Tokyo Game Show 2016 starring The Last Guardian



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    pookapooka Registered User regular
    yeah, hearing about the delay, i wasn't disappointed. i just thought, "They can't hurt me anymore." i had already let go of any expectations in that regard, i am just hoping for a good experience if and when it appears. but i am well-versed in judging a thing for its own merits while recognizing context.

    as Maddoc said, a big part of the appeal is the niche these games occupy, so a comparison to more recent productions on a technical basis is kinda moot. i think the most apt one for zeitgeist would be Journey, and, though similar, it doesn't have the kind of scale or narrative that team Ico trades in. i think it will fail for me if it doesn't manage to invoke a sense of wonder and an urge to explore. the aesthetics are iconic, but also kinda soft-lens, worn-looking and dreamy, and even with the delays and switch-ups, there is a certain amount of jank assumed and forgiven for the experiences we had with Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. they were great games, not perfect ones. i will be pleased if this one is much the same.

    but i also recognize that this is not a profit-driven viewpoint, and hope that the time investment pays off for them.

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    ZandraconZandracon Registered User regular
    yoko taro looking good

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    DaMoonRulzDaMoonRulz Mare ImbriumRegistered User regular
    I'm always flattered by Cosplay


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