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[WARMACHINE & HORDES] 1+1=Cyriss is calculating... calculating... seven! And you're dead.



  • PMAversPMAvers Registered User regular
    ForceVoid wrote: »
    Infernals are the next faction. Released at Lock and Load next year.

    Oh shit really? Sweet. Are they going to be another Hordes faction or will there be Infernal Machines?

    I think technically Warmachine, but they have completely different and weird mechanics.

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  • BrodyBrody The Watch The First ShoreRegistered User regular
    Yeah, they said "neither focus nor fury", and "look to the original monsternomicon for hints".

    "The shore does not dream of you." - Blind poet Gallan.
  • PMAversPMAvers Registered User regular
    Oh hey, neat, I had forgotten this was coming.

    COME FORTH, AMATERASU! - Switch Friend Code SW-5465-2458-5696 - Twitch
  • BrodyBrody The Watch The First ShoreRegistered User regular
    I've been trying hard not to think about it because it will consume all of my thoughts.

    "The shore does not dream of you." - Blind poet Gallan.
  • WitchsightWitchsight Registered User regular
    edited August 15
    Everyone loves a loot crate right?
    Well... In any event PP is selling them now! Mystery boxes are currently an option on the site again after selling out pretty quickly earlier this month.

    Of course the Mystery aspect of it has been spoiled by the internet hive mind, and the current mystery boxes contain apparently 5 options which are as follows...

    • Battlebox

    • Storm Raptor

    • Gorax

    • Druid Mist Riders


    • Battlebox

    • Kraken / Sepulcher

    • Malice

    • 2x Nightwretch

    • 2x Ripjaw


    • Battlebox

    • Stormwall / Hurricane

    • Stormclad / Reliant

    • Stomblade Infantry


    • Battlebox

    • Helios / Hyperion

    • Griffon

    • Dawnguard Invictors


    • Battlebox

    • Hydra

    • Cataphract Cetraati

    • Cataphract Incendiarii
    Ive ordered 3, you see.

    Witchsight on
  • Lord_AsmodeusLord_Asmodeus goeticSobriquet: Here is your magical cryptic riddle-tumour: I AM A TIME MACHINERegistered User regular
    Oh man, I had totally intended to get the Dracodile before the end of last year, I wanted that t-shirt. Now I feel like I've missed out on that more than not getting the dracodile earlier could ever make me feel...

    well no rush to get one then I guess.

  • WitchsightWitchsight Registered User regular
    Whelp, mystery box came in. I got what I was hoping for... Except somehow managed to not get any Cetrati, and only the ranged cataphracts instead.
    Oh I shall be converting somehow.

  • SvenskaSvenska Registered User regular
    Is there not a ranged list that can run them? I thought I saw something like that back in the day.

    Since your name means "swedish" in swedish, I just assumed you were, ya know, swedish.

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