[Star Wars: Legion] Begun the Clone Wars have.



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    Seventh Legion is the best Clone legion not the 501st. Sadly it's a grey on white scheme, so not very eye-catching.

    I like the Coruscant Guard colors though. Bold Imperial Guard red on white.

    Edit: 21st Nova Corps is decent with that plum color. Also they get to kill Ki Adi Mundi, so you have that to look forward to.

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    Nealneal wrote: »
    21st Nova Corps is decent with that plum color. Also they get to kill Ki Adi Mundi, so you have that to look forward to.

    Oh yeah, the conehead jedi. Even Google knows it to be true.

    If you're curious about my icon; it's an update of the early Lego Castle theme's "Black Falcons" faction.
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    104th battalion, the Wolfpack, Plo's Bros.

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    Everything that everyone has mentioned is super cool and honestly I still have no idea. Kinda leaning 501st because then I can run Anakin and Ahsoka and Rex and have everything be nice and canon (ish, I know 2/3 of those aren't out yet).
    Also Blue and White is a great Scheme.

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    Cross posting from the painting thread, the models are nice than I expected. Going 501st I think.
    Still not sure what I'm going to do with the basing.

    I put models on Instagram now: asher_paints
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    Coming over to this from Warhammer can I get some general thoughts on the game? Can I expect the same...shortsightedness I've seen with other FFG stuff?

    Their Star Wars games are their best supported games, imo. Not sure if you had any specific concerns in mind.
    Norgoth wrote: »
    I've also been eyeing this up. I do have a question I can't find a clear answer to, are the clone wars units balanced for play against the original series stuff? I.e Can I play separatists against Galatic Empire for example? Common sense would say yes, but it's always best to check.


    Destiny, prior to its inglorious demise, was plagued by constant production issues and suffered from fairly persistent poor design choices.

    When I found out X wing was really being ran by two people. the supply issues {their bizarre answer to someone pointing out how they could bring the manufacturing to the US, They showed how they saved about a nickel making the ships in china compared to setting up the factory and making them in the US} Along with it was just boring after a bit to play VS games no way to mix it up no campaigns no missions really was the last thing that caused to me to stop playing. I still have the ships just the desire to play is not there

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    Just had the civil war starter box arrive. With what I own added to the starter I'm a corps choice to two away from 800 points on the rebel side. Time to start building up the Imperials I think.

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