The Phalla Arcade Expo: MAFIA VICTORY (Also B:L and Langly)

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Inside the Washington State Convention Center, 50 men and women from across the world were filing into a gigantic hall. They noticed a large number of strange devices lined up along the walls and a podium on the stage on the far wall. They had all been sent a special invitation to meet in this hall at this time and had felt compelled to come. Still curious as to exactly what the purpose was, they waited for the scheduled speaker to arrive. All they had really known was that the banner over the Convention Center entrances had read "Welcome to the Phalla Arcade Expo!"

Tarranon took the stage and walked to the podium to begin his speech.

"Welcome, friends! We set up this convention as a place where all kinds of Phalla players could meet and discuss all things Phalla. From roles and games they enjoyed this year, to meta elements like the rise of softnetworking, to players and hosts they particularly enjoy. It's a less black tie event than those snooty Phalla Awards and a place where we can play the game of Phalla in addition to talking about it.

"You 50 in particular were brought here to play a very special variation of Phalla that I think is the best innovation we've come up with since I introduced the game so many years ago. You see those machines along the walls? They're full body immersion virtual reality simulators. This makes the games feel much more real and far more exciting!

"For this test game, we've programmed in your own Phalla behaviors. Some of you will be assigned frequent mafia roles, such as 'werewolf,' 'alien,' or, well, 'mafia' in addition to being yourself. Good luck!

"Oh, one last thing, our enforcers will be making sure that none of you leave until you either die in the game or someone has won the Phalla. Inactivity punishments will be swift and quite harsh indeed."

With that Tarranon smiled, walked off the stage, and from behind the participants could hear the doors slam shut while technicians came down from the stage to instruct them in the use of the machines. Along with them came a number of people who must have been the enforcers Tarranon had mentioned. Most of them shrugged and decided they might as well make the best of the situation and enjoy the Phalla...


This is a Phalla, the Penny Arcade version of mafia.

Signups will be in the pretty color of your choice.

This is a game designed for 50 players and requires 50 players to play. We will start when there are 50 players, hopefully by the middle of the week. My co-host in this venture is lonelyahava.

The Villager PM
There is no villager PM, everyone will get a unique role. In addition, some of you will get an additional role PM that indicates you are a member of the mafia in addition to your unique role. So this game may be somewhat swingy.

The Roles
Most roles in this Phalla are modeled after people who have played in relatively recent mains. There are some classic players who either lonelyahava or myself either particularly enjoyed playing with or feel are important to the history of Phalla. Or we just had a really good idea for them. Role PM random number generation will be rigged to the following extent: no one will be given the role of themself. Some roles require role playing as your player, but we encourage everyone to attempt to emulate whoever they receive.

No sharing of host-provided PMs via screenshots and direct quotation, no anonymous communication, no communication with the dead without host consent.

Trust is a valuable commodity in Phalla. If you want to add someone to a conversation, you must start a new conversation.

Include the hosts in all of your PMs!

Any player may create a proboard for any reason. However, all proboards must be linked to the hosts, who must have full access to all information on the board.

Each day, vote for one person to be removed from the simulator and kicked out of the hall in bold red. Ties will remove all players who are tied.

Each day will end at 11 PM Eastern time. (5 PM Kiwi time)

Inactivity will be harshly punished. You must vote each day. You will receive a single warning, followed by being kicked off the simulator.

Order of Operations
The vote! -> roleblocks/bus drivers -> guards/seers -> kills of all varieties -> other stuff

Ask in the traditional dark orange.

Herbert Hoover got 40% of the vote in 1932. Friendly reminder.
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