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[Indie Games] Stardew Valley hits PS4/One on 12/14

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Well, usually, anyways

Here is an example of one that is a full-priced $60, a bit of an anomaly for now but hey, game development is only getting more expensive

It looks really nice like a big budget AAA game, and that video shows off quite a bit of what you can do in this game, in case you were wondering

There it is being shown off on-stage at E3, getting a huge marketing push like a big budget AAA game


It even has sexy box art! If you were to open that case and take a whiff of that new game smell, I bet it'd even smell like a big budget AAA game

But it's not. No Man's Sky is being developed and self-published by Hello Games, and will release on August 9th for both PS4 and PC

This isn't just a No Man's Sky thread, because that's not what the thread title says. This thread is for "smaller" games, without getting into the semantics of what that means exactly because it's nebulous as hell. If it's Kickstarted, it most likely belongs here

Here's some other indie games!

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero releases on September 27th for the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS and PC, and it will likely be rad as shit just like its predecessors. The first game in the series was published by Capcom, but WayForward has published the other two titles in the series themselves, this newest entry being funded by Kickstarter

Yooka-Laylee, which will be coming in on PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Mac and Linux (if you're into that) was just delayed to early next year, modeling another way in which indie games are becoming more and more like their big-name brethren. It looks really cool though! Here's a trailer they just put out. I pray this will kick off the revival of the 3D platformer

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night appears to be on track for its release on PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Vita, PC, Mac and Linux early next year as well, but Kickstarter games do what they do, so don't hold them to that. Good news if you backed this thing at the level of $60 or higher - you should be getting a playable demo really soon! The same one they're showing off at E3, apparently. For the rest of us, here's the newest development update video. Editor's note: final game will have enemies in it.

Mighty No. 9 is a game that's out in like...less than two weeks? It's out on basically everything - PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, PC and Mac, with 3DS and Vita versions to come TBA. MN9 is a touchy subject because a lot of people seem displeased with the route its development has taken, but I'm sure there are likely still quite a few people here excited to play it. Here's a trailer! It's not that one, but it seems to have the same guy doing the voiceover again?

SteamWorld Heist is a game that's out right fuckin' now for PS4, Vita, 3DS, PC and Mac, and at some point this year will also be hitting Wii U, Xbox One and iOS. It is basically 2D XCOM with robots. It is really cool. Have another trailer

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