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GV10 [Results] Best Comic Book Movie: Check Page 3 for results!

DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator mod
edited March 2015 in Graphic Violence
Our next category is Best Comic Book Movie.

This one's pretty simple: is the movie inspired by comic books? Did it come out after April 2005? Nominate it here!


1) Nominate as many shows as you want! There's no limit
2) If you see one of your favorites has already been nominated, feel free to second or third or fourth that nomination!
3) Please talk about why you think your favorite movies deserve to be in this poll. Simply posting a movie title won't disqualify your nomination, but...
4) ...this thread is also for you to state your case for your favorite movie! I won't be making a seperate voting thread, so here's where you make your case
5) And above all: keep it civil. This is supposed to be fun. I don't want to see people slagging on each other or their choices, try and keep it positive, alright?

Alright, and nominations are open...NOW

Put your nominations in BOLD TEXT. You don't need to all caps them, though

DJ Eebs on


  • Garlic BreadGarlic Bread Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    Scott Pilgrim vs The World - for being super hilarious with amazing visuals that completely captured the spirit of the comic

    Garlic Bread on
  • DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator mod
    Before I get too deep into writing up the results for Best TV Show, I want to take a minute to nominate one of my favorite movies, period: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World features a stellar cast of young actors in probably the flat-out coolest movie I've ever seen. I mean, every fight scene is stylish as all hell, and each one is wildly different from the last. And it features Chris Evans and Brandon Routh in, and I don't want to lean too far on hyperbole, probably the greatest roles of their entire career, past present or future. It's also, easily, the most comic book movie since Adam West's Batman. Oh man, and the soundtrack is fucking tremendous, and Ellen Wong and Brie Larson and Aubrey Plaza and...agh, everyone is so goddamned great.

    I could sit here and talk about how much I love this movie all day, but instead I'm just going to post two youtube videos that don't even really sum up all the reasons I love this movie so much, but they're fucking great and you should watch them anyways.

    Because it's a great fucking song and everything just fucking works

    Because this is fucking awesome and I shouldn't have to explain why???

    There are a ton of great comic book movies that are going to get nominated in this category. I'll probably toss a few out there myself. But this is my favorite by a pretty significant margin and I could spend probably the rest of the day talking about it, so I'm just going to stop here so I don't.

  • BogartBogart Because I hate you Registered User, Moderator mod
    Dredd - a faithful, brutal, immensely entertaining adaptation of Judge Dredd. A movie from the good old days of super-violent SF action thrillers that nailed the characters and feel of the comics.

    RMS OceanicFearghaillZonugalHarry DresdenPaperLuigi44MatevMartini_Philosopher
  • DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator mod
    hi5 keith

    Garlic Bread
  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    I have to second Scott Pilgrim and Dredd, and also throw in Captain America: The Winter Soldier for being a solid action movie with just enough brain meats to keep you engaged.

    Also in the ring is Guardians of the Galaxy for successfully selling an (outside comic bookery) untested franchise and proving that the right choice of music can make you a tone setter like nobody's business.

    Also I'm throwing Watchmen a bone for its stellar title sequence, great portrayals of Rorschach and Comedian and being irrationally fond of the Thermodynamic Miracles speech.

    RMS Oceanic on
  • DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator mod
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier would be my favorite phase two Marvel movie if another movie I want to nominate didn't exist, but it's still great, and the Arnim Zola scene might be my single favorite scene in all of the MCU. I like Guardians, but I'm probably not going to second it? I assume someone else will, anyways. Either way, I'll type up a thing for my favorite MCU movie later.

  • Garlic BreadGarlic Bread Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    does The Lego Movie count since it stars Batman (with other Justice League members)?

    I probably wouldn't nominate it anyway since it's not based on a comic, but just wondering

    Garlic Bread on
  • DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator mod
    I am...going to have to think about that one.

  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    Oh, I also have to nominate The Dark Knight. As with its almost eponymous ancestor, Frank Miller's the Dark Knight Returns, I kinda bemoan the influence its lightning in a bottle has had on DC movies ever since. But damn if it isn't a legitimately great movie, and is currently the best at what it does. Heath Ledger stole the show and rightfully so, an engaging performance that lets you remain unconcerned with some plot quibbles like how did nobody on the ferries inspect them before launch?

    EDIT: As much as I love the Lego Movie, in fact it trumps all my 2014 nominees, my gut is not to allow it since its primary plot is outside comics entirely.

    RMS Oceanic on
  • KyouguKyougu Registered User regular
    Damn, I was ready to nominate Spider-Man 2 but that came out in 2014.

    So instead I'll second Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Now for me, since I kept up with the news and what not, I went in already thinking it was going to be good and having some idea of what tone it was going for. My friends? No fucking clue. They just knew it was the new Marvel movie starring the guy from Parks and Rec, and mainly going on that.

    Movie opens with a pretty touching scene, definately harking to 80's films but it's the scene that follows that sold everyone on the character of Quill and the movie itself.

    Easily one of the most confident, fun and perfect scene in ANY movie.

    The rest of the movie is hilarious, fun and touching, making people care about a CGI Racoon and mono syllabic Tree.

  • The Hanged ManThe Hanged Man Once I ate a pizza so big, they gave me a prize. Then I threw up and they took it back.Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    The Dark Knight feels like the kind of thing that's so obvious that it could get overlooked. Every element of that film was tuned perfectly to draw me in, and Heath Ledger's performance will be remembered as not just one of the greatest comic book film villains, but one of the greatest overall cinema villains of all time.

    Edit: Hmm, beat to the punch. Oh! I know! Hellboy was in 2004, but Hellboy 2: The Golden Army was in 2008, and absolutely deserves a nomination, for effects alone!

    The Hanged Man on
    TWITTER: @DesertLeviathan, PSN: LeviathanAscends
    3DS: 1590-4800-2407, SWITCH: SW-3925-2368-8101
  • HermanoHermano Registered User regular
    Going to have to put forward Persepolis in case nobody else does

    An autobiographical coming of age story during the Iranian Revolution, it's a beautiful, honest, funny and fascinating story that keeps the visual style of the graphic novel. It manages to be both heart-breaking and joyful, which is no small feat

    PSN- AHermano
    RMS OceanicBogartMidniteMartini_Philosopher
  • Dizzy DDizzy D NetherlandsRegistered User regular
    edited March 2015
    I had to look it up, but A History of Violence was just after April 2005 and therefore should qualify. A bit different from Wagner's version, but still good.

    And I loved The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec so I'll add that one as well.

    Dizzy D on
    Steam/Origin: davydizzy
  • HermanoHermano Registered User regular
    Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

    Del Toro! Ron Perlman! Slick fun blockbuster movie that's absolutely gorgeous to look at, it's great!

    PSN- AHermano
  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    Kyougu wrote: »
    Damn, I was ready to nominate Spider-Man 2 but that came out in 2014.

    At first I thought "Don't you mean Amazing Spider-Man 2?", then "Why would it be a problem to nominate that?", then "Why would you nominate that?" :P

  • Chomp-ChompChomp-Chomp Shonen Princess Registered User regular
    Nominating The Adventures of Tintin. It was a perfect representation of the comic, an excellent example of mocap and newer 3d tech, and just damn fun.

    It's my unofficial fourth movie in the Indiana Jones trilogy.

  • Devlin_DragonusDevlin_Dragonus Gorgeous Dallas, TXRegistered User regular
    I would like to nominate the following:

    Scott Pilgrim VS The World - its just a newar perfect adaption and super enjoyable. And you know, Chris Evans AND Brandon Routh!

    History of Violence - So glad this snuck in because at a time where comic movies were starting to show how you can do a serious comic movie, this one snuck in and solidified the stance much more strongly. And the entire story, acting and choreography were pretty amazing in its own right.

    DREDD - This movie is just ... its one of my top 10 easy, maybe top 5. It retroactively makes me dislike Stallone's Judge Dredd.

    Losers - I actually read the comic before i even heard there was a movie, and like most great adaptions it kept the heart of the Losers comic. Also Chris Evans!

    I may add more later.

    I got nothing for you now. Try again later.

  • LanglyLangly Registered User regular
    Ok just getting some out of the way that I feel should be obvious nominations

    Iron Man
    Iron Man 3
    The Avengers
    Captain America
    Captain America 2
    Guardians of the Galaxy

    And now for my pitch
    Batman: The Dark Knight Rises - I feel like everyone points to The Dark Knight as the best of the trilogy, due to Heath Ledger's performance, but I have to say that I probably love the third movie more than any other Batman movie that's been made. It is way more positive than the others, it feels the most like an actual comic book movie, and it deals with Bruce Wayne as Batman that I really enjoy. I love the way they introduce the idea of Legacy into the movie, which is a big deal for DC as a company, and I think the narrative arcs for the different characters are great. The film focuses on the question of why Bruce is Batman, and it addresses that question without moving too grim or too light. It doesn't require Bruce to always be Batman, but it doesn't make his efforts all in vain or entirely self-harming. It just asks how much a person can do, how they can let go, how they can rise to adversity. It's got a great villain, some great fight sequences, and it even literally ends with a seeming nod to Batman '66, which might be unintentional but is still fantastic.

  • DelduwathDelduwath Registered User regular
    I'm glad that y'all are rushing to nominate more indie and artsy movies, but I absolutely have to give the nom to Iron Man. Taken on its own, in a vacuum, it's one of my favorite movies. I honestly can't think of anything I'd want to change about it. It gives us genuine, real characters, a believable character arc, great emotional moments, effortlessly witty moments, and just in general writing so sharp that it's being used in the logging industry to cut down lumber.

    In a broader context, I think it's impossible to overstate the importance of this movie. If X-Men and Spider-Man opened the door for modern comic book movies, Iron Man cooked dinner, set the table, put on some music, and then wrote "Thank You" cards afterwards. If Iron Man wasn't as good as it was, it wouldn't have been successful; if it weren't as successful as it was, I'm not sure that we'd have the unprecedented Marvel Cinematic Universe that we now have.

  • ZonugalZonugal The Holiday Armadillo I'm Santa's representative for all the southern states. And Mexico!Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    I will nominate one of my favorite animated films of the past decade:

    Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

    Zonugal on
  • GustavGustav Registered User regular
    I'm going to throw in Ghost World

    I need to reread and watch Ghost World. But I remember finding it to be an example of where the film surpassed the source material.

  • Mike DangerMike Danger "Diane..." a place both wonderful and strangeRegistered User regular
    I'm going to nominate the one Nolan movie that hasn't been mentioned yet, Batman Begins, which felt like a revelation/godsend after the years in the Schumacher desert.

    Steam: Mike Danger | PSN/NNID: remadeking | 3DS: 2079-9204-4075
    The Hanged Man
  • DelduwathDelduwath Registered User regular
    I guess @Langly beat me out with the Iron Man nomination.

    Anyway, I'm gonna second Dredd, for
    1) Having a cool structure,
    2) Having female characters who stood on their own and weren't just accessories to dudes,
    3) Being a good hardcore action movie,
    4) Being the only movie I've ever seen that actually made good use of 3D

    Extra credit goes to Karl Urban for being willing to wear a helmet for the entire duration of the movie, and for being able to do an impressive amount of acting with just the lower half of his face.

    Harry DresdenRMS OceanicZonugalTexiKenMartini_Philosopher
  • LanglyLangly Registered User regular
    i was going to say that batman begins wouldn't make the cut but I just checked and it is right on the dot

  • Mike DangerMike Danger "Diane..." a place both wonderful and strangeRegistered User regular
    Langly wrote: »
    i was going to say that batman begins wouldn't make the cut but I just checked and it is right on the dot

    For some reason I immediately thought when this was announced as a 10-year window for all of these polls, "oh, good, Batman Begins will make the cut for best movie"

    Steam: Mike Danger | PSN/NNID: remadeking | 3DS: 2079-9204-4075
  • Harry DresdenHarry Dresden Registered User regular
    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Captain America: Winter Soldier


    Kingsman: The Secret Service

    X-men: Days of Future Past

    The Wolverine


  • PhillisherePhillishere Registered User regular
    A History of Violence and Road to Perdition - Along with Ghost World, these were the quiet comics adaptions that paved the way for a ton of licensed properties. Both proved that you can make serious films by licensing comics not featuring superheroes, an industry trend that has put Image Comics in good stead.

  • Disco11Disco11 Registered User regular
    League of extraordinary gentleman! Such a faithful and grim view on victori... ok i can't. I was going to post a long sarcastic rant on it but no.

    I think Guardians of the Galaxy is by far the best comic book movie. It's just so much fun and the balls it must have took for someone at Marvel to pitch that to the studio... "So we have this talking Racoon and a tree that only says his own name...."

    PSN: Canadian_llama
  • BalefuegoBalefuego Registered User regular
    What year did Ghost World come out? That movie feels more than 10 years old.

  • DelduwathDelduwath Registered User regular
    I genuinely enjoyed the LXG movie.

    I mean I understand all the ways in which it's a bad movie, and I understand that it has as much to do with the LXG comic as this pad of sticky-notes in front of me, but I still unironically enjoyed it.

    (Would neeever nominate it for this, though.)

  • DelduwathDelduwath Registered User regular
    Waiting to see if anyone nominates Wanted :rotate:

  • Harry DresdenHarry Dresden Registered User regular
    Delduwath wrote: »
    I genuinely enjoyed the LXG movie.

    I mean I understand all the ways in which it's a bad movie, and I understand that it has as much to do with the LXG comic as this pad of sticky-notes in front of me, but I still unironically enjoyed it.

    (Would neeever nominate it for this, though.)


  • DelduwathDelduwath Registered User regular
    If I listed for you all the objectively bad movies that I enjoy unironically, you would start vomiting, and you would never stop.

    Harry DresdenMaclay
  • PaperLuigi44PaperLuigi44 My amazement is at maximum capacity. Registered User regular
    I'm going to second Days of Future Past, in spite previous films in the series widely fluctuating in quality, and the fact that I'm not super-interested in the X-men themselves, this film managed to surpass expectations with an engaging time travel plot that wisely minimalised Wolverine's power level so that he became the heart of the team, allowing others to shine.

    I'm also going to take the time to second Iron Man, for being the start of the golden age we're still in, and the start of my interest in Marvel being more than just a casual one.

    - Fixed a bug where the Moon was upside down.
    - Fixed a weird door.
  • ManetherenWolfManetherenWolf Registered User regular
    Ghost World - 2001
    Road to Perdition - 2002

    I looked both of those up a few days ago to make sure cause they both deserve to be here if they were eliglible.

  • ElderlycrawfishElderlycrawfish Registered User regular
    Can I get a ruling on Snowpiercer? It's loosely adapted from the graphic novel Le Transperceneige.

    Basically we need to nominate as many Chris Evans movies as possible.

    PSN/Steam - Elderlycrawfish
  • TexiKenTexiKen Look how many blueberries your muffin has and how many mine has Yours is falling apart. I have nothing.Registered User regular
    Iron Man, still the best Marvel movie and beats out Dark Knight for best comic movie to me. They had no constraints of an MCU to tease with other things, that stinger was made as a joke, RDJ is perfectly cast, everyone is well cast and it flows so much better than the other movies. And the story doesn't falter, like say the last act of Winter Soldier, and isn't a fetch quest like GOTG. Tony capture, Tony free, funny Iron Man moments and just the right amount of silly AI robot arm, Audi product placement here, Audi product placement there, fight boom I am Iron Man.

    It's interesting that it's the movie that had the most to lose and the most riding on it, but also felt like the most freed up movie too. Iron Man's a B-lister in the Marvel Universe (let's not look at it through today's lens, all the Avengers were), there's nothing to expect, RDJ had ridiculous insurance premiums because he's constantly fallen off the wagon so of course give him the ridiculous contract that will in no one ever make him 50 million dollars, yet it still was awesome and fun and holds up well.

    Dredd is just so good and violent and it's amazing how well just keeping the helmet on all the time makes me appreciate it more. It worked with its budget really well and told a good story in the face of that.

  • M-TeeM-Tee Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    Snowpiercer definitely counts. Even though the comic wasn't translated into English until after the movie came out, it was available in both Korean and French previously. I've got both the comic and the movie on my shelf as I type.

    I will also be back to write up a plea for folks to actually watch it before casting a vote.

    M-Tee on
  • HadjiQuestHadjiQuest Registered User regular
    I am going to nominate Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, and the 2007 CG TMNT film.

    I think y'all will take care of the rest.

  • HeatwaveHeatwave Come, now, and walk the path of explosions with me!Registered User regular
    Scott Pilgrim vs The World. A great, fun adaption with sweet visuals and a good soundtrack.

    Dredd. Such a great action movie with brutal violence and strong female characters. I also love how they kept Dredd's helmet on the entire film, since normally Hollywood like to unmask the lead character every chance they get.

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A great spy thriller starring Captain America with great action and a great.

    Iron Man. This movie is the reason we even have the MCU. A fun, great superhero movie with a great cast and also pretty much revived Robert Downey Jr's career.

    Iron Man 3. This movie went full comic book science with the Iron Man armor, meaning now he can do so many amazing things like catch a group of people in midair, command a legion of suits at the same time and Gizmo Duck the suiting up for future armor with the introduction of technology from the MK42. It was also a compelling story of Tony overcoming his PTDS, gave us a twist NOONE saw coming, and gave a big fuck you to the movies where child characters weasel their way into the main plot.

    Guardians of the Galaxy. Another fun movie with a great soundtrack and visuals. This movie made me give a damn about a talking raccoon and a giant plant monster.

    The Dark Knight. A great crime story featuring the goddamn Batman. WHO CAN TURN HIS HEAD NOW. The movie also has some pretty good action sequences and one of the greatest Joker performances ever.

    Losers. A better A-team movie than the A-team movie. A damn shame that it didn't get a sequel. Also starred Chis Evan as the TF2 Scout :P

    Steam / Origin & Wii U: Heatwave111 / FC: 4227-1965-3206 / Heatwave#11356
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