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    Krathoon wrote: »
    For some reason, I really disliked that Capadi episode with the sleep monsters.
    I know exactly the reason(s) I dislike that episode:
    It didn’t make sense
    The monsters were made out of eye gunk
    It didn’t make sense
    They made a big fanfare of casting a trans actor for the very first time but the portrayal was pretty bloody problematic
    It didn’t make sense

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    I found a like new copy of The Five Doctors for $13 bucks on eBay. It was going for $26 new on Amazon.

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  • KrathoonKrathoon Registered User regular
    Oh, no. The fourth Doctor is stuck in the time vortex because he refused to be in the show.

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    It was too soon after his departure, with a much longer tenure than his predecessors. At least it gave them a way to use some of that Shada content.

    It is awkward to have him absent, but less significant in The Five Doctors than the corresponding issue in Day of the Doctor. That was an amazing episode, but would have felt even more meaningful with Eccleston instead of Hurt.

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    Yeah it was probably a blessing in disguise, you can see how much they struggled to balance the pacing of the story just with four Doctors.

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    A new born baby's skin is still porous, you can just leave them sitting in a bucket of blood and they'll soak up what they need.
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