel

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  • EriktheVikingGamerEriktheVikingGamer Registered User regular
    M/F Grappler here. Give me my fixed damage grab cannon suplex machine all day erry day.

    Steam - DailyFatigueBar
  • DesmondPfeifferDesmondPfeiffer The secret diary of- Registered User regular
    Looks like Alpha characters are still around for sure. So my F. Grappler will exist still and likely be my main focus. Only other classes I really played a lot and liked was Striker, Mechanic, and Battlemage. I'm very interested in F. Slayers too, but it sounds iffy on whether they'll be in during OB or not. I'll be playing some random combination of those anyway.

    Assuming PA people will be putting together a guild of some sort? Myself and my friend I used to play with are both going to be playing, so finding a decent sized group would be a bonus.

  • RadiusRadius Registered User regular
    The real question imo is where is F. Priest

    Everyday we stray further from God's light
    Steam Switch FC: 2799-7909-4852
  • Big Red TieBig Red Tie beautiful clydesdale style feet too hot to trotRegistered User regular
    game is up in an hour and a half

    stream actually has live content on it!

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    Beasteh wrote: »
  • P10P10 An Idiot With Low IQ Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    alpha players get capes + a set of magic seals + a ticket you can redeem for all the money from quest rewards below their level
    skill resets are completely free, like kDnF
    my 360 arcade stick is recognized natively (although has no bindings by default) so 360 controllers should work fine
    the danjin's secret coins event give you safe upgrades!

    P10 on
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  • Big Red TieBig Red Tie beautiful clydesdale style feet too hot to trotRegistered User regular
    west server is lagging like crazy

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    Beasteh wrote: »
  • DesmondPfeifferDesmondPfeiffer The secret diary of- Registered User regular
    Before the emergency maintenance hit, I got to look around a bit. I noticed that my Dervish has the 1st Awakening quest, even though I already completed it in Alpha. Not sure if that'll cause problems or not. Figure I'll just have to complete it again most likely.

    Also had a level 6 Gunner I don't entirely remember making.

  • RonaldoTheGypsyRonaldoTheGypsy Or just "Ron" Registered User regular
    Is the cape character bound or account based?

  • P10P10 An Idiot With Low IQ Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    I can't check atm but I think character bound. You have to select which class you want it for when you unbox it.
    target time for emergency maintenance to end is 2:30PM UTC its back up

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  • PolaritiePolaritie Sleepy Registered User regular
    Free skill resets? Fuck yes. Experimentation ho!

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  • Big Red TieBig Red Tie beautiful clydesdale style feet too hot to trotRegistered User regular
    im trying to make a new char but its not working

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    Beasteh wrote: »
  • ZellpherZellpher Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    Apparently the name check just takes forever?

    I've been waiting but getting nothing back so that might just be nonsense

    e: yep, took 4 minutes to tell me name was taken.

    Zellpher on
  • Thor1590Thor1590 Registered User regular
    I'm sooo excited

    and I just can't hiideee it

    I'm gonna make an exorcist and I think I like it


    I never played after The Big Update™ that changed things up in the Nexon version. I've got a small crew that'll be on, but maaaannnn I won't be out of work until like 5:30pm CST. Gonna be a long day.

  • TcheldorTcheldor Registered User regular
    I am so hyped for this. Gonna play all night.

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  • PolaritiePolaritie Sleepy Registered User regular
    Won't have much time until tomorrow,sadly.

    Probably going to continue with F. Nen, because shes so fun in PvE. Nen Cannon <3.

    Steam: Polaritie
    3DS: 0473-8507-2652
    Switch: SW-5185-4991-5118
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  • P10P10 An Idiot With Low IQ Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    if you are an alpha player with a high level character don't use the quest completion ticket immediately because it can clear your current level epic quest leaving you with a bit of a grind

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