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[Windows OS] Version 1604 - Dual core Atom: Pass. 8 core Ryzen 1700X: Fail.



  • SmokeStacksSmokeStacks 😉Registered User regular
    My daily driver is a Thinkpad X220, so I'm not as concerned with cutting edge specs as some people are I suppose.

    The average end user is so dumb that I think a $300 Chromebook is about as much rope as I'd want to give them if I were in an IT position.

  • MugsleyMugsley Registered User regular
    We currently use HP notebooks at work and I fucking hate them. My normal machine is on its 3rd hard drive after the second one kicked up an Unmountable Boot Sector error earlier this week.

    I'm a fed gov employee so we are constantly hobbled by those buying practices for tech. We've only just started deploying SSDs to laptops. 8GB RAM is finally the baseline. There are so many scripts and background processes that the hard drive and CPU take turns being at 100% load every 3 minutes.

    And McAfee runs our security suite :rotate:

  • NosfNosf Registered User regular
    We just went all Dell Latitude 5520s and 2419 LCDs across basically the entire org. Old ass laptops will get wiped/reset and sold to staff, given to clients. Less old laptops get turned into floaters to use at sites, for presentations etc. Only quirk so far is the 5520 wifi doesn't seem to see the guest wireless at the local hospital so I need to tool over and have a look at that.

  • DratatooDratatoo Registered User regular
    edited October 24
    Nosf wrote: »
    We've gone through a pile of Surface Pros. I won't buy them anymore. I'm not shipping something off for warranty, I want someone to swing by and fix it the next day. My battery went and then shortly after the HDD went and it was just out of warranty. Both things I can easily fix myself in a standard Dell laptop for what, 70 bucks for a battery, and 100 for a drive once out of warranty. I got rid of all but two Surfaces with the last year end, I let the staff who used them buy them for $100 if they'd take a Dell latitude. My co-worker has one, has had some issues. I just shrug my shoulders and tell her she can have a nice Dell laptop if she wants.

    We go with Dell these days, latitudes always. New ones are 5520s and seem decent. Once in a while something happens, but not often -rarely really, and Unisys sends out a tech the next day and fixes it and off we go.

    We tried some Lenovos a few years back, but the body sort of cracked and fell apart on them and we scrapped them. Things are fucking caked in shitty pack in software.

    We have piles of older Dell 5450, 5470 and 5480s still running ok, although any with platter drives kinda suck. The SSD ones are still not terrible. Staff will gobble them up for 50 to 100 a piece when we get rid of them. They buy cheap shit and it dies every couple of years and wonder why I dropped 1500 on my wife's laptop that will last 6 or 7 years like the last one. Have fun with another $300 dollar piece of shit that's dead in 18 months, 6 months out of its one year warranty.

    We had a pile of decrepit 6420, 6430s that I did the free win 7 to win 10 upgrade on and then gave away to participants. Work enough to be a telehealth device and some web browsing, watch some netflix on.

    We had some Asus laptops show up via a program we amalgamated; plastic shit that ran like shit. Goddamn they were terrible. I could not give them away. Literally, the person I gave it away to brought it back. This is why you don't send some knob to Best Buy to buy whatever is on sale that week.

    I think Apple had stellar build quality when they were small and no one could afford or cared about them except for the cultists. Now they're more mass produced and they're the same shit as everything but more expensive with little ability to repair and more oddball parts. The owners still have that demented and unearned sense of superiority though.

    I worked in retail selling cell phones and the company had these garbage tier Asus and Acer Notebooks for sale. They were more trouble than it was worth selling them. You could count on the fact after selling it, one month later you had this shit back on the counter for RMA with an angry customer to boot.

    On a company scale you deploy machines in the 500 - 800 Euro range. Minimum 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 3Y warranty and Windows pro so you can join it to a domain if the custome rdoesn't want to shell out for Win Enterprise or a volume license. Thats our golden rule. My current company doesn't buy spinning rust anymore except for archival / backup in small office / home office situations.

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