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Crusader Kings 2; Charlemagne vs Carloman, Fratricide 2.0



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    Hi folks!

    We have decided to release one more patch before the next expansion goes live. It is going to be fairly minor, meant only to address the most annoying issues. However, the next expansion patch (2.4) is geared towards cleaning the house and will take care of myriads of old outstanding bugs and issues.educe" action from "Way of Life".

    5. Wife upset that you have a lover - herself

    As with the majority of bugs in CK2 this makes almost perfect sense.

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  • SqueezeSqueeze Registered User regular
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    So I was trying to figure out how to take the rest of Scotland as the king of Wale/England when a crusade for Greece went off. I figured that I was bored enough and wanted to make use of my ridiculous amounts of heavy cav. Then after kicking asses and taking names my sixty year old king hears that the king of scotland is dead. His heir is his sixteen year old, attractive daughter. Now, my kings only son had died. He was looking at being succeeded by some dynastic cousins who could be generously described as... spillage. If anything could get him home from getting his war on in a timely fashion, it would be the chance to knock up his greatest foes beautiful daughter (This game makes you a monster.) to create an heir to three thrones. In true badass grampa fashion my king accidentally won the crusade smashing through a few enemy armies that got in his way. He is now kind of the king of Greece as well. Huh. Now I have the logistical nightmare of a whole kingdom on the other side of europe and getting my boy elected heir before he kicks the bucket. I gave away Greece to family, but somehow still have a few counties over there that I can't seem to give to the new king of greece? I am considering trying this a few different ways via save scumming, but if I can't manage something I may just give the boy anything he isn't set to inherit right before my ruler kicks it. ...this is the SECOND time the empire of britannia has literally fallen into my lap. Power couples are always interesting.

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    It looks like we're nearing the end of this thread. Does anyone have any objections to me making the new one when I get home from work tonight?

    EDIT: New thread.

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  • nefffffffffffnefffffffffff Registered User regular
    my only objection is that I won't have it bookmarked anymore and will have to find it :-1:

  • DelmainDelmain Registered User regular
    my only objection is that I won't have it bookmarked anymore and will have to find it :-1:

    Someone shoooooould link the new one in here.

    Because I'm not gonna go find it otherwise. =P

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    Apple is a terrible company.
  • MuzzmuzzMuzzmuzz Registered User regular
    I thought I had taken a screenshot, but I guess not...

    Apparently, after tiring of the seduction perk and having a shit tonne of babies, (Get genius ladies for my sons, then seduce them), I went for the family perk. A message pops up that I love spending family time with one of my daughters....


    Who died 24 years ago of pneumonia.

    Interesting fact, despite fathering nearly a dozen bastards, antagonizing my wife (who I stupidly made my spymaster), my sons, and local lords, getting the lover's pox, I managed to rule until age 79, dying of old age. No attempts were ever made on my life. (After spending 75+ years on the throne. Also, I got the "Confessor" title.....

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    I sometimes post pretty pictures to twitter: https://twitter.com/matthewandworld
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