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[WARMACHINE & HORDES] 1+1=Cyriss is calculating... calculating... seven! And you're dead.



  • PMAversPMAvers GomorraRegistered User regular
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    Huh, I actually missed somehow the Company of Iron announcement, which is a more squad-based skirmish rule-set.

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  • ToothyToothy Registered User regular
    So I have a ton of old Trollbloods minis I'm trying to sell. Does anyone know if Bartertown is still the best site for that?

  • ForceVoidForceVoid Registered User regular
    No more books

    Ok, that actually makes sense given how great War Room is. There is an excerpt in there though which sounds crazy:

    "Once the Skorne Command book releases in September, Privateer Press will no longer publish supplemental books for WARMACHINE & HORDES, with the exception of a Force book each year corresponding to the annual release of a new Faction for the games. Instead, all content committed to print for WARMACHINE & HORDES will be found within the pages of No Quarter Prime." (emphasis mine)

    I'm assuming it will be like the mini-faction releases (Cryiss, Ceph, Grymkin), right? Even still that seems crazy!

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  • EchoEcho Staring is caring Moderator mod
    Yeah, there's a ton of confusion and speculation about that phrasing.

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    a man reaches a certain age when he can no longer be part of groups with "wang" in the title
  • ForceVoidForceVoid Registered User regular
    Ok, glad it wasn't just me

  • Evil MultifariousEvil Multifarious Registered User regular
    Hopefully we'll get more clarification on that, but it seems unsustainable and bad for the game. These companies already make decisions based on what will sell models and struggle to balance that with what's good for the game, and if they decide to bloat their faction lists with new models instead of tackling the very real balance issues in every faction, then I'd be likely to quit.

    The CID stuff shows they're willing to tackle the clear issues and make radical changes, though, so we'll see how these first major balance changes and the first CID faction come out

    If the "new factions" are subfactions like Cephalyx, that's kind of a different story. That might be a good model and more plausible to develop over the course of a year.

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    I fucking hate you Canadians.
  • TheBigEasyTheBigEasy Registered User regular

    If the "new factions" are subfactions like Cephalyx, that's kind of a different story. That might be a good model and more plausible to develop over the course of a year.

    I think these new factions are at most on Grymkin/CoC level - not a full faction.

  • PMAversPMAvers GomorraRegistered User regular
    I think it'd probably work best if it was just bringing up the sub-factions inside factions so you could play a legit theme force of that theme.

    Like the Trenchers thing. More of that. Or maybe a massive volley of new Rhul stuff.

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  • Edith_Bagot-DixEdith_Bagot-Dix Registered User regular
    My personal guess is that some of the more mature factions will be split up to create at least some of the "new" factions.

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  • HefflingHeffling No Pic EverRegistered User regular
    So thanks to the SE++ Tabletop thread and the PA Warmachine Journeyman League videos, I decided to start up wargaming again. I haven't played since about 5 years ago, but it's coming back pretty quickly.

    First game - Battlebox - My Khador versus Cryx (new battleboxes). The Cryx player set up to do a harpoon to win the piece trading on jacks but failed to damage so no pull came in. That let me feat and rush down his arc node and Helldriver. He managed to kill my Juggernaut, but not without letting my Decimator get in range of his warcaster.

    Second game - 25 Points - My Khador versus Cryx - I ran Sorcha with 2 min sized units of Winter Guard Riflemen (proxied) with 4 rocketeers and the battlebox jacks. The Cryx player ran one of the new Cryx warcasters with a Kraken, two leaping light jacks, and 2 or 3 soloes. I am pretty sure he threw the game so I would win, as he left his warcaster in the open a few inches from his Kraken. This let Sorcha feat and my Winterguard nickel and dime him to death.

    Third game - 75 Points - Big boys time. I ran Irusk 1 with a Wardog, Jugg, Decimator, full Winterguard Conscript, UA, 3 Rocketeers, Kovnik Joe, 2 Mortars, Full Black Dragon Pikemen, and Full Man'O'War Shocktroopers. He ran Butcher 1 with Wardog, Eryss (??? The focus assassin), Two Devastators, Ruin, a Spriggan, and Two Juggernauts. We ran a 2017 L&L scenario with two side circular zones capturable by infantry and a rectangle in the middle capturable by jacks. The first two turns were positioning, with Inhospitable Ground forcing him to give me the charge.

    My BDP charged in. mini feated, and killed one Juggernaut and almost killed his Spriggan, which only had both arms left. Man'o'War shield walled to cover Irusk, who had feated and battle lusted the BDP. I had fed the Decimator focus and it hit Ruin twice, shoving him back far enough to limit his soul gain. My WG killed Eyrss and his other anti-magic solo, as well as dinging Ruin with a rocket and CRA.

    His counterattack was, as expected, brutal. Butcher Feated and cast his jack boosting spell. His two Devastators both used their ability to blow up to drop pow 18/9 ae's around them. The first one had 6 super-tough success, but the dice went just as cold for the second. Ruin then came in and using the 3 soul tokens he had gained killed 4 more, meaning I was looking at a 5 focus Ruin next turn. His Spriggan killed two more BDPs, leaving only 2 left. His Jugg went for the Man'O'War and managed to knock one down to 1 box left. At this point, I was feeling pretty good.

    On my next turn, I battle lusted the Man'O'War and pulled Irusk back. My opponent then showed me how you could charge while staying in a front arc to get your 3" and the boosted damage die, so the 2nd Jugg went down. I had the Winterguard CRA and rocket into Ruin, leaving him moderately damaged. My focused up Decimator then sawed him to bits, although it was a very close thing to killing Ruin. But I really didn't want to deal with him all loaded up and murderizing. One of his Devastators moved over to the left side and killed several winterguard. The other finished off the BDP.

    On his turn he had one of his Devastators support the Spriggan on the MOW. They killed the injured one and hurt another, but nothing else. Butcher came over and showed me how little regard he has for armor 20, almost murdering my Decimator with two focus camped (and one used to upkeep iron flesh). The Decimator only had 2 boxes left, both cortex. His 2nd Devastator, still untouched, killed more WGC.

    And this is the turn where I messed up and cost myself the game. I fed 3 focus into the Decimator, upkeeping Superiority, and keeping 3. The Devastator had killed everything in his melee range, leaving me with 6 or 7 models left in the WGC unit. So I decided to take a gamble and boost the hell out of them to try and take down Butcher. So, Joe gave them Bear's Strength (+4 Str) and took a shot at his wardog, missing. Irusk then moved up, battle lusted the WGC, and shot down the Wardog. My Decimator then boosted his attack against Butcher, needing a 7 to hit. And, because his arms were out, only getting 1 die. So boosted, and miss. Buy an attack, boosted hit, miss. It was at this point that I realize I would only be able to get a maximum of two WGC to charge the Butcher. So they did, and both missed on a hard 9. So my gambit of going for a bunch of Power 12 + 4d6 fell apart. In hindsight, I should have just walked out the useless decimator and had Joe use For The Motherland. But live and learn.

    On his next turn, he can't get to Irusk, so his Dev kills even more WGC. Butcher finishes off my Decimator. And the other two jacks stay stuck in with my MoW as they slowly grind each other apart.

    At this point, I've got 4 WGC (1 rocket, UA, and 1 grunt), Joe, Wardog, Irusk, the MoW, and 2 mortars. Notice how I haven't mentioned the mortars all game? That's because against an all jack army, they aren't that great. However, this turn one of them redeemed himself by missing the Butcher and deviating directly onto my remaining 4 WG, killing them. So I'm about to have an undamaged Devastator and Butcher against Irusk, Joe, and my Wardog. I decide to go all in on Butcher. Joe charges, needing a 7. Miss. Wardog charges, needing an 8. Miss. Irusk charges, uses assault, misses, charge boosts to hit, needing a 7, hits, and deals 8 damage with 5 being bought off. So now I have 6 focus and Irusk at 7's to hit, pow 12 vs arm 20. All six extra attacks miss.

    Butcher then murders my wardog and Irusk.

    It was a goddamned fun game!

    If a movement doesn't have someone that can sit down opposite those in a position of power and strike a deal, how can that movement achieve success?
  • BrodyBrody Cabot CoveRegistered User regular
    I was kind of leaning back towards trying to play Cryx instead, which probably would have ended up with me being disappointed, but looking through the new models Ret got semi recently and I'm definitely probably going to try and go with them instead again still. Although I probably won't be able to get any models until ~October, and by that point will have changed my mind at least three more times.

  • Evil MultifariousEvil Multifarious Registered User regular
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    Battle engine CID is now live! Warroom is flipping out and buggy, but cards.privateerpress.com has them.

    I might buy a second Wraith Engine eventually. They're really good!

    Edit: omg, Necrosurgeons can now collect from any living or undead models, but they can also revive and sac pawn any small based thralls with those corpses. They're really handy with Carrion Thralls now.

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    I fucking hate you Canadians.
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